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Stand-By Member of - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.

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This guide contains the details of over 5,000 databases or "systems of records" in which the US Government maintains information on individuals. Included with the detailed database descriptions for each agency are the rules, regulations, and access procedures published by that agency. To download the complete guide Click Here

This guide was compiled using information from the Office of the Federal Register. Note that agencies may refuse to disclose information that relates to national security, could reveal a confidential source, or could be used for an unfair advantage on a government examination.



ACUS--1 Membership and Correspondence Files

ACUS--2 Consultants' Contracts and Correspondence Files

ACUS--3 Council Membership and Correspondence Files

ACUS--4 Mailing list for press releases, newsletters, annual reports, and general information

ACUS--5 Pay and Pay-Related Records (Payroll, Travel, Attendance, Leave)

ACUS--6 Personnel Records

ACUS--7 Dispute Resolution Neutrals Data File.



ACIR--1 Audience Mailing List

ACIR--2 Financial Accounts

ACIR--3 Official Personnel Files



ACFP--1 General Financial Records

ACFP--2 Payroll Records



ACHP-1 Employee Personnel Data Files

ACHP-2 Member Personnel Data Files

ACHP-3 Member and Employee Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interest.

ACHP-4 Candidates' Applications for Training at International Center, Rome.



ADF 1 Employee Pay and Leave Records.

ADF 2 Locater Files.

ADF 3 Mailing List.

ADF 4 Paid Voucher Files.

ADF 5 Procurement/Contracting.

ADF 6 Security Files.

ADF 7 Travel Advance Records.



A.I.D.--1 Foreign Service Employee Personnel Records.

A.I.D.--2 Civil Service Employee Office Personnel Records.

A.I.D.--3 Employees Automated Records.

A.I.D.--4 Position Classification Records.

A.I.D.--6 Recruiting, Examining and Placement Records.

A.I.D.--7 Foreign Service Personnel Evaluation Records.

A.I.D.--8 Personnel Security and Suitability Investigations Records.

A.I.D.--9 Criminal Law Enforcement Records.

A.I.D.--10 Employee Relations Records.

A.I.D.--11 Employee Conduct and Discipline Records.

A.I.D.--13 Orientation and Training Records.

A.I.D.--14 Awards and Incentives Records.

A.I.D.--15 Employees Payroll Records.

A.I.D.--16 Attendance and Leave Reporting Records.

A.I.D.--17 Employee-Owned or -Leased Property Records.

A.I.D.--18 Employee Use of Property Owned or Leased by the U.S. Government Records.

A.I.D.--19 Travel and Transportation Records.

A.I.D.--20 Claims Records.

A.I.D.--21 Public Information Records.

A.I.D.--22 Congressional Relations, Inquiries, and Travel Records.

A.I.D.--23 Employees Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Investigative Records.

A.I.D.--24 Emergency Case File.

A.I.D.--25 Privacy Act Implementation Records.

A.I.D.--26 Litigation Records.



ABMC-1 Official Personnel Records-ABMC.

ABMC-2 General Financial Records-ABMC.

ABMC-3 Informal Personnel Files-ABMC.

ABMC-4 Conflict of Interest Filed-ABMC.



01 Payroll Records-Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.

02 General Financial Records--Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.

03 General Unofficial Personnel Files--Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.

04 Mailing List--Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.



ACDA--1 Official Personnel Records

ACDA--2 Pending Personnel Files

ACDA--3 Security Records

ACDA--4 Statements by Principals During the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, Mutual Balanced Force Reduction Negotiations, and the Standing Consultative Committee

ACDA--5 Top Secret Document Control File

ACDA--6 Document Classifier Data Index

ACDA--7 Congessional Information and Attitudes File

ACDA--8 External Contracts (Other than Small Purchases)

ACDA--9 Privacy Act Requests File

ACDA--10 Freedom of Information Act Requests.

ACDA--11 World Military Expenditures Mailing List

ACDA--12 ACDA Mailing List.

ACDA--13 Travel Authorization File

ACDA--14 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests Records

ACDA-16 Grievance Records

ACDA-17 ACDA Integrated Retrieval System.



CIA--1 Applications Tracking System.

CIA--2 Office of Data Processing Training and Skills Inventory.

CIA--3 Computer Access File.

CIA--4 Private Attorney Panel.

CIA--5 Legal Subject Records.

CIA--6 Career Trainee Files.

CIA--7 Off-Campus Instructor Applicant Files.

CIA--8 Agency Training Record.

CIA--9 Language Learning Center Student Files.

CIA--10 Language Qualifications Register and OTRTEST.

CIA--11 Modern Language Aptitude Test Scores (MLAT).

CIA--12 External Training Files.

CIA--13 Guest Speakers.

CIA--14 Equal Employment Opportunity Complainant Records.

CIA--15 Employee Grievance Folders.

CIA--16 Parking Permit Files.

CIA--17 Vehicle Operators File.

CIA--18 Personal Property Claim Records.

CIA--19 Equipment and Supplies Accountability Records.

CIA-20 Logistics Security Clearance Records.

CIA-21 Privacy and Freedom of Information Acts Requesters.

CIA--23 Polygraph Files.

CIA--24 Supplemental Personnel (Soft) Files.

CIA--25 Supplemental Personnel (Soft) Files.

CIA--26 Supplemental Personnel (Soft) Files.

CIA--27 Supplemental Personnel (Soft) Files.

CIA--28 Supplemental Personnel (Soft) Files.

CIA--29 Manpower Control System.

CIA-30 Applicant Files.

CIA--31 Current Employees and Former Employees (official Personnel files and records related thereto).

CIA--32 Consultant and Independent Contractor Records.

CIA--33 Prospective Contributors for the Collection of Foreign Intelligence.

CIA--34 Clinical and Psychiatric Files (Employees).

CIA--35 Clinical and Psychiatric Files (Applicants).

CIA--36 Medical Facilities and Physicians.

CIA--37 Psychological Test Data Files.

CIA--38 Congressional Liaison Records.

CIA-39 Publicity.

CIA--40 CIA Authors File.

CIA--41 Intelligence in Public Literature File.

CIA--43 Briefing Program File.

CIA--44 Foreign Map Sources Files.

CIA--45 Soviet-U.S. Contacts File.

CIA--46 Academic Relations File.

CIA--47 Professors and Placement Officers of Selected Colleges.

CIA--48 Cryptographic Access File.

CIA--49 Directorate of Operations Records System.

CIA--50 Financial Records.

CIA--51 Security Duty Office Event Reports.

CIA--52 Community-Wide, Computer-Assisted, Compartmentation Control System.

CIA--54 Central Badge System.

CIA--56 Security Analysis Records.

CIA--57 Security Records.

CIA--58 Inspector General Research Records.

CIA--59 Unsolicited Correspondence from the General Public Addressed to the Director or Deputy Director of Central Intelligence.

CIA--60 Personal and Professional Associates of the Director of Central Intelligence.

CIA--61 Supplemental Personnel (Soft) Files.

CIA--62 Office of Data Processing Security Clearance Records.

CIA--63 Security Access Records.

CIA--64 Inquiries from Private Individuals about CIA and its Mission.

CIA-65 Contact with the News Media and Index.

CIA-66 Manuscript Review.

CIA-67 Publishing and Speaking Engagement Clearances.

CIA-68 CIA Personnel in Contact wih Press.

CIA-69 Language Use Assessment.

CIA-70 Intelligence Community Staff Information Records System.

CIA-71 National Intelligence Council (NIC) Records System.

CIA-72 Inspector General Investigation and Interview Records.



CRC--001 Appeals, Grievances and Complaints

CRC--002 Applications for Employment.

CRC--003 Complaints.

CRC--004 Commission Projects.

CRC--005 Information on Commissioners, Staff and State Advisory Committee Members, Past and Present.

CRC--006 Other Employee Programs: Equal Employment Opportunity, Troubled Employee and Upward Mobility.

CRC--007 Personnel Records.

CRC--008 Resource and Consultant.

CRC--009 State Advisory Committee Project Files.

CRC--010 Travel, Payroll, Time and Attendance of Commissioners, Staff, Consultants, and State Advisory Committee Members.



CFA--1 Members of the Commission of Fine Arts and the Board of Architectural Consultants for Old Georgetown--CFA.

CFA--2 Personnel Administration--CFA.



CBH--1 General Personnel File for Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped--CBH--1.

CBH--2 General Financial Records for Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped--CBH--2.

CBH--3 Payroll Records for Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped--CBH--3.



CFTC-1 Matter Register and Matter Indices.

CFTC-2 Correspondence Files.

CFTC-3 Docket Files.

CFTC-4 Employee Leave, Time and Attendance.

CFTC-5 Employee Personnel Records.

CFTC-6 Employee Travel Records.

CFTC-7 Employee records maintained by the office of ADP Services.

CFTC-8 Employment Applications.

CFTC-9 Exempted Employee Background Investigation Material.

CFTC-10 Exempted Investigation Records.

CFTC-12 Fitness Investigations.

CFTC-13 Interpretation Files.

CFTC-14 Matter Files.

CFTC-15 Large Trader Report Files.

CFTC-16 Case Files.

CFTC-17 Litigation Files--OGC.

CFTC-18 Logbook on Speculative Limit Violations.

CFTC-19 Petitions and Rulings.

CFTC-20 Registration of Floor Brokers, Floor Traders, Futures Commission Merchants, Introducing Brokers, Commodity Trading Advisors, Commodity Pool Operators, Leverage Transaction Merchants, and Associated Persons.

CFTC-28 Exchange Disciplinary Action File.

CFTC-29 Reparations Complaints.

CFTC-30 Open Commission Meetings.

CFTC-31 Exempted Closed Commission Meetings.



CPSC-1 Accident Reports (In-Depth)

CPSC-2 Advisory Committee Records

CPSC-3 Claims

CPSC-5 Employee Biographies

CPSC-6 Office of the Inspector General Investigative Files

CPSC-7 Employee Discrimination Complaint and Investigation File

CPSC-9 General Counsel Tracking System

CPSC-11 Employee Motor Vehicle Operators and Accident Report Records

CPSC-12 Employee Outside Activity Notices

CPSC-13 Personnel Data System

CPSC-14 Corrective Actions Tracking System

CPSC-15 Employee Relations Files

CPSC-16 Employee Upward Mobility Counseling Files

CPSC-17 Commissioned Officers Personal Data File

CPSC-18 Job Applicant Files

CPSC-19 Labor Management Relations Files

CPSC-20 Personnel Security File

CPSC-22 CPSC Management Information System

CPSC-23 Health Unit Medical Records



CO-1 Master Index Card Files.

CO-2 Copyright In-Process System (COINS).

CO-3 Copyright Claims Registration Files.

CO-4 Miscellaneous Correspondence Files.

CO-5 Recorded Documents Files.

CO-6 Motion Picture Agreement Files.

CO-7 Deposit Recordation File.

CO-8 Compliance Activity File.

CO-9 Office Mailing Lists.

CO-10 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests and Disclosures File.

CO-11 Address File.

CO-12 Bibliographic File.

CO-13 Secondary Transmissions by Cable Systems: Initial Notice of Identity and Changes File.

CO-14 Secondary Transmissions by Cable Systems: Statements of Account.

CO-15 Cable System Videotape Transfer Contracts File.

CO-16 Notice of Intention to Obtain Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Phonorecords Embodying Nondramatic Musical Works File.

CO-17 Jukebox License Applications.

CO-18 Voluntary Licensing Agreements File.

CO-19 Licensing Division Correspondence File.

CO-20 Secondary Transmissions by Cable Systems: Correspondence Files.

CO-21 Mask Work Registration Files.

CO-22 Mask Work Recorded Documents Files.

CO-23 Network Name and Address File for Satellite Carrier Statutory License.

CO-24 Satellite Carrier Voluntary Agreements File.

CO-25 Secondary Transmission by Satellite Carrier for Private Home Viewing: Statement of Account.



DNFSB-1 Personnel Security Files.

DNFSB-2 Administrative and Travel Files.

DNFSB-3 Drug Testing Program Records--DNFSB.

DNFSB-4 Personnel Files.



USDA/AMS--1 Employment History Records for Licensed Nonfederal Employees

USDA/AMS--2 Milk Market Administrators (MMA) Producer Payroll System

USDA/AMS--3 Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)--History Files of Principals.

USDA/AMS--4 Administrative Proceedings Brought Pursuant to the Authority of Section 8c(15)(a) of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended

USDA/AMS--5 Court cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to the Following Acts, as amended: Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, Agricultural Fair Practices Act, Cotton Research and Promotion Act of 1966, Egg Research and Consumer Information Act of 1974, or the Potato Research and Promotion Act

USDA/AMS--6 Court Cases Brought Pursuant to the Authority of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/AMS--7 Subsidiary Personnel and Pay Records

USDA/AMS-8 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to the Following Acts: Agriculutral Marketing Act of 1946, Egg Products Inspection Act.

USDA/AMS--9 Persons Engaged in Business as Livestock Market Agencies and Dealers under the Provisions of the Packers and Stockyards Act

USDA/AMS--10 Poultry Grading/Inspection Monitoring System.

USDA/AMS-11 AMS Office of Compliance Review Cases.

USDA/ASCS--1 Advisory Committee Files,USDA/ASCS.

USDA/ASCS--2 Biographical Background

USDA/ASCS--3 CCC Producer Loan Records

USDA/ASCS--4 Commodity Brokers

USDA/ASCS--5 Consultants File

USDA/ASCS--6 Cotton Loan Clerks

USDA/ASCS-7 County Office Employees Administrative Expense File

USDA/ASCS--8 County Personnel Records

USDA/ASCS--9 Emergency Livestock Feed Program

USDA/ASCS--10 Employee Resources Master File

USDA/ASCS--11 EEO Committee and Counselors

USDA/ASCS--12 EEO Complaints and Discrimination Investigation

USDA/ASCS--13 Farm Record File (Automated)

USDA/ASCS--14 Farm Records File (Manual)

USDA/ASCS--15 Farmer's Name and Address Master File (Automated)

USDA/ASCS--16 Farmers' Name and Address Master File (Manual)

USDA/ASCS--17 Indemnity and Incentive Programs

USDA/ASCS--18 Investigation and Audit Reports

USDA/ASCS--19 Maximum Payment Limitations

USDA/ASCS--20 Power of Attorney & Designated Agents

USDA/ASCS--21 Producer Appeals

USDA/ASCS--22 Producer Payment Reporting File 365 and 368

USDA/ASCS--23 Shorn and Unshorn Wool and Mohair

USDA/ASCS-24 Subsidiary Personnel, Pay and Travel Records

USDA/ASCS--25 Tobacco (Flue-cured, Burley) Farm History Master File

USDA/ASCS--26 Tort, Program, and Civilian Employee Claims

USDA/ASCS--27 Peanut Allotment and Quota File

USDA/ASCS-28 Claims Data Base (Automated)

USDA/APHIS--1 Plant Protection and Quarantine--Regulatory Actions

USDA/APHIS--2 Veterinary Services--Records of Accredited Veterinarians

USDA/APHIS--3 Veterinary Services--Animal Quarantine Regulatory Actions

USDA/APHIS--4 Veterinary Services--Animal Welfare and Horse Protection Regulatory Actions

USDA/APHIS-6 Veterinary Services--Brucellosis Information System and Brucellosis Recording and Reporting System

USDA/APHIS--7 Animal Damage Control Non-Federal Personnel Records

USDA/APHIS--8 Veterinary Services--Animal Welfare

USDA/ARS-1 Solicitation of Bids or Proposals for Procurement Contracts

USDA/ARS-2 Research Medical Records System on Patients and Human Volunteers Participating in Research at the ARS Human Nutrition Research Centers in Grand Forks, Beltsville, and San Francisco

USDA/ARS-3 Dosimetry Report on Individuals in USDA Required by Radiological Safety Committee to Wear Radiation Exposure Measuring Badges when Appropriate

USDA/ARS-4 Education and Radiation Training and Experience Reports on Persons in USDA Using Radioactive Materials and/or Equipment which Emit Ionizing Radiation

USDA/ARS-5 ARS Health and Fitness Center

USDA/CSRS-1 Current Research Information System (CRIS)

USDA/ES-1 International Extension Applicant Roster

USDA ES-2 Cooperative Extension Personnel Records System, USDA.

USDA ES-3 State Cooperative Extension Service Employees, USDA.

USDA/FMHA-1 Applicant, Borrower, Grantee or Tenant File

USDA/FMHA--2 Biographical Sketch File

USDA/FMHA--4 Designated Attorney and Escrow Agent File

USDA/FMHA--5 Graduation File

USDA/FMHA--6 Housing Contractor Complaint File

USDA/FMHA--7 Reserved Mineral Interests

USDA/FMHA--8 Tort Claims File

USDA/FMHA--9 Training Files

USDA/FMHA--10 Travel Records

USDA/FCIC-1 Accounts Receivable

USDA/FCIC-2 FCIC Compliance Review Cases

USDA/FCIC-3 Crop Insurance Actuarial Listing

USDA/FCIC-5 Rejected Applications

USDA/FCIC-6 Insurance Contract Analysis

USDA/FCIC-7 Insurance Contract Files

USDA/FCIC-8 List of Ineligible Producers

USDA/FGIS-1 USDA/FGIS-1, Employment History Records for Licensed Nonfederal Employees.

USDA/FGIS-2 USDA/FGIS-2, Investigations Undertaken by the Government Pursuant to the U.S. Grain Standards Act of 1976, as amended, or the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as amended.


USDA/FGIS-4 USDA/FGIS-4, Nonviolation Case File System on Individuals Subject to the U.S. Grain Standards Act, as amended, or the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as amended.

USDA/FGIS-6 USDA/FGIS-6, Conflicts of Interest of Employees of Official Agencies and of Individuals under Contract with the Federal Grain Inspection Service.

USDA/FNS--1 Civil Rights Complaints and Investigations

USDA/FNS--2 Food Stamp Program Inquiries and Complaints

USDA/FNS-3 Claims Against Food Stamp Recipients

USDA/FNS--4 Food Stamp Recipient Refunds

USDA/FNS-5. Information on Persons Disqualified from the Food Stamp Program

USDA/FNS--7 Food Service Management Company Registration System for the Summer Food Service Program for Children

USDA/FNS-8 FNS Studies and Reports.

USDA/FSIS--1 Meat and Poultry Inspection Program--Slaughter, Processing and Allied Industries Compliance Records System

USDA/FSIS--2 Common On-Line Reference for Establishments (CORE)

USDA/FAS-4 Foreign Service Employee Records.

USDA/FS--1 Appeals and Administrative Reviews

USDA/FS--2 Blaster's Certification Program

USDA/FS-3 USDA/FS-3, Uniform Allowance System.

USDA/FS-4 Certification of Engineering Personnel

USDA/FS--5 Certified cost Collectors

USDA/FS--6 Certified Scalers

USDA/FS--7 Certified Silviculturists

USDA/FS-8 USDA/FS-8, Check-Before-Using Pilot List.

USDA/FS--9 Employee Assistance Program CONCERN

USDA/FS--10 Employee Development Record

USDA/FS--11 Employee Emergency Information

USDA/FS--12 Fire Qualification and Experience Records

USDA/FS--13 Geometronics Skills Inventory

USDA/FS-14 Grazing Permittees, Individual, National Forest System

USDA/FS--15 Manpower Programs

USDA/FS--16 Mineral Lessees and Permittees

USDA/FS-17 Mineral Operators

USDA/FS--18 Mining Claimants

USDA/FS--19 Person Interested in Forestry and Related Programs

UDSA/FS--20 Public Correspondence Concerning Timber Management

USDA/FS--21 Public Involvement Respondents on Forest Service Activities

USDA/FS--22 Sawtooth National Recreation Area Certifications

USDA/FS--23 Skill Needs Inventory Program (R-6)

USDA/FS-24 Special Use Permits, Easements, and Licenses

USDA/FS--25 Temporary Employee Performance and Training Record

USDA/FS-26 Trespass and Claims

USDA/FS--27 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Medical Records

USDA/FS--28 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Payroll Records

USDA/FS--29 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Records

USDA/FS--30 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Recruitment System

USDA/FS--31 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Research Files

USDA/FS--32 Professional Registration and Professional Society Affiliation, Engineering--Related Personnel--Eastern Region

USDA/FS--33 Law Enforcement Investigation Records

USDA/FS--34 Land Adjustments (Purchase, Donation, Exchange)

USDA/FS--35 Congressional Correspondence Records

USDA/FS--36 Certified Timber Sale Administrators

USDA/FS--37 Certified Timber Appraisers

USDA/FS--38 Certified Check Scaler

USDA/FS--39 Certified Timber Marker

USDA/FS--40 Certified Power Saw Operator

USDA/FS--41 Certified Pesticide Applicators

USDA/FS--42 Certified Prescriptionists, USDA-FS.

USDA/FS--43 Emergency Fire Mobilization Plan Directory

USDA/FS--44 Pilot Qualification Record

USDA/FS--45 Accident Notification System

USDA/FS--46 Independent Appraisers

USDA/FS-47 Forest Service Placement Availability System

USDA/FS--48 YCC Long-term Benefit Evaluation

USDA/FS-49 USDA/FS-49, Roster of Forestry and Natural Resources Expertise.

USDA/FS-50 Skills Bank Data Base

USDA/NASS-1 Administrative Records Systems

USDA/NASS-2 Agricultural Survey Program

USDA/NASS-3 Personnel Data Base

USDA/NASS-4 Agricultural Labor Survey

USDA/NASS-5 List Sampling Frame

USDA/NASS-6 Farm Costs and Returns Survey

USDA/OBPE--1 Committee Management Records System

USDA/OEO--1 Discrimination Complaints Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

USDA/OFM-1 Drug-Free Federal Workplace Records.

USDA/OFM-2 Employee Counseling Services Program Records.

USDA/OFM-3 Administrative Billings and Collections

USDA/OFM-4 Travel and Transportation System

USDA/OFM-5 Imprest Fund Payment System

USDA/OFM-6 Uniform Allowance System

USDA/OFM-7 SF-1099 Reporting System

USDA/OGC--1 Cases against the Department under the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection Act, the voluntary inspection, meat and poultry grading, and certification provisions of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, and related laws

USDA/OGC--2 Cases against the Department under the Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Law (i.e., the Act of August 27, 1958)

USDA/OGC--3 Cases Against the Department under the 28 Hour Law, as amended

USDA/OGC--4 Cases Against the Department under the Various Animal Quarantine and Related Laws

USDA/OGC--5 Cases Against the Department under the Various Plant Protection and Quarantine and Related Laws

USDA/OGC--6 Cases by the Department under the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection Act, and the Voluntary Inspection, Meat and Poultry Grading, and Certification Provisions of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946

USDA/OGC--7 Cases by the Department under the Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Law (i.e., the Act of August 27, 1958)

USDA/OGC--8 Cases by the Department under the 28 Hour Law, as amended

USDA/OGC--9 Cases by the Department under the Various Animal Quarantine and Related Laws

USDA/OGC--10 Cases by the Department under the Various Plant Protection and Quarantine and Related Laws

USDA/OGC--11 Community Development Division Litigation

USDA/OGC--12 Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) General Case Files

USDA/OGC--13 Claims by and Against USDA under the Food Assistance Legislation

USDA/OGC--14 Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act

USDA/OGC--15 Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Office of the General Sales Manager (OGSM) and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Cases

USDA/OGC--16 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) Cases

USDA/OGC--17 Administrative Proceedings Brought by Individuals Pursuant to the Plant Variety Protection Act or the Egg Products Inspection Act, as amended

USDA/OGC--18 Administrative Proceedings Brought by the Department Pursuant to the Plant Variety Protection Act, the Federal Seed Act, or the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946

USDA/OGC--19 Administrative Proceedings Brought Pursuant to the Authority of Section 8c(15)(a) of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended, or the Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum and Hog Cholera Virus Act

USDA/OGC--20 Administrative Proceedings Brought Pursuant to the Authority of the Cotton Research and Promotion Act, the Potato Research and Promotion Act or the Egg Research and Consumer Information Act

USDA/OGC--21 Administrative Proceedings Brought Pursuant to the Tobacco Inspection Act or the United States Grain Standards Act

USDA/OGC--22 Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to the Cotton Futures Provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

USDA/OGC--23 Cases Brought Pursuant to the United States Grain Standards Act or the Federal Seed Act in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/OGC--24 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 or the Tobacco Inspection Act

USDA/OGC--25 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended or the Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum and Hog Cholera Virus Act

USDA/OGC--26 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to either the Cotton Research and Promotion Act, Potato Research and Promotion Act or the Egg Research and Consumer Information Act

USDA/OGC--27 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Export Apple and Pear Act or the Export Grape and Plum Act

USDA/OGC--28 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Cotton Statistics and Estimates Act of 1927 or the United States Cotton Standards Act

USDA/OGC--29 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Naval Stores Act, or the Tobacco Seed and Plant Exportation Act

USDA/OGC--30 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Peanut Statistics Act or the Tobacco Statistics Act

USDA/OGC--31 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Plant Variety Protection Act or the Egg Products Inspection Act

USDA/OGC--32 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the Produce Agency Act, or the Process or Renovated Butter Provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

USDA/OGC--33 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to Either the United States Grain Standards Act or the Federal Seed Act

USDA/OGC--34 Court Cases Brought by the Government Pursuant to the Agricultural Fair Practices Act

USDA/OGC--35 Court Cases Brought Pursuant to Either the Cotton Research and Promotion Act, Potato Research and Promotion Act or the Egg Research and Consumer Information Act in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/OGC--36 Court Cases Brought Pursuant to the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 or the Tobacco Inspection Act in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/OGC--37 Court Cases Brought Pursuant to the Authority of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended or the Anti- Hog-Cholera Serum and Hog Cholera Virus Act in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/OGC--38 Court Cases Brought Pursuant to the Plant Variety Protection Act or the Egg Products Inspection Act in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/OGC--39 Cases against the Department under the Horse Protection Act of 1970, as amended

USDA/OGC--40 Cases Against the Department under the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, as amended

USDA/OGC--41 Cases by the Department under the Horse Protection Act of 1970, as amended

USDA/OGC--42 Cases by the Department under the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, as amended

USDA/OGC--43 Administrative Proceedings Brought by the Department, Court Cases in which the Government is Plaintiff and Court Cases in which the Government is a Defendant Brought Pursuant to the United States Warehouse Act

USDA/OGC--44 Cases by and against the Department under the Virus- Serum Toxin Act

USDA/OGC--45 Acquisitions--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--46 Claims, other than Tort claims, by or against the Forest Service

USDA/OGC--47 Contract Appeals--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--48 Conveyances--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--49 Easements--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--50 Forest Appeals--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--51 General Case Files--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--52 Grazing--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--53 Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, and Rodenticide Cases--Soil Conservation Service

USDA/OGC--54 Land Acquisitions--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--55 Land Exchanges, General Exchange Act--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--56 Land Exchanges, other than Exchange Act--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--57 Leases--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--58 Legislation--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--59 Minerals and Mining Claims--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--60 Program Cooperators--Soil Conservation Service

USDA/OGC--61 Rights-of-Way--Acquisition--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--62 Special Uses--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--63 Timber Sales--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--64 Title Claims and Occupancy and Use Cases--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--65 Trespass and Claims Cases--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--66 United States Magistrates--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--67 Water Cases--Forest Service

USDA/OGC--68 Court Cases Brought Pursuant to the Packers and Stockyards Act, as amended, in which the Government is Defendant

USDA/OGC--69 Packers and Stockyards Act--Administrative Cases

USDA/OGC--70 Packers and Stockyards Act--Civil and Criminal Cases

USCA/OGC--71 Civil Rights, Administrative and Judicial Actions

USDA/OGC--72 Claims By and Against USDA

USDA/OGC--73 Contract Cases

USDA/OGC--74 Patents and Inventions of Department Employees

USDA/OGC--75 Personnel Irregularities

USDA/OGC--76 Personnel Suits

USDA/OICD-1 Automated Skills Inventory System (ASIST).

USDA/OIG-1 Employee Records

USDA/OIG-2 Intelligence Records

USDA/OIG-3 Investigative Files and Subject/Title Index

USDA/OIG-4 Liaison Records

USDA/OIG-5 Management Information and Data Analysis System

USDA/OIG--6 Audit Information System

USDA/OIRM-1 USDA/OIRM-1, Telephone Call Detail Records.

USDA/OO-1. Debarred, Ineligible and Suspended Bidders.

USDA/OO-2. Contracting Officer Warrant System.

USDA/OO-4 Parking Applications.

USDA/OP-1 Personnel and Payroll System for USDA Employees

USDA/OP-2 Security Records for USDA Employees

USDA/OP-3 Committee Management Records

USDA/OP-4 Leave Transfer Records

USDA/P&SA--1 Packers and Stockyards Administration Administrative Records

USDA/P&SA-2 Persons Engaged in Business as Livestock Market Agencies and Dealers under the Provisions of the Packers and Stockyards Act

USDA/SEC--1 Non-Career Applicant File

USDA/SCS-1 Program Cooperators--Soil Conservation Service

USDA/SCS-2 Volunteers--Soil Conservation Service

USDA/SCS--3 Federal Financed Cost-Sharing Information Applicable to Individual Particpants in USDA--Soil Conservation Service (SCS) Programs.



COMMERCE/DEPT-1 Attendance, Leave, and Payroll Records of Employees and Certain Other Persons

COMMERCE/DEPT-2 Accounts Receivable

COMMERCE/DEPT-3 Conflict of Interest Records, Appointed Officials

COMMERCE/DEPT-4 Congressional Files

COMMERCE/DEPT-5 Freedom of Information and Privacy Request Records

COMMERCE/DEPT-6 Visitor Logs and Permits for Facilities Under Department Control

COMMERCE/DEPT-7 Employee Accident Reports

COMMERCE/DEPT-8 Employee Applications for Motor Vehicle Operator's Card

COMMERCE/DEPT-9 Travel Records (Domestic and Foreign) of Employees and Certain Other Persons

COMMERCE/DEPT-10 Executive Correspondence Files

COMMERCE/DEPT-11 Candidates for Membership, Members, and Former Members of Department of Commerce Advisory Committees.

COMMERCE/DEPT-12 Investigative and Inspection Records

COMMERCE/DEPT-13 Investigative and Security Records

COMMERCE/DEPT-14 Litigation, Claims, and Administrative Proceeding Records

COMMERCE/DEPT-15 Private Legislation Claimants-Central Legislative Files

COMMERCE/DEPT-16 Property Accountability Files

COMMERCE/DEPT-17 Records of Cash Receipts

COMMERCE/DEPT-18 Employees Personnel Files Not Covered By Notices of Other Agencies-COMMERCE/DEPT-18.

COMMERCE/DEPT-19 Department Mailing Lists

COMMERCE/DEPT-20 Biographical Files


COMMERCE/DEPT-22 Small Purchase Records.

COMMERCE/CENSUS-1 Agriculture Census Records for 1974 and 1978

COMMERCE/CENSUS-2 Employee Productivity Measurement Records

COMMERCE/CENSUS-3 Individual and Household Statistical Surveys and Special Studies Records

COMMERCE/CENSUS-4 Minority-Owned Business Enterprises Survey Records

COMMERCE/CENSUS-5 Population and Housing Census Records of the 1960 and Subsequent Censuses

COMMERCE/CENSUS-6 Population Census Personal Service Records for 1900 and All Subsequent Decennial Censuses

COMMERCE/CENSUS-7 Special Censuses of Population Conducted for State and Local Government

COMMERCE/ITA-1 Individuals Identified in Export Transactions

COMMERCE/ITA-2 Individuals Involved in International Business Trade Complaints

COMMERCE/ITA-3 Mission Directors/Seminar Chairpersons/Industry Technical Representatives

COMMERCE/ITA-4 Membership Information: District Export Councils

COMMERCE/ITA-5 National Defense Executive Reserve Personnel Folders

COMMERCE/ITA-6 Foreign Service Officer Evaluations

COMMERCE/IATC-1 Auditor Trainee Registrants

COMMERCE/MBDA-1 Descriptive Data Questionnaire

COMMERCE/NBS-1 NBS Guest Workers

COMMERCE/NBS-2 Inventors of Energy-Related Processes and Devices

COMMERCE/NBS-3 Research Associates

COMMERCE/NBS-4 Employees External Radiation Exposure Records

COMMERCE/NBS-5 Nuclear Reactor Operator Licensees File

COMMERCE/NBS-6 Participants in Experiments, Studies, and Surveys

COMMERCE/NBS-7 NBS Emergency Locator System

COMMERCE/NOAA-1 Applicants for the NOAA Corps

COMMERCE/NOAA-2 Commissioned Officers Official Travel Orders Folders

COMMERCE/NOAA-3 Commissioned Officer Official Personnel Folders

COMMERCE/NOAA-4 Commissioned Officers Retired Payroll

COMMERCE/NOAA-5 Fisheries Law Enforcement Case Files

COMMERCE/NOAA-6 Fishermen's Statistical Data

COMMERCE/NOAA-7 Guest Workers at National Geophysical and Solar- Terrestrial Data Center

COMMERCE/NOAA-8 Individuals Engaged in Weather Modification Activities, COMMERCE/NOAA-8.

COMMERCE/NOAA-9 Scientist-Researchers in GATE (Global Atmospheric Research Program Atlantic Tropical Experiment)

COMMERCE/NOAA-10 NOAA Diving Program File


COMMERCE/NOAA-12 Marine Mammals, Endangered and Threatened Species, Permits and Exemptions Applicants

COMMERCE/NOAA-13 Personnel, Payroll, Travel, and Attendance Records of the Regional Fishery Management Councils

COMMERCE/NTIA-1 Radio Spectrum Management Career Development Program

COMMERCE/NTIS-1 Individuals interested in NTIS Publications, Shipped Order Addresses, Customer Account Records, and Subscriber Files

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-1 Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice Before the Office

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-2 Complaints, Investigations and Disciplinary Proceedings Relating to Registered Patent Attorneys and Agents

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-3 Employee Production Records

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-4 Government Employee Invention Rights

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-5 Non-Registered Persons Rendering Assistance to Patent Applicants

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-6 Parties Involved in Patent Interference Proceedings

COMMERCE-PAT-TM-7 Patent Application Files

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-8 Patent Application Secrecy Order Files

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-9 Patent Assignment Records

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-10 Patent Deposit Accounts System

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-11 Patent Examiner Testimony Files

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-12 Patent Subscription Service System

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-13 Petitioners for License to File for Foreign Patents

COMMERCE/PAT-TM-14 Users of Public Search Room of the Patent and Trademark Office

COMMERCE/WBO-1 Talent and Experience File of Women's Business Experts




ACTION-1 Accounts Payable File.

ACTION-2 Accounts Receivable and Advances File.

ACTION-3 ACTION Domestic Full-Time Volunteer Census Master File.

ACTION-4 ACTION Domestic Full-Time Volunteer Personnel File.

ACTION-5 ACTION Employee and Applicant Records File.

ACTION-6 ACTION Employees/Volunteers Occupational Injury/Illness Reports and Claims File.

ACTION-7 ACTION Travel Files.

ACTION-8 Conflict of Interest Records File.

ACTION-9 Counselors' Report Files.

ACTION-10 Discrimination Complaint Files.

ACTION-11 Employee Pay and Leave Records File.

ACTION-12 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests and Privacy Act (PA) Requests File.

ACTION-13 Legal Office Litigation/Correspondence Files.

ACTION-14 Merit Promotion Plan Files.

ACTION-15 Office of the Inspector General Investigative Files.

ACTION-16 Travel Authorization File.

ACTION-17 Vendor Name and Identification Number File.

ACTION-18 VISTA Volunteer Payroll System File.


AFRH--1 Armed Forces Retirement Home Resident Fee Maintenance System.


RDCAA 152.1 Security Information System (SIS).

RDCAA 152.2 Personnel Security Data Files.

RDCAA 152.5 Notification of Security Determinations.

RDCAA 152.6 Regional and DCAI Security Clearance Request Files.

RDCAA 152.7 Clearance Certification.

RDCAA 152.17 Security Status Master List.

RDCAA 152.22 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (NdA).

RDCAA 160.5 Travel Orders.

RDCAA 201.01 Individual Access Files.

RDCAA 211.11 Drug-Free Federal Workplace Records.

RDCAA 240.3 Legal Opinions.

RDCAA 240.5 Standards of Conduct, Conflict of Interest.

RDCAA 358.3 Grievance and Appeal Files.

RDCAA 367.5 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling Records.

RDCAA 371.5 Locator Records.

RDCAA 440.2 Time and Attendance Reports.

RDCAA 590.8 Field Audit Office Management Information System (FMIS).

RDCAA 590.9 DCAA Automated Personnel Inventory System (APIS).



KCIV.01 Records Relating to DISA Transactions under the Privacy Act of 1974.


KDCE.01 Visit Notification/Clearance Verification Records NR501-11.

KDCE.02 Parking Permit Control Files 501-07.

KDCE.03 DA Form 727 Classified Container Information File 503- 02.


KDEC.02 Authorization to Sign for Classified Material List.

KDEC.03 Classified Material Receipt Authorization List.

KDEC.04 Authority to Review/Sign for Classified Messages at 1918 Communications Center.

KDEC.05 Access Listing to Classified Material (NATO).

KDEC.06 Nominations/Enrollments for Training Courses.

KDEC.07 601-11 Duty Rosters.

KDEC.08 101-06 Request and Authorization for Temporary Duty Travel.


KEUR.02 DISA Form 605, Personnel Data Sheet.

KEUR.03 Incident Report File.

KEUR.04 Security Clearance File.

KEUR.05 Classified Container Information Forms.

KEUR.07 Postal Directory File.

KEUR.08 Travel Order and Voucher File.

KEUR.09 Noncombatant Information Card, AEZ Form 6-106.

KEUR.10 Personnel File.


KMIN.01 Minority Identification File List.


KNCS.01 National Communications System Continuity of Operations Plan (NCS COOP) Automated Support.

KNCS.02 National Communications System (NCS) Plan for Emergencies and Major Disasters.

KNCS.03 National Communications System Emergency Action Group (NEAG).


KPAC.01 Classified Container Information Form DA 727.

KPAC.02 Authorization To Sign For Classified Material Lists.

KPAC.03 420-20 Permanent Change of Station and Temporary Duty Travel Order File.

KPAC.04 Time and Attendance Cards and Labor Distribution Cards.

KPAC.05 403-03 Injury Records.


KWHC.01 Agency Training File System.

KWHC.02 Military Personnel Files System.

KWHC.03 Personnel Locator File System.

KWHC.04 Military Financial File System.

KWHC.05 Personnel Information System.

KWHC.06 Personnel Security Files.

KWHC.07 Agency Access/Pass File System.


K105.01 208.10 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interest.


K107.01 Investigation of Complaint of Discrimination.


K232.01 Travel Orders Records System.


K232.02 Injury Record File.


K240.01 Personnel Security Investigative Dossier File (PSIDF).

K240.02 Sensitive Compartmented Info (SCI) Posn/Pers Accountability System.

K240.03 Clearance File for Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Personnel.

K240.04 Identification Badge System.

K240.05 Visitor Clearance File.

K240.06 Classified Container Information on Form (SF 700).

K240.07 Vehicle and Parking Registration Card.

K240.08 Security Violation Case File.


K317.01 Mishap Report.


K660.01 303-41-42 Claims Files, Requests for Waiver of Pay and Allowances.


K700.01 Employee-Management Relations and Services Files.

K700.02 Civilian Awards Program File.

K700.03 Manpower and Personnel System (MAPS).

K700.04 Priority Reassignment Eligible File.

K700.05 Executive Level Position Files.

K700.06 Report of Defense Related Employment.

K700.07 Employee Record File.

K700.09 603-02 Service Record Card Files.

K700.10 603-08 Annual Classification Maintenance Review File.

K700.11 602-18 Promotion Register and Record Files.

K700.12 602-10 Civil Service Certificate Files.

K700.13 602-26 Retention Register Files (Reduction-in-Force).

K700.15 603-05 Chronological Journal Files.

K700.16 Classification Appeals File.

K700.17 603-01 Official Personnel Folder Files (Standard Form 66).

K700.035 602-11 Active Application Files (Applicant Supply Files).


K890.01 Freedom of Information Act File (FOIA).


K890.03 Awards Case History File.


K890.04 Military Personnel Management/Assignment Files.


K890.05 Overseas Rotation Program Files.


K890.06 Card File for Forwarding Mail of Departed Personnel.


K890.07 Education, Training, and Career Development Data System.


LDIA 0005 Personnel Management Information System (PMIS).

LDIA 0008 Vehicle Registration Information Files.

LDIA 0010 Requests for Information.

LDIA 0011 Student Information Files.

LDIA 0014 Employee Grievance Files.

LDIA 0015 Biographic Sketch.

LDIA 0140 Passports and Visas.

LDIA 0150 Official Traveler Profile.

LDIA 0209 Litigation and Disposition Documentation.

LDIA 0271 Investigations and Complaints.

LDIA 0275 DoD Hotline Referrals.

LDIA 0335 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Reporting Program.

LDIA 0435 DIA Awards Files.

LDIA 0450 Drug-Free Workplace Files.

LDIA 0480 Reserve Training Records.

LDIA 0590 Defense Intelligence Special Career Automated System (DISCAS).

LDIA 0660 Security Files.

LDIA 0800 Operation Record System.

LDIA 0813 Bibliographic Data Index System.

LDIA 0900 Accounts Receivable, Indebtedness and Claims.

LDIA 1728 Southeast Asia Operational Casualty Records.


V1-01 Freedom of Information and Privacy Request Records.

V2-01 Inspector General Complaints.

V3-01 EEO Complaints and Affirmative Employment Program Plans.

V4-01 Personnel Records.

V4-04 Applicant Records.

V4-06 Federal Personnel Management System (FPMS).

V4-07 Adverse Actions, Grievance Files, and Administrative Appeals

V4-11 DIS Drug-Free Workplace Files.

V4-12 DIS Employee Assistance Program Records.

V5-01 Investigative Files System.

V5-02 Defense Central Index of Investigations (DCII).

V5-03 Defense Integrated Management System (DIMS).

V6-01 Personnel Security Files (PSF).

V7-01 Enrollment, Registration and Course Completion Record.

V7-02 Guest/Instructor Identification Records.

V8-01 Industrial Personnel Security Clearance File.

V9-01 Litigation Case Files.

V10-01 Investigation and Inspection Supplier Contract Files.

WUSU01 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Personnel Files.

WUSU02 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Payroll System.

WUSU03 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Student Record System.

WUSU04 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Applicant Record System.

WUSU05 USUHS Graduate and Continuing Medical Student Records.

WUSU06 USUHS Family Practice Medical Records.

WUSU07 USUHS Grievance Records.

WUSU08 USUHS Radiation Safety Training Records.

WUSU09 USUHS Grants Managements Information System (Protocols/ Grants).

WUSU10 USUHS Thyroid Bioassay Records.

WUSU11 USUHS Radiation Dosimetry Records.

WUSU12 USUHS Vehicle Administration Records.

WUSU13 USUHS Civilian Employee Health Records.

WUSU14 USUHS Occupational Physical Examination Program.

WUSU15 USUHS Security Status Master List.

WUSU16 USUHS Home Town News Release Background Data File.

WUSU17 Accounts Receivable Records.

WUSU18 Accounts Payable Records.

WUSU19 Travel Records.



S100.50 DLA-GC Fraud and Irregularities.

S153.20 DLA-I Personnel Security Information Subsystem of COSACS.

S161.30 DLA-I Motor Vehicle Registration Files.

S161.40 DLA-I Vehicle Accident Investigation Files.

S161.50 DLA-I Traffic Violations File.

S161.60 DLA-I Seizure and Disposition of Property Records.

S161.70 DLA-I Firearms Registration Records.


S200.10 DLA-M Information Military Personnel Records.

S200.20 DLA-M Active Duty Military Personnel Data Bank System.

S200.30 DLA-M Reserve Affairs.

S200.40 DLA-M Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Records.

S200.50 DLA-M Individual Weight Management File.

S233.10 DLA-KW Work Assignment, Performance and Productivity Records and Reporting Systems.

S252.50 DLA-G Claims and Litigation, other than Contractual.

S253.10 DLA-G Invention Disclosure.

S253.30 DLA-G Royalties.

S253.31 DLA-G Patent Licenses and Assignments.

S253.40 DLA-G Patent Infringement.

S255.01 DLA-G Fraud and Irregularities.

S257.10 DLA-G Standards of Conduct.

S259.05 DLA-G Legal Assistance.

S270.30 DLA-B Biography File.


S322.01 DMDC Defense Outreach Referral System (DORS).

S322.05 DMDC Noncombatant Evacuation and Repatriation Data Base.

S322.09 DMDC Joint Duty Assignment Management Information System.

S322.10 DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center Data Base.

S322.11 DMDC Federal Creditor Agency Debt Collection Data Base.

S322.20 DMDC Reenlistment Eligible File (RECRUIT).

S322.35 DMDC Survey and Census Data Base.

S322.50 DMDC Defense Enrollment/Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

S322.51 TPDC Training Cohort Data Base.

S322.53 DMDC Defense Debt Collection Data Base.

S330.10 DLA-KS Official Records for Host Enrollee Programs.

S330.20 DLA-KS Complaints.

S330.40 DLA-KS Employee Assistance Program Case Record Systems.

S330.50 DLA-KS Official Personnel Files for Nonappropriated Fund Employees.

S333.10 DLA-G Attorney Personal Information and Applicant Files.

S335.01 DLA-KW Training and Employee Development Record System.

S337.01 DLA-KS Labor Management Relations Records System.

S337.25DLA-KS Employee Relations Under Negotiated Grievance Procedures.

S339.50 DSAC-L Staff Information File.

S340.10 DLA-KM Time and Attendance Labor Exception Subsystem of APCAPS.

S352.10 DLA-KW Award, Recognition, and Suggestion File.

S360.10 DLA-KI HQ DLA Automated Civilian Personnel Data Bank System.

S360.20 DLA-KI Automated Payroll, Cost and Personnel System (APCAPS) Personnel Subsystem.

S370.20 DLA-WH Individual Accident Case Files.

S380.50 DLA-K DLA Drug-Free Workplace Program Records.

S390.01 DLA-KE Grievance Examiners and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Investigators Program.


S431.15 DLA-C Travel Record.

S434.15 DLA-C Automated Payroll Cost and Personnel System (APCAPS).

S434.87 DLA-C Debt Records for Individuals.


S500.10 DLA-I Personnel Security Files.

S500.20 DLA-I Criminal Incidents/Investigations File.

S500.30 DLA-I Visitors and Vehicle Temporary Passes and Permits File.

S500.40 DLA-I Police Force Records.

S500.50 DLA-I Individual Access Records.


S600.10 DLA-W Hazardous Materials Occupational Exposure History Files.

S600.20 MMDI Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Records.

S690.10 DLA-W Individual Vehicle Operators File.


S810.50 DLA-P Contracting Officer Files.

S850.10 DCMC-Q Contractor Flight Operations.

S866.15 DPSC Manufacturing Payroll System; Weekly Piece Work.


S900.10 CA Personnel Roster/Locator Files.


B0210-06 Inspector General Investigative Files.

B0210-07 Inspector General Complaint Files.

B0228-04 Historical Photographic Files.

B0228-10 Installation Historical Files.

B0302-13 Record of Accounts Receivable.

B0302-21 Record of Travel Payments.

B0303-01 Individual Pay Record Files.

B0303-05 Leave Record Files.

B0303-20 Compensation Data Request Files.

B0401-02 Statements of Employment and Financial Interest and Ethics Act Files.

B0401-03 Legal Assistance Case Files.

B0402-05 Legal Claims File.

B0408-11 Biography Files.

B0502-03 Master Billet/Access Record.

B0502-03-2 Classified Material Access Files.

B0502-15 Security Compromise Case Files.

B0503-02 Security Identification Accountability Files.

B0503-03 Firearms Authorization Files.

B0503-04 Parking Permit Control Files.

B0503-05 Vehicle Registration and Driver Record File.

B0503-09 Key Accountability Files.

B0504-01 Personnel Special Security and Investigative Files.

B0504-01-2 Personnel Security Files.

B0614-01 Official Records (Military) Files and Extracts.

B0614-02 Military Services Administrative Record Files.

B0615-07 Safety Awards Files.

B0901-04 Civilian Employee Health Clinic Record.

B0901-07 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Files.

B0901-08 Civilian Employee Drug Abuse Testing Program Records.

B1202-17 Contracting Officer Designation Files.

B1205-05 Property Officer Designation Files.

B1205-23 Report of Survey Files.

B1206-02 Self Service Store Authorization Card Files.

B1208-06 Motor Vehicle Operator's Permits and Qualifications Files.

B1211-03 Passport Files.

B1211-07 Individual Government Transportation Files.


GNSA 01 NSA/CSS Access, Authority and Release of Information File.

GNSA 02 NSA/CSS Applicants.

GNSA 03 NSA/CSS Correspondence, Cases, Complaints, Visitors, Requests.

GNSA 04 NSA/CSS Military Reserve Personnel Data Base.

GNSA 05 NSA/CSS Equal Employment Opportunity Data.

GNSA 06 NSA/CSS Health, Medical and Safety Files.

GNSA 07 NSA/CSS Motor Vehicles and Carpools.

GNSA 08 NSA/CSS Payroll and Claims.

GNSA 09 NSA/CSS Personnel File.

GNSA 10 NSA/CSS Personnel Security File.

GNSA 11 NSA/CSS Time, Attendance and Absence.

GNSA 12 NSA/CSS Training.

GNSA 13 NSA/CSS Archival Records.

GNSA 14 NSA/CSS Library Patron File Control System.

GNSA 15 NSA/CSS Computer Users Control System.

GNSA 16 NSA/CSS Drug Testing Program.

GNSA 17 NSA/CSS Employee Assistance Service (EAS) Case Records.

GNSA 18 NSA/CSS Operations Files.

HDNA 001 Employee Assistance Program.

HNDA 002 Employee Relations.

HDNA 004 Nuclear Weapons Accident Exercise Personnel Radiation Exposure Records.

HDNA 005 Manpower/Personnel Management System.

HDNA 006 Employees Occupational Health Programs.

HDNA 007 Security Operations.

HDNA 008 Biographies.

HDNA 010 Nuclear Test Participants.


CIG-01 Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act Files.

CIG-02 Applicant Records.

CIG-03 Personnel Locator Cards.

CIG-04 Case Control System - Investigative.

CIG-05 DOD Motions for Discovery of Electronic Surveillance Files.

CIG-06 Investigative Files.

CIG-07 Decision Support System (DSS) - OAIG-AUD.

CIG-09 Personnel Security Clearance/Eligibility Data.

CIG-10 Validation of Credentials of DOD Contractors' Employees.

CIG-11 Budget Information Tracking System (BITS).

CIG-12 Drug Free Workplace Records.

CIG-13 Travel and Transportation System.

CIG-14 Auditor and Inspector Log.

CIG-15 Special Inquiries Investigative Case File and Control System.

CIG-16 DOD Hotline Program Case Files.



DATSD 03 Files of Personnel Evaluated for Non-Career Employment in DOD.


DGC 02 Private Relief Legislation File.

DGC 04 Industrial Personnel Security Clearance Case Files.

DGC 05 Administrative Files on Active Psychiatric Consultants to Department of Defense.

DGC 06 Attorney and Summer Intern Position Applications.

DGC 15 Reports of Defense Related-Employment.


DHA 01 Medical Malpractice Claims Data File.

DHA 02 Adverse Clinical Privilege Actions Data File.

DHA 03 Pentagon Employee Referral Service (PERS) Counseling Records.

DHA 04 DOD Bone Marrow Donor Program.


DODDS 01 Teacher Correspondence Files.

DODDS 02 Educator Application Files.


DFMP 06 DOD Priority Placement Program (STOPPER LIST).

DFMP 07 DOD Overseas Employment Program.

DFMP 09 Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Student File.

DFMP 24 Joint Service Review Activity File.


DODDS 17 DOD Teacher Back Pay Project.

DODDS 21 Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) Grievance Records.

DODDS 22 DOD Dependent Children's School Program Files.

DODDS 23 Educator Certification/Recertification Files.

DODDS 25 DODDS Internal Review Office Project File.


DOCHA 01 Health Benefits Authorization Files.

DOCHA 02 Medical Care Inquiry Files.

DOCHA 04 Legal Opinion Files.

DOCHA 07 Medical Claim History Files.

DOCHA 09 Grievance Records.

DOSIA 01 OSIA Treaty Inspection Manpower Management System.


DPA DCR.A 01 Joint Civilian Orientation Conference Files.

DPA DFOI.A 05 Freedom of Information Program Case Files.

DPA DSR.A06 Security Review Index File.

DPA DSR.B 11 Mandatory Declassification Review Files.

DPA DXA.C 09 Public Correspondence Files.

DPA DXA.D 10 Privacy Act Request for Access Files.

DPAE 02 Administrative Files of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, PAE.

DPAD 12.0 DOD National Media Pool Files.


DSMC 01 Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) Personnel Information Files.

DSMC 02 Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) Student Files.

DSMC 06 Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) Mailing Lists.


DUSDP 02 Special Personnel Security Cases.

DUSDP 05 Defense Automated Case Review System (DACRS).

DUSDP 06 Defense Personnel Security Research and Educational Center Research Files.

DUSDP 07 PERSEREC Espionage Database.

DUSDP 08 DOD Foreign Visits System (FVS).

DUSDP 09 PERSEREC Export Violations Database.

DUSDA 02 DUSD(A) Personnel Administration Files.

DUSDA 04 Requests for Two-Year Foreign Residence Waiver Files.


DWHS P01 Senior Executive Service (SES) and Equivalent Level Files.

DWHS P04 Reduction-In-Force Case Files.

DWHS P08 Worker's Compensation-On-The-Job Injuries Report File.

DWHS P09 Computer Data Base.

DWHS P12 Executive Development Program and Training Files.

DWHS P14 Blood Donor Files.

DWHS P18 Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge Suspense Card System.

DWHS P20 Report of Personnel Assigned Outside of Department of Defense.

DWHS P25 Overseas Staffing Files.

DWHS P27 Department of Defense (DOD) Pentagon Building Pass File.

DWHS P28 The Office of the Secretary of Defense Clearance File.

DWHS P32 Standards of Conduct Inquiry File.

DWHS P37 Grievance and Unfair Labor Practices Records.

DWHS P39 Clerical Merit Promotion File.

DWHS P42 DPS Incident Reporting and Investigations Case Files.

DWHS P43 Emergency Personnel Locator Records.

DWHS B44 OSD Travel File.

DWHS B45 DOD Salary Offset Suspense Control Records.

DWHS B46 DOD Creditor Agency Accounts Receivable System.

DWHS SPM002 Pentagon and Federal Building 2 Carpool Locator.


JS001MILPERS Joint Staff Medals and Awards Files and Report System; Microfilmed Historical Awards.

JS002MILPERS Military Personnel Files.

JS003SMB Manpower, Personnel and Security System (MPSS).

JS004SECDIV Personnel Security File, Security Division, DIRM.

JS006CND Department of Defense Counternarcotics C4I System.

JS007MPD Joint Manpower Automation System.



F010 AF A Automated Orders Data System.

F010 AFIS B Prisoner of War (PW) Debriefing Files.

F010 ARPC A Background Material.

F010 AU A Potential Faculty Rating System.

F010 CVAE A Secretary of the Air Force Historical Records.

F010 RE A Inquiries (Presidential, Congressional).


F011 AF A Locator, Registration and Postal Directory Files.

F011 AF B Check Cashing Privilege Files.

F011 AF MP A Congressional and Other High Level Inquiries.

F011 AFA A Class Committee Products.

F011 AFA B Faculty Biographical Sketch.

F011 AFSG A High Level Inquiry File.

F011 ARPC A Locator or Personnel Data.

F011 LLI A Congressional/Executive Inquiries.

F011 PACAF A General and Colonel Personnel Data Action Records.

F011 SG A Professional Inquiry Records System.


F012 AF A Information Requests-Freedom of Information Act.

F012 AF B Privacy Act Request File.


F030 AF A Biographical Data and Automated Personnel Management System.

F030 AF JA A Confidential Statement of Affiliations and Financial Interests.

F030 AF LE A Equal Opportunity in Off-Base Housing.

F030 AF LE B Off-Base Housing Referral Service.

F030 AF LE C Base Housing Management.

F030 AF LE D On/Off-Base Housing Records.

F030 AF MP A Personnel Data System (PDS).

F030 AF MP B Substance Abuse Reorientation and Treatment Case Files.

F030 AF MP C Casualty Files.

F030 AF MP D Contingency Operations System (COMPES).

F030 AF MP E Drug Abuse Waiver Requests.

F030 AF SG A Aerospace Physiology Personnel Career Information System.

F030 AF SP A Documentation for Identification and Entry Authority.

F030 AFISA A For Cause Discharge Program.

F030 AFIS B Air Force Attache Personnel System.

F030 ARPC A Applications for Identification (ID) Cards.

F030 ARPC B Point Credit Accounting Record System (PCARS).

F030 MPC A Deceased Service Member's Dependent File.

F030 MPC B Indebtedness, Nonsupport, Paternity.

F030 SG A Bioenvironmental Engineer Personnel Career Information System.

F030 SG B Aerospace Medicine Personnel Career Information System.


F033 ATC A Lead Management System (LMS).

F035 AF A Officer Quality Force Management Records.

F035 AF DP A Family Support Center (FSC) Accountability and Data Collection System.

F035 AF DP B Colonels Assignment File.

F035 AF MP A Effectiveness/Performance Reporting Systems.

F035 AF MP B Geographically Separated Unit Copy Officer Effectiveness/Airman Performance Report.

F035 AF MP C Military Personnel Records System.

F035 AF MP D Officer Performance Report (OPR)/Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) Appeal Case Files.

F035 AF MP E United States Air Force (USAF) Airman Retraining Program.

F035 AF MP F Request for Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) and/or Advance Payment of SRB.

F035 AF MP G Selective Reenlistment Consideration.

F035 AF MP H Air Force Enlistment/Commissioning Records System.

F035 AF MP I Incoming Clearance Record.

F035 AF MP J Absentee and Deserter Information Files.

F035 AF MP K Relocation Preparation Project Folders.

F035 AF MP L Unfavorable Information Files (UIF).

F035 AF MP M Officer Promotion and Appointment.

F035 AF MP N Individual Weight Management File.

F035 AF MP O Unit Assigned Personnel Information.

F035 AF MP P General Officer Personnel Data System.

F035 AF MP R Application for Appointment and Extended Active Duty Files.

F035 AFA A Cadet Personnel Management System.

F035 AFA B Master Cadet Personnel Record (Active/Historical).

F035 AFA C Prospective Instructor Files.

F035 AFCC A Scope Leader Program.

F035 AFOSI B Career Development Folder.

F035 AFOSI C Informational Personnel Records.

F035 AFOSI D Internal Personnel Data System.

F035 AFRES A Personnel Interview Record.

F035 AFRES B Recruiters Automated Management System (RAMS).

F035 AFMC A Personnel Management Information System for Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) Commanders.

F035 ARPC A Administrative Discharge for Cause on Reserve Personnel.

F035 ARPC B Informational Personnel Management Records.

F035 ARPC C Correction of Military Records of Officers and Airmen.

F035 ARPC D Data Change/Suspense Notification.

F035 ARPC E Flying Status Actions.

F035 ARPC G Officer Promotions.

F035 ARPC I Requests for Discharge from the Air Force Reserve.

F035 ATC B Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC) Applicant/Instructor System.

F035 ATC C Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Qualifying Test Scoring System.

F035 ATC D Basic Trainee Interview Record.

F035 ATC G Recruiting Activities Management Support System (RAMSS).

F035 ATC H Recruiting Research and Analysis System.

F035 ATC I Status of Ineffective Recruiter.

F035 ATC J Drug Abuse Control Case Files.

F035 ATC K Processing and Classification of Enlistees (PACE).

F035 HC A Chaplain Information Sheet.

F035 HC B Chaplain Personnel Record.

F035 HC C Chaplain Personnel Action Folder.

F035 HC D Chaplain Applicant Processing Folder.

F035 MP A Files on General Officers and Colonels Assigned to General Officer Position.

F035 MP B Statutory Tour Program.

F035 MPC B Civilian/Military Service Review Board.

F035 MPC D Correction of Military Record System.

F035 MPC E Disability Retirement Records.

F035 MPC F Health Education Records.

F035 MPC G Medical Officer Personnel Utilization Records.

F035 MPC H Medical Opinions on Board for Correction of Military Records Cases (BCMR).

F035 MPC J Airmen Utilization Records System.

F035 MPC K Airman Promotion Historical Records.

F035 MPC L Historical Airman Promotion Master Test File (MTF).

F035 MPC N Assignment Action File.

F035 MPC P Recorder's Roster.

F035 MPC Q Officer Utilization Records System.

F035 MPC R Air Force Personnel Test 851, Test Answer Sheets.

F035 MPC S Aviation Service Historical Data File.

F035 MPC U Separation Case Files (Officer and Airman).

F035 RE A Personnel Files on Statutory Tour Officers.

F035 RE B Files on Reserve General Officers; Colonels Assigned to General Officer Positions.

F035 SAFCB A Military Records Processed by the Air Force Correction Board.

F035 SAFPA A Mobilization Augmentee Training Folders.

F035 SAFPC A Air Force Discharge Review Board Retain Files.

F035 SAFPC B Air Force Discharge Review Board Original Case Files.

F035 SAFPC C Air Force Discharge Review Board Voting Cards.

F035 SAFPC D Air Force Discharge Review Board Case Control/Locator Cards.

F035 SG A Application for Aeronautical Rating (Senior and Chief Flight Surgeon).

F035 SG B Medical Service Corps Personnel Files.

F035 SG C Veterinary Personnel Files.


F040 AA A Civilian Personnel Files.

F040 AF DP A Civilian Employee Drug Testing Records.

F040 AF MP H Employee Assistance Program Case Record Systems.

F040 AF NAFI A Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Civilian Personnel Records.

F040 AF NAFI B Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Civilian Personnel Records- Manpower.

F040 AFAA A Merit Promotion File.

F040 AFMC A Air Force Logistics Command (AFC) Senior Civilian Information File.

F040 AFRES A Air Reserve Technician (ART) Officer Selection Folders.

F040 ASG A Civilian Pay-Personnel-Manpower (Paperman).


F045 AFRES A Reserve Medical Service Corps Officer Appointments.

F045 ARPC A Air Force Reserve Application.

F045 ARPC B Inactive Duty Training, Extension Course Institute (ECI) Training.

F045 ATC C Cadet Records.

F045 ATC E Four-Year Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Scholarship Program Files.

F045 MPC A Educational Delay Board Findings.


F050 ACC A Student Record File.

F050 ACC B Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Evaluation.

F050 AF MP A Education Services Program Records (Individual).

F050 AF SG A Nursing Skill Inventory.

F050 AFA A Military Performance Average.

F050 AFA B Instructor Academic Records.

F050 AFA C Academy Athletic Records.

F050 AFAA A Air Force Audit Agency Office Training File.

F050 AFAA B Employee Training and Career Development File.

F050 AFC4A A Individual Academic Training Record.

F050 AFFSA A USAF Air Traffic Control (ATC) Certification and Withdrawal Documentation.

F050 AFIC A Training Progress.

F050 AFOSI A Air Force Special Investigations Academy Individual Academic Records.

F050 AFRES A Undergraduate Pilot and Navigator Training.

F050 AFMC A Systems Acquisition Schools Student Records.

F050 AFSPACECOM A Space Command Operations Training.

F050 AMC A Training Instructors (Academic Instructor Improvement/ Evaluation).

F050 AMC B Training Progress (Permanent Student Record).

F050 AMC C Training Systems Research and Development Materials.

F050 ARPC A Professional Military Education (PME).

F050 ATC A Officer Training Group (OTG) Resource Management System - Officer Trainees.

F050 ATC B Community College of the Air Force Student Record System.

F050 ATC I Defense English Language Management Information System (DELMIS).

F050 AU F Air University Academic Records.

F050 AU G Student Record Folder.

F050 AU J Student Questionnaire.

F050 AU K Institutional Research Analysis System.

F050 SAFPA A Graduates of Air Force Short Course in Communication (Oklahoma University).

F050 SAFPA B Information Officer Short Course Eligibility File.

F050 USAFE A Student Identification/Locator Card.


F051 AF A Flying Training Records.

F051 AF B Flying Training Records - Nonstudent.

F051 AF A Flying Training Records - Student.

F051 AMC A Air Crew Instruction Records.


F053 AFA A Educational Research Data Base.

F053 AFA B Preparatory School Records.

F053 AFA C Admissions Records.

F053 MP A Air Force Academy Appointment and Separation Records.

F055 ACC A Air-to-Air Weapon System Evaluation Program.


F060 AF A Air Force Operations Resource Management Systems (AFORMS).

F060 AF B Contractor Flight Operations.

F060 ANG A Progress Report, Undergraduate Pilot Training.


F066 AF A Core Automated Maintenance System (CAMS).


F067 AF A Government Furnishings Issue Record.

F067 AF B Base Service Store/Tool Issue Center Access.

F067 AF LE A Personal Clothing and Equipment Record.

F067 AFMC A Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP).


F070 AF AFO A Accounts Payable Records.


F075 AA A Office, Secretary of Air Force Travel Files.

F075 AF DP A Application for Early Return of Dependents.

F075 AF LE A Household Goods Nontemporary Storage System (NOTEMPS).

F075 AF LE B Personal Property Movement Records.

F075 USAFE A Customs Control Records.


F076 AMC A Passenger Reservation and Management System.

F077 AF LE A Motor Vehicle Operators' Records.


F080 AFMC A Aeromedical Research Data.


F090 AF A Visiting Officer Quarters-Transient Airman Quarters Reservation.

F090 AF B Unaccompanied Personnel Quarters Assignment/ Termination.

F100 AFC4A A Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) Member Records.


F110 AF JA A JA A Legal Assistance Administration.

F110 AF JA B Litigation Records (Except Patents).

F110 AF JA C Legal Administration Records of the Staff Judge Advocate.

F110 AFRES A Reserve Judge Advocate Training Report.

F110 JA A Freedom of Information Act Appeals.

F110 JA B Invention, Patent Application, Application Security, and Patent Files.

F110 JA C Judge Advocate Personnel Records.

F110 JA D Patent Infringement and Litigation Records.

F110 JA E Air Force Reserve Judge Advocate Personal Data.

F110 USAFE A Civil Process Case Files.


F111 AF JA A Automated Military Justice Analysis and Management System (AMJAMS).

F111 AF JA B Court-Martial and Article 15 Records.

F112 AF JA B Claims Records.


F120 AF IG A Inspector General Records - Freedom of Information Act.

F120 AF IG B Inspector General Records.


F123 AFISC A United States Air Force (USAF) Inspection Scheduling System.


F124 AF A Counterintelligence Operations and Collection Records.

F124 AF B Security and Related Investigative Records.

F124 AF C Criminal Records.

F124 AF D Investigative Support Records.

F124 AFOSI A Badge and Credentials.

F124 AFOSI B Investigative Applicant Processing Records.


F125 AF A Correction and Rehabilitation Records.

F125 AF SP A Air Force Policy Statement - Firearms Safety and Use of Force.

F125 AF SP B Complaint/Incident Reports.

F125 AF SP D Field Interview Card.

F125 AF SP E Security Police Automated System (SPAS).

F125 AF SP F Notification Letters to Persons Barred From Entry to Air Force Installations.

F125 AF SP G Pickup or Restriction Order.

F125 AF SP H Provisional Pass.

F125 AF SP I Registration Records (Excluding Private Vehicle Records).

F125 AF SP J Serious Incident Reports.

F125 AF SP K Vehicle Administration Records.

F125 AF SP L Traffic Accident and Violation Reports.

F125 AFMC A AFMC Badge and Vehicle Control Records.

F125 ATC A Management Information and Research System (MIRS).


F160 AF SG A USAF Hearing Conservation Record System.

F160 AF SG B Medical Professional Staffing Records.

F160 AF SG C Medical Treatment Facility Tumor Registry.

F160 AF SG D Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Report System.

F160 AFA A Cadet Hospital/Clinic Records.

F160 ARPC A Physical Examination Reports Suspense File.

F160 DODMERB A Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board Medical Examination Files.

F160 MPC A Medical Assignment Limitation Record System.

F160 SG A Aircrew Standards Case File.


F161 AF SG A Air Force Aerospace Physiology Training Programs.

F161 AF SG B Compression Chamber Operation.

F161 AF SG C USAF Master Radiation Exposure Registry.


F162 AF SG A Dental Health Records.

F162 SG A Dental Personnel Actions.


F168 ACC A Physician Retention Program.

F168 AF SG A Automated Medical/Dental Record System.

F168 AF SG B Family Advocacy Program Record.

F168 AF SG C Medical Record System.

F168 AF SG D Medical Service Accounts.

F168 AF SG E Nursing Service Records.

F168 AF SG F Air Force Blood Program.


F175 AFAA A Air Force Audit Agency Management Information System - Report File.


F176 AA A Accounts Receivable.

F176 AF HC A Chaplain Fund Service Contract File.

F176 AF MP A Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFIs) Financial System.

F176 AF MP B Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Insurance and Employee Benefit System File

F176 AF MP C Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Participation/ Membership/Training Records.

F176 AF MP D Nonappropriated Funds Standard Payroll System.

F176 AFCC A Individual Earning Data.


F177 AF AFC A Accounts Receivable Records Maintained by Accounting and Finance.

F177 AF AFC B Travel Records.

F177 AF AFC C Air Reserve Pay and Allowance System (ARPAS).

F177 AF AFC D Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS).

F177 AF AFC E Reports of Survey.

F177 AF AFC F Civilian Pay Records.

F177 AF SG A Control Logs.

F177 AFA A Cadet Accounting and Finance System.

F177 AFAFC A Accounting and Finance Officer Accounts and Substantiating Documents.

F177 AFAFC B Accrued Military Pay System, Discontinued.

F177 AFAFC C Uniformed Services Savings Deposit Program (USSDP).

F177 AFAFC D Claims Case File - Active Duty Casualty Case Records.

F177 AFAFC E Claims Case File - Corrected Military Records.

F177 AFAFC F Claims Case File - Missing in Action Data.

F177 AFAFC G Indebtedness and Claims.

F177 AFAFC I Loss of Funds Case Files.

F177 AFAFC J Military Pay Records.

F177 AFAFC K Pay and Allotment Records.

F177 AFAFC L USAF Retired Pay System.

F177 ATC A Air Force ROTC Cadet Pay System.


F178 AFC4A A Center Automated Manpower and Update System (CAMPUS).

F178 AFMC B Manhour Accounting System (MAS).


F190 AF PA A Special Events Planning - Protocol.

F190 AF PA B Hometown News Release Background Data File.

F190 SAFPA A Biographies of Officers and Key Civilians Assigned to SAF/PA.

F190 SAFPA B Official Biographies.

F190 SAFPA C Public Affairs References.


F200 AFIC A DIA Program for Foreign Intelligence Collection.


F205 AF A Personnel Security Access Records.

F205 AF SP A Special Security Files.

F205 AFISA A Sensitive Compartmented Information Personnel Records.

F205 AFMC A Space Human Assurance and Reliability Program (SHARP).

F205 AFSCO A Special Security Case Files.

F205 AFSCO B Presidential Support Files.

F205 AFSCO C Personnel Security Clearance and Investigation Records.

F205 AFSP A Requests for Access to Classified Information by Historical Researchers.

F211 AF MP A Family Services Volunteer Record.

F213 AF MP A Individual Class Record Form.


F213 AFMWRC A Air Force Educational Assistance Loans.


F215 AF DP A Child Development/Youth Activities Records.

F215 AFMWRSA A Automated Air Force Library Information System.


F265 AFA A Cadet Chaplain Records.

F265 HC A Non-Chaplain Ecclesiastical Endorsement Files.

F265 HC B Chaplain Personnel Roster.

F265 HC D Records on Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals by Air Force Chaplains.

F900 ACC A Special Awards File.

F900 AF MP A Awards and Decorations.

F900 AF MP B Suggestions, Inventions, Scientific Achievements.

F900 AFA A Cadet Awards Files.

F900 AFA B Thomas D. White National Defense Award.


AAFES 0207.02 Customer Comments, Complaints, and Direct Line Files.

AAFES 0306.12 Personnel Security Case Files.

AAFES 0307.01 Carpooling Program.

AAFES 0401.04 Official Personnel Folders and General Personnel Files.

AAFES 0403.01 Application for Employment Files.

AAFES 0403.05 Employee Examination Records.

AAFES 0403.11 Personnel Departure Clearance Records.

AAFES 0404.01 Incentive Awards Case Files.

AAFES 0405.03 Personnel Appeals and Grievances.

AAFES 0405.05 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests.

AAFES 0405.11 Individual Health Records.

AAFES 0406.12 Employee Career Development Plan File.

AAFES 0408.05 Individual Trainee Files.

AAFES 0408.14 Tuition Assistance Case Files.

AAFES 0409.01 AAFES Accident/Incident Reports.

AAFES 0410.01 Employee Travel Files.

AAFES 0505.02 Biographical Files.

AAFES 0602.04A Litigation Initiated by AAFES.

AAFES 0602.04B Claims and/or Litigation Against AAFES.

AAFES 0604.02 Unfair Labor Practice Claim/Charges Files.

AAFES 0702.22 Check-Cashing Privilege Files.

AAFES 0702.23 Dishonored Check Files.

AAFES 0702.34 Accounts Receivable Files.

AAFES 0702.43 Travel Advance Files.

AAFES 0703.07 AAFES Employee Pay System Records.

AAFES 0704.07 Fidelity Bond Files.

AAFES 0903.06F Personnel Management Information System.

AAFES 1203.03 Appointment of Contracting Officers.

AAFES 1300.01 Resource Management and Cost Accounting Files.

AAFES 1504.03 Personal Property Movement and Storage Files.

AAFES 1609.02 AAFES Customer Service.

AAFES 1609.03 AAFES Catalog System.


A0001DAMI Controlled Accountable Document Inventory System.

A0001DAPE Personnel Locator/Organizational Roster/Telephone Directory.

A0001DAPE-ARI Professional Staff Information File.

A0001SAIS Carpool Information/Registration System.

A0001-20SALL Congressional Inquiry File.

A0001ATAPC Office Visitor/Commercial Solicitor Files.

A0001BTAPC Unit Administrative Military Personnel Records.


A0015-2-2CE Violation Warning Files.

A0015-34DARP Army Civilian/Military Service Review Board.

A0015-180SFMR Army Council of Review Boards.

A0015-185SFMR Correction of Military Records Cases.


A0020-1ASAIG Inspector General Investigation Files.

A0020-1BSAIG Inspector General Action Request/Assistance Files.


A0025-55SAIS Request for Information Files.

A0025-6USAISC Military Affiliate Radio System.


A0027DAJA Civil Process Case Files.

A0027-1DAJA General Legal Files.

A0027-3DAJA Legal Assistance Files.

A0027-3SAFM Pecuniary Charge Appeal Files.

A0027-10ADAJA Prosecutorial Files.

A0027-10BDAJA Courts-Martial Files.

A0027-10CDAJA Witness Appearance Files.

A0027-20ADAJA U.S. Army Claims Service Management Information System.

A0027-20BDAJA Tort Claim Files.

A0027-20CDAJA Army Property Claim Files.

A0027-20DDAJA Medical Expense Claim Files.

A0027-40DAJA Litigation Case Files.

A0027-50DAJA Foreign Jurisdiction Case Files.

A0027-60ADAJA Patent, Copyright, Trademark, and Proprietary Data Files.

A0027-60BDAJA Patent, Copyright, and Data License Proffers, Infringement Claims, and Litigation Files.


A0030AMC Food Taste Test Panel Files.


A0037-1DAPE Resource Management and Cost Accounting Files.

A0037-2-1CE Corps of Engineers Management Information System Files.

A0037-103ASAFM Contractor Indebtedness Files.

A0037-103BSAFM Subsidary Ledger Files (Accounts Receivable).

A0037-103CSAFM Validation Files.

A0037-103DSAFM Conversion Files.

A0037-103ESAFM Disbursing Office Establishment and Appointment Files.

A0037-104-1ASAFM Joint Uniform Military Pay System-Army-Retired Pay.

A0037-104-1BSAFM Debt Management System.

A0037-104-3DASG Health Professions Scholarship Program.

A0037-104-3USMA USMA Cadet Account System.

A0037-104-3ASAFM Military Pay System-Active Army (Manual).

A0037-104-3BSAFM Joint Uniform Military Pay System-Active Army (JUMPS- JSS).

A0037-104-3CSAFM Joint Uniform Military Pay System-Reserve Components- Army.

A0037-105ASAFM Civilian Employee Pay System.

A0037-105BSAFM Military and Civilian Waiver Files.

A0037-105CSAFM Bankruptcy Processing Files.

A0037-107ASAFM Absentee Apprehension/Reward/Expenses Payment System.

A0037-107BSAFM Travel Payment System.

A0037-108CE Corps of Engineers Debt Collection System.

A0037-202SAFM FHA Mortgage Payment Insurance Files.


A0040DASG Medical Facility Administration Records.

A0040-1DASG Professional Consultant Control Files.

A0040-1HSC Professional Personnel Information File.

A0040-3ADASG Medical Review Files.

A0040-3BDASG Medical Evaluation Files.

A0040-3CDASG Medical Regulating Files.

A0040-5DASG Occupational Health Records.

A0040-14DASG Radiation Exposure Records.

A0040-31ADASG Pathology Consultation Record Files.

A0040-31BDASG Research and Experimental Case Files.

A0040-66ADASG Medical Staff Credentials File.

A0040-66BDASG Health Care and Medical Treatment Record System.

A0040-400DASG Entrance Medical Examination Files.

A0040-407DASG Army Community Health Nursing Records - Family Records.

A0040-905DASG Privately Owned Animal Record Files.


A0055-71SAFM Household Goods Shipment Excess Cost Collection Files.

A0055-355MTMC Personal Property Movement and Storage Records.

A0055-355ADALO Local Transportation Authorization and Use Files.

A0055-355BDALO Individual Travel Files.


A0056-9TRADOC Marine Qualification Board Records.


A0060-20DAMO Ration Control/Blackmarket Monitoring Files.


A0065TAPC Postal and Mail Service System.


A0070AMC Resumes for Non-Government Technical Personnel.

A0070-16DASG Immunity Booster Files.

A0070-25DASG Research Volunteer Registry.

A0070-45DASG Sandfly Fever Files.


A0095-1ATRADOC Individual Flight Records Folder.

A0095-2DTRADOC-ATC Air Traffic Controller/Maintenance Technician Records.


A0140DAJA JAGC Reserve Components Officer Personnel Records.


A0145-1TRADOC Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps Gold QUEST Referral System.

A0145-1TRADOC ROTC Applicant/Member Records.

A0145-1BTRADOC-ROTC ROTC Financial Assistance (Scholarship) Application File.

A0145-2TRADOC Junior ROTC/NDCC Instructor Files.


A0165-1ADACH Baptism, Marriage, and Funeral Files.

A0165-1BDACH Chaplain Privileged Counseling/Interview Communication Cases.

A0165-1CDACH Religious Census, Education, and Registration Files.


A0190-5DAMO Vehicle Registration System (VRS).

A0190-9DAMO Absentee Case Files.

A0190-13CFSC Security Badge/Identification Card Files.

A0190-14DAMO Registration and Permit Files.

A0190-30DAMO Military Police Investigator Certification Files.

A0190-40DAMO Serious Incident Reporting Files.

A0190-45DAMO Offense Reporting System (ORS).

A0190-47DAMO Correctional Reporting System (CRS).


A0195-2AUSACIDC Source Register.

A0195-2BUSACIDC Criminal Investigation and Crime Laboratory Files.

A0195-4USACIDC U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Fund Vouchers.

A0195-6USACIDC Criminal Investigation Accreditation and Polygraph Examiner Evaluation Files.


A0210-7ACFSC Vendor Misconduct/Fraud/Mismanagement Information Exchange Program.

A0210-7BCFSC Commercial Solicitation Ban Lists.

A0210-7DAMO Expelled or Barred Person Files.

A0210-10TAPC Departure Clearance Files.

A0210-50CE Army Housing Operations Management System.

A0210-60SAFM Check Cashing Privilege Files.

A0210-130DALO Laundry and Dry Cleaning Accounting Files.

A0210-190TAPC Individual Gravesite Reservation Files.


A0215CFSC General Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Entertainment Records.

A0215-1CFSC Nonappropriated Fund Employee Insurance and Retirement Files.

A0215-1ASAFM Nonappropriated Funds Central Payroll System (NAFCPS).

A0215-1BSAFM Nonappropriated Fund Accounts Receivable System.

A0215-2ACFSC Army Club Membership Files.

A0215-2BCFSC Commercial Entertainment Transaction Records.

A0215-3DAPE NAF Personnel Records.


A0220-1USSOCOM Military Personnel Data File, USSOCOM.


A0340JDMSS HQDA Correspondence and Control/Central Files System.

A0340-21SAIS Privacy Case Files.


A0350-1DAMI INSCOM, Personal Qualification and Training Profile.

A0350-6FORSCOM U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Data System (AMUDS).

A0350-37TRADOC Skill Qualification Test (SQT).


A0351AMC Student/Faculty Records: AMC Schools Systems.

A0351DAMO USAWC Cooperative Degree Program Files.

A0351DAPE Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS).

A0351DASG Army School Student Files: Physical Therapy Program.

A0351HSC Practical Nurse Course Files.

A0351HSC-AHS Academy of Health Sciences: Academic and Supporting Records.

A0351NDU NDU National Defense University Student Data Files.

A0351USAREUR Individual Academic Record Files.

A0351-12DAPE Applicants/Students, U.S. Military Academy Prep School.

A0351-17AUSMA U.S. Military Academy Candidate Files.

A0351-17BUSMA U.S. Military Academy Personnel Cadet Records.

A0351ANDU-CI DODCI Student Record System.

A0351BNDU-CI DODCI Student/Faculty/Senior Staff Biography System.

A0351CNDU-CI DODCI Course Evaluation System.

A0351ATRADOC Army School Student Files.

A0351BTRADOC Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP).

A0351CTRADOC Standardized Student Records System.

A0351-1ATRADOC Automated Instructional Management System (AIMS).


A0352-3CFSC Dependent Children School Program Files.


A0360SAIS Mailing List for Army Newspapers/Periodicals/Catalogs.

A0360SAPA Media Contact Files.

A0360-5SALL Biographies: Members of Congress.

A0360-5SAPA Biography Files.


A0380-13DAMO Local Criminal Intelligence Files.

A0380-19SAIS Access to Computer Areas, Systems Electronically, and/ or Data Control Records.

A0380-67DAMI Personnel Security Clearance Information Files.

A0380-67USAREUR Employee Screening Program/Installation Access Files.


A0381-20DAMI Badge and Credential Files.

A0381-45ADAMI USAINSCOM Investigative Files System.

A0381-45BDAMI Department of the Army Operational Support Activities.

A0381-45CDAMI Counterintelligence Operations Files.

A0381-100ADAMI Intelligence Collection Files.

A0381-100BDAMI Technical Surveillance Index.


A0385-10/40ASO Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS).


A0405-10ACE Relocation Assistance Files.

A0405-10QCE Homeowners Assistance Case Files.

A0405-80CE Real Estate Outgrants.


A0570-4DARP Human Resources Information System (HRIS).


A0600DARP Career Management Files of Dual Component Personnel.

A0600USAREUR USAREUR Community Automation System (UCAS).

A0600-8DAPE Standard Installation/Division Personnel System - USAR.

A0600-8DARP Individual Ready, Standby, and Retired Reserve Personnel Information System.

A0600-8NGB Standard Installation/Division Personnel System Army National Guard (SIDPERS-ARNG).

A0600-8USFK Command Unique Personnel Information Data System (CUPIDS).

A0600-8ATAPC Major Command Military Personnel Management Reporting System.

A0600-8BTAPC Standard Installation/Division Personnel System (SIDPERS).

A0600-8-1ATAPC Emergency Data Files.

A0600-8-1BTAPC Line of Duty Investigations.

A0600-8-1CTAPC Casualty Information System (CIS).

A0600-20NGB Equal Opportunity Investigative Files.

A0600-25MDW State, Official, and Special Military Funeral Plans.

A0600-37ADAPE Special Review Board Appeal Case Summary File.

A0600-37BDAPE Unfavorable Information Files.

A0600-55DAMO Motor Vehicle/Equipment Operator Permit Files.

A0600-85DAPE Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Files.

A0600-200TAPC Classification, Reclassification, Utilization of Soldiers.


A0601-100TAPC Officer Appointment Files.

A0601-141DASG Army Medical Procurement Applicant Files.

A0601-210TAPC Eligibility Determination Files.

A0601-210DAPE Army Recruiting Prospect System.

A0601-210AUSAREC Enlisted Eligibility Files.

A0601-210BUSAREC Recruiter Impropriety Case Files.

A0601-222USMEPCOM ASVAB Student Test Scoring and Reporting System.

A0601-270USMEPCOM U.S. Military Entrance Processing Reporting System.

A0601-280ATAPC Qualitative Management Program Appeal File.

A0601-280BTAPC Selective/Variable Reenlistment Bonuses.


A0602DAPE-ARI Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Project Files.


A0608TAPC Personal Affairs Files.

A0608-4DAMO Trophy Firearm Registration.

A0608-10CFSC Child Development Services (CDS).

A0608-18DASG Family Advocacy Case Management Files.

A0608-25CFSC Chief of Staff, Army Retiree Council Files.

A0608ACFSC Family Life Communications Information and Referral Service.

A0608BCFSC Personal Affairs: Army Community Service Assistance Files.


A0614-30DAPE DA Conscientious Objector Review Board.

A0614-100/200SAIG Inspector General Personnel System.

A0614-100/200USMA Evaluation/Assignment of Academic Instructors.

A0614-100/200USAREC Recruiter Identification/Assignment Records.


A0621-1DAPE Army Continuing Education System.

A0621-1DASG Long-Term Civilian Training Student Control Files.

A0621-1TAPC Civilian Schooling for Military Personnel.


A0635-5TAPC Separation Transaction Control/Records Transfer System.

A0635-40TAPC Temporary Disability Retirement Master List (TDRL).

A0635-200TAPC Separations: Administrative Board Proceedings.


A0640DARP Personnel Management/Action Officer Files.

A0640-3CFSC Privilege Card Application Files.

A0640-10DARP Philippine Army Files.

A0640-10BNGB Military Personnel Records Jacket (NGB).

A0640-10CNGB Official Military Personnel File (Army National Guard).

A0640-10ATAPC Military Personnel Records Jacket Files (MPRJ).

A0640-10BTAPC Official Military Personnel File.

A0640-10CTAPC Career Management Individual Files.


A0672-5-1TAPC Military Awards Case File.


A0680-31ATAPC Officer Personnel Management Information System (OPMIS).

A0680-31BTAPC Enlisted Personnel Management Information System (EPMIS).


A0690-200DAPE School Employee File.

A0690-200TAPC Department of the Army Civilian Personnel Systems.

A0690-400CE Corps of Engineers Automated Legal System (CEALS) Training Information Program.

A0690-600SAMR Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Files.

A0690-700DAPE Grievance Records.


A0710-2ADALO Property Officer Designation Files.

A0710-2BDALO Hand Receipt Files.

A0710-2CDALO Personal Property Accounting Files.

A0710-2DDALO Personal Clothing Record Files.


A0715DAJA Procurement Misconduct Files.


A0725-1AMC Small Arms Sales Record Files.


A0735SAIS-SF Library Borrowers'/Users' Profile Files.


A0870-5DAMH Army History Files.


A0920-15SFDM Civilian Marksmanship Program.


A0930-4CFSC Army Emergency Relief Transaction File.


A1105CE Recreational Use and Expenditure Survey on or Adjacent to Navigable Waters.


A1145ACE Reservoir Permit Files.

A1145BCE General Permit Files.



MAA00001 Flight Readiness Evaluation Data System (FREDS).

MAA00002 Marine Corps Aircrew Performance/Qualification Information.


MFD00001 Automated Leave and Pay System (ALPS).

MFD00002 Primary Management Efforts (PRIME)/Operations Subsystem.

MFD00003 Joint Uniform Military Pay System/Manpower Management System (JUMPS/MMS).

MFD00004 Bond and Allotment (BA) System.

MFD00005 Retired Pay/Personnel System (RPPS).

MFD00007 Marine Corps Financial Records System.

MFD00009 Pay Vouchers for Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Course Instructors.

MFD00010 Per Diem and Travel Payment System.


MHD00001 Biographical Files.

MHD00006 Register/Lineal Lists.


MIL00001 Assignment and Occupancy of Family House Records.

MIL00002 Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Registration System.

MIL00003 Laundry Charge Accounts Records.

MIL00004 Personal Property Program.

MIL00005 Passenger Transportation Program.

MIL00006 Dealer's Record of Sale of Rifle or Pistol, State of California.

MIL00011 Marine Corps Exchange Vendor Directory.

MIL00012 Licensing Procedures For Military Motor Vehicles.

MIL00013 Individual Uniform Clothing Records.

MIL00014 Exchange Privilege Authorization Log.

MIL00015 Housing Referral Services Records System.

MIL00016 Depot Maintenance Management Subsystem (DMMS).

MIL00017 Transportation Data Financial Management System (TDFMS).

MIL00018 Organization Clothing Control File.

MIL00019 Equipment and Weapons Receipt or Custody Files.

MIL00021 Working Files, Division Supply Sections and Wing Supply Sections.

MIL00022 Delinquent Clothing Alteration List.


MIN00001 Personnel Security Eligibility and Access Information System.

MIN00002 POW/MIA Intelligence Analysis and Debrief Files.


MJA00001 Business Complaint File.

MJA00002 General Correspondence Files for Legal Administration.

MJA00003 Magistrate Court Case Files.

MJA00004 In Hands of Civil Authorities Case Files.

MJA00005 Financial Assistance/Indebtedness/Credit Inquiry Files.

MJA00009 Marine Corps Command Legal Files.

MJA00010 Unit Punishment Book.

MJA00012 Individual Accounts of Mail Order Clothing (bill file).

MJA00013 Bad Checks/Withdrawal of Check Cashing Privileges Lists.

MJA00014 Confidential Statements of Employment/Financial Interests.

MJA00016 Judge Advocate Division `D' Files.

MJA00017 JA Division, HQMC Correspondence Control Files.

MJA00018 Performance File.


MMC00002 Working Files, Inspection Division.

MMC00003 Activity Check In/Check Out File.

MMC00004 Adjutant Services Section Discharge Working Files.

MMC00005 Insurance Files.

MMC00007 Inspection of Government Property Assigned to Individual.

MMC00008 Message Release/Pickup Authorization File.

MMC00009 Narrative Biographical Data with Photos.

MMC00010 Marine Corps Marathon Automated Support System.


MMN00001 Absentee Processing and Deserter Inquiry File.

MMN00002 Listing of Retired Marine Corps Personnel.

MMN00004 Marine Corps Club Records.

MMN00005 Marine Corps Education Program.

MMN00006 Marine Corps Military Personnel Records (OQR/SRB).

MMN00009 Military Police Information System (MILPINS).

MMN00010 Personnel Services Working Files.

MMN00011 Source Data Automated Fitness Report System (SDAFRS).

MMN00013 Personnel Management Working Files.

MMN00014 Work Measurement Labor Distribution Cards.

MMN00016 Accident and Injury Reporting System.

MMN00017 Armory Access and Individual Weapons Assignments.

MMN00018 Base Security Incident Report System.

MMN00019 Drug/Alcohol Abuse Reporting Program.

MMN00020 Pet Registration.

MMN00021 Weapons Registration.

MMN00022 Vehicle Control System.

MMN00027 Marine Corps Military Personnel Records Access Files.

MMN00032 Personal History Card File.

MMN00034 Personnel Procurement Working Files.

MMN00035 Truth Teller/Static Listings.

MMN00036 Identification Card Control.

MMN00037 Library Patron File.

MMN00038 Amateur Radio Operator's File.

MMN00039 Citizen Band Radio Request and Authorization File.

MMN00040 Individual Training Records/Training Related Matters.

MMN00041 NonAppropriated Fund (NAF) Employee File.

MMN00042 Marine Corps Locator Files.

MMN00043 Marine Corps Recreation Property Records and Facilities.

MMN00044 Equal Opportunity Information and Support System.

MMN00045 Automated Recruit Management System (ARMS).

MMN00046 Recruit Incident System.

MMN00047 Officer Slate File System.

MMN00048 Performance Evaluation Review Board.

MMN00049 Manpower Management Information System.

MMN00050 Drill Instructor Evaluation Files System.

MMN00051 Individual Recruiter Training Record.


MMT00001 Dependent (Title 6) Schools Records System.

MMT00002 Marine Corps Institute Correspondence Training Records System.


MRS00001 Reserve Manpower Management and Pay System (REMMPS).

MRS00002 Marine Corps Reserve Support Center (MCRSC) Management System.


MTE00001 Telephone Billing/Accounting File.



N01001-1 Roster, Naval Reserve Law Units.

N01001-2 Naval Reserve Law Program Officer Personnel Information.

N01001-3 Naval Reserve Intelligence/Personnel File

N01001-5 MSC Masters and Chief Engineers Data File.

N01070-1 JAG Corps Officer Personnel Information.

N01070-2 Naval Attache Files.

N01070-3 Navy Personnel Records System.

N01070-4 Naval Reserve Security Group Personnel Records.

N01070-6 Employee Explosives Certification Program.

N01070-7 NEXCOM Military Personnel Information System.

N01070-8 Correction Board Case Files System.

N01070-9 White House Support Program.

N01070-10 Aviation Training Jacket.

N01070-11 Flight Instruction Standardization and Training (FIST) Jacket.

N01070-12 NCIS Administrative Files System.

N01070-13 Nuclear Program Interview and Screening.

N01070-14 Next of Kin Information for Sea Trial Riders.

N01070-15 Nuclear-Trained Naval Officers.

N01080-1 Enlisted Master File Automated System.

N01080-2 Officer Master File Automated System.

N01080-3 Reserve Command Management Information.

N01130-1 Low Quality Recruiting Report.

N01131-1 Officer Selection and Appointment System.

N01133-1 NAME/LEAD Processing System.

N01133-2 Recruiting Enlisted Selection System.

N01136-1 Navy Awareness System.

N01211-1 Naval Technology Mobilization Personnel Data.

N01301-1 Judge Advocate General Reporting Questionnaire.

N01301-2 Naval Officer Development and Distribution Support System.

N01306-1 Enlisted Development and Distribution Support System.

N01500-1 Naval Educational Development Records.

N01500-2 NAVSCOLS/TIS, USMC Training Supsys.

N01500-3 Students Awaiting Legal, Medical Action Account.

N01500-8 Personnel and Training Evaluation Program.

N01531-1 USNA Applicants, Candidates, and Midshipmen Records.

N01571-1 Reserve Financial Management/Training System (RESFMS).

N01572-1 NJAG Reserve Officer Questionnaires.

N01640-1 Individual Correctional Records.

N01710-1 Special Membership Listing of the Organizational Recreation Association.

N01740-2 Federal Housing Administration Mortgage Insurance System.

N01746-1 Nonappropriated Fund Activity Information Support System.

N01754-1 Navy Family Support Program.

N01754-2 Navy/USMC Family Service Centers Volunteers.

N01754-3 Navy Child Development Services Program.

N01770-2 Casualty Information Support System.

N01770-3 Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium Records.

N01810-1 Directory of Retired Regular and Reserve Judge Advocates.

N01850-1 Origins of Disabilities for Retired Military Members.

N01850-2 Physical Disability Evaluation System Proceedings.

N01900-1 Naval Discharge Review Board Proceedings.

N01900-2 Navy Individual Service Review Board (ISRB) Proceedings Application File.


N03461-2 POW/MIA Captivity Studies.

N03501-1 FBM Submarine DASO Crew Evaluation.

N03501-2 Navy Recovery Data Base System.

N03760-1 Naval Flight Record Subsystem (NAVFLIRS).

N03834-1 Special Intelligence Personnel Access File.

N03900-1 Naval Air Test Center Technology Data File.


N04050-1 Personal Property Program.

N04060-1 Navy and Marine Corps Exchange Sales Control and Security Files.

N04064-1 USNA Laundry and Drycleaning Charge Account.

N04064-2 USNA Retail Customer Claim Record.

N04066-1 Bad Checks and Indebtedness Lists.

N04066-2 Commercial Fidelity Bond Insurance Claims.

N04066-3 Layaway Sales Records.

N04066-4 Navy Lodge Records.

N04066-5 NEXCOM Direct Mail List.

N04385-1 IG Investigatory System.

N04385-2 Hotline Program Case Files.

N04410-1 File of Records of Acquisition, Transfer and Disposal of Privately Owned Vehicles.

N04410-2 Military/Civilian Dependents Hurricane Shelter List.

N04410-3 Duty Free Vehicle Log.

N04600-1 Portable Asset Control Environment (PACE).

N04650-1 Personnel Transportation System.


N05100-1 Diving Log.

N05100-2 Scheduled Parachute Jump Program.

N05101-1 Safety Equipment Needs, Issues, Authorizations

N05120-1 Bond Accounting.

N05210-1 General Correspondence Files.

N05300-1 Organization Locator and Social Roster.

N05300-2 Administrative Personnel Management System.

N05300-3 Faculty Professional Files.

N05300-4 Personnel Management and Training Research Statistical Data System.

N05300-5 Sys Cmd Accting/Monitoring of Projects (SCAMP).

N05300-6 Armed Forces Staff College Administrative Data System.

N05330-1 Manhour Accounting System.

N05330-2 Naval Aviation Depot Workload Control System.

N05340-1 Combined Federal Campaign/Navy Relief Society.

N05340-2 Personal Commercial Affairs Solicitation Privilege File System.

N05350-1 Navy Drug and Alcohol Program System.

N05354-1 Equal Opportunity Management Information System.

N05370-1 Statements of Employment (Regular Retired Officers).

N05370-2 Financial Interest Disclosure Statements.

N05371-1 Conflicts of Interest and Employment Activities.

N05512-1 Vehicle Control System.

N05520-1 Personnel Security Eligibility Information System.

N05520-2 Listing of Personnel-Sensitive Compartmented Information.

N05520-4 NCIS Investigative Files System.

N05520-5 Navy Joint Adjudication and Clearance System (NJACS).

N05521-1 Access Control System.

N05527-1 Security Incident System.

N05527-2 Security Inspection and Violation System.

N05527-4 Naval Security Group Personnel Security/Access Files.

N05760-1 Biographical and Service Record Sketches of Chaplains.

N05800-1 Legal Office Litigation/Correspondence Files.

N05800-2 Legal Records System.

N05801-1 JAG Management Information System (JAGMIS).

N05801-2 Legal Assistance Management Information System.

N05802-1 Fiduciary Affairs Records.

N05810-1 Article 138 Complaint of Wrongs.

N05810-2 Military Justice Correspondence and Information File.

N05810-3 Appellate Case Tracking System (ACTS).

N05813-1 Ethics File.

N05813-2 Courts-Martial Case Report.

N05813-3 Records of Trial of General Courts-Martial.

N05814-1 Summary and Non-BCD Courts-Martial Records.

N05815-1 Record of Trial of Special Courts-Martial Resulting in Bad Conduct Discharges or Concerning Officers.

N05817-1 Courts-Martial Statistics.

N05819-1 Article 69 Petitions.

N05819-2 Article 73 Petitions for New Trial.

N05819-3 Naval Clemency and Parole Board Files.

N05820-1 International Legal Hold Files.

N05822-1 Yokusuka Prison Health and Comfort Items.

N05830-1 JAG Manual Investigative Records.

N05861-1 Private Relief Legislation.

N05870-1 Patent, Invention, Trademark, Copyright, Royalty, and License Files.

N05880-2 Admiralty Claims Files.

N05890-1 Claims Information System.

N05890-8 NAVSEA Radiation Injury Claim Records.

N05891-1 NJAG Litigation Case File.


N06150-1 Medical Department Professional/Technical Personnel Development.

N06150-2 Health Care Record System.

N06150-3 Naval Health/Dental Research Center Data File.

N06310-1 Reports of Injury/Illness for Personnel on MSC Ships.

N06320-1 Health Care Accounts and Insurance Information.

N06320-2 Family Advocacy Program System.

N06320-3 Quality Assurance/Risk Management.

N06530-1 Blood Donor Files.


N07210-1 Losses of Public Funds File.

N07220-1 Armed Forces Health Professional Scholarship System.

N07220-2 Retired Pay System.

N07220-3 Reserve Pay System.

N07220-4 Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Pay System.

N07220-5 Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS).

N07220-6 Midshipman Pay System.

N07220-7 Travel Pay System.

N07230-1 Navy Standard Civilian Payroll System (NAVSCIPS).

N07230-2 NEXCOM Payroll Processing.

N07240-1 Commercial Invoice Payments History System.

N07300-1 Relief for Losses of Public Funds/SBP Annuitants for Overpayment of Benefits.

N07320-1 Property Accountability Records.

N07401-1 Bingo Winners.

N07430-1 Navy Debt Management and Collection System (MNCS).

N07431-1 Savings Deposit.

N07600-1 NIF Standard Automated Financial System (STAFS).


N08370-1 Weapons Registration.


N10140-1 Ration Card Records.

N10140-2 Privately-Owned Tax-free Vehicle Record Cards, Tax-free Gasoline Record Cards.

N10140-4 USAREUR/USAFE Ration Card.

N10140-6 Gasoline Ration System.

N10140-7 Application for U.S. Navy Ration Permit.


N11012-1 Navy Personnel Billeting System (NPBS).

N11101-1 Family Housing File.

N11101-2 Family Housing Requirements Survey Record System.

N11101-4 Station Housing Records.

N11103-1 Housing Referral Services Record System.


N12290-2 Models for Organizational Design and Staffing (MODS).

N12300-1 Employee Assistance Program Case Record System.

N12593-1 Living Quarters and Lodging Allowance.

N12711-1 Labor Management Relations Records System.

N12771-1 Employee Grievances, Discrimination Complaints, and Adverse Action Appeals.

N12771-2 Employee Relations Including Discipline, Employee Grievances, Complaints, Etc.

N12930-2 Area Coordinator Information and Operation Files.

N12950-3 Employee Benefits Records.

N12950-4 Naval Audit Training Database.

N12950-5 Navy Civilian Personnel Data System (NCPDS).

N12950-6 Computer Assisted Manpower Analyses System (CAMAS).

N12950-7 Drug-Free Workplace Records.



18-01-0001 Secretary's Communications Control System, ED/OS/ES.

18-01-0002 Federal Advisory Committee Membership Files, ED/OASM/ HR/CMO.

18-05-0002 Elementary School Essays on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, ED/OHA/DUS.

18-05-0003 America 2000: An Education Strategy Toll-Free Telephone Line and Database.

18-06-0001 Freedom of Information Case File and Correspondence Control Index, ED/OLPA/ES.

18-06-0002 Biographies and Photographs of ED Officials, ED/OLPA.

18-07-0002 Congressional Correspondence Control System, ED/OLPA/ CS.

18-08-0001 Case Information Management System, ED/OCR.

18-08-0002 Complaint Files and Log, Office of Planning and Compliance Operations, ED/OCR/OPCO.

18-09-0001 Administrative Claims, ED/OGC.

18-09-0002 OGC-Attorney Applicant Files, ED/OGC.

18-09-0003 Conflict of Interest--Standards of Conduct Records, ED/ OGC.

18-09-0004 Federal Private Relief Legislation, ED/OGC.

18-09-0005 Litigation Files, Administrative Complaints, and Adverse Personnel Actions, ED/OGC.

18-10-0001 Investigative Files of the Inspector General ED/OIG.

18-10-0002 Investigatory Material Compiled for Personnel Security and Suitability Purposes, ED/OIG.

18-10-0003 ED/OIG Non-Federal Auditor Referral File.

18-11-0001 Department of Education Motor Vehicle Operator Records, ED/OASM.

18-11-0002 Departmental Parking Control Policy, ED/OASM/PARM.

18-11-0003 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act--School Recordkeeping Practices, Correspondence and Complaint System, ED-OASM- EPM-DEDC-FERPA.

18-11-0005 Safety Management Information System (ED Accident, Injury and Illness Reporting System), ED/ASM.

18-11-0006 Telephone Directory/Locator System, ED/OASM.

18-11-0007 Applicants for Employment Records, ED/ASM/RPB.

18-11-0008 Payroll, Attendance, and Leave Records (ED PAY/PERS)-- Education Department.

18-11-0009 Discrimination Complaints Records System, ED/AS/EEOS.

18-11-0010 Employee Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Emotional Problem Counseling and Referral Records, ED-ASM-DASHR-OPRM.

18-11-0011 Employee Appraisal Program Records, ED/ASM/DASHR/DPRM.

18-11-0012 Executive Development Records System, ED/ASM/OPRM.

18-11-0014 Grievances Filed Under the Informal Grievance Procedures, ED/ASM/OPRM/Support Service Division.

18-11-0015 Grievance Records Filed Under Procedures Established by Labor-Management Negotiations.

18-11-0018 Personnel Records in Operating Offices, ED/ASM/OPRM.

18-11-0019 Special Employment Programs, ED/ASM/OHRI.

18-11-0020 Suitability for Employment Records, ED/ASM/DASHR/OPRM/ DPIA.

18-11-0022 Volunteer EEO Support Personnel Records, ED/ASM/EEOS.

18-11-0023 Unfair Labor Practice Records, ED/ASM/OHR/OPRM/LRS.

18-11-0025 Employee Suggestion Program Records, ED/OM/DODA.

18-11-0026 Debarment or Suspension Proceedings Under Executive Order 12549, OM/OC/GCS.

18-11-0027 ED Financial Management Information System.

18-15-0001 Consultants for Federal Technical Assistance Program, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, ED/OSERS/RSA.

18-15-0002 Office of Rehabilitation Services Mailing Lists, ED/ OSERS/RSA.

18-15-0003 Mailing Keys, ED/OSERS/RSA.

18-15-0004 Correspondence Files, ED/OSERS/RSA.

18-20-0001 Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education; Field Readers to Review Proposals for ED, ED/OPE/FIPSE.

18-40-0002 Registry of Deaf-Blind Children/Regional-National, ED/ OSERS.

18-40-0003 Student Participants in Deaf-Blind Programs under Centers and Services for Deaf-Blind Children, ED/OSERS.

18-40-0004 Parent Participants in Deaf-Blind Programs provided by Regional Centers for Deaf-Blind Children, ED.

18-40-0005 Participant Waiting List for Projects Serving Severely Handicapped Children and Youth, ED/OSERS.

18-40-0006 Participants of Projects Serving Severely Handicapped Children and Youth, ED/OSERS.

18-40-0007 Participants in Workshops Concerning Severely Handicapped Children and Youth, ED/OSERS/OSE.

18-40-0009 Selective Service Registration Compliance File, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0010 Law Enforcement Education System, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0011 Upward Bound Information Systems, ED/ASDE/HE.

18-40-0012 Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962--United States Loan Program for Cuban Students, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0013 National Defense Direct Student Loan Program--Request for Cancellation of Loan on Ground of Permanent and Total Disability, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0014 Federal Student Aid Application File, ED/OPE/SFAP.

18-40-0015 Pell Grant Student Aid Report Sub-system, ED/OPSE/OSFA.

18-40-0016 Pell Grant Alternate Disbursement System, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0017 Student Financial Assistance Validation File, ED/OPSE/ OSFA.

18-40-0018 Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act Teacher Exchange Participants and Applicants, ED/OPE/IE.

18-40-0019 National Resource Fellowship, ED/OPE/IE.

18-40-0020 Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act--Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad and Faculty Research Abroad, Fellows and Alternates, ED/OPE/IE.

18-40-0021 Student Financial Assistance--Compliance Files, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0022 Student Financial Assistance--Student Complaint Files, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0023 Defaulted Guaranteed Loans Submitted to Department of Justice, ED.

18-40-0024 Guaranteed Loan Program--Loan Application File, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0025 NDSL Student Loan Files, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0026 Guaranteed Loan Program--Paid Claims File, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0027 Guaranteed Loan Program--Claims and Collections Master File, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0028 Guaranteed Loan Program--Collection Letters, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0029 Guaranteed Loan Program--Inactive Loan Control Master File, ED/OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0030 Guaranteed Loan Program--Loan Control Master File, ED/ OPE/OSFA.

18-40-0031 Guaranteed Loan Program--Pre Claims Assistance, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0032 Record of Advances of Funds for Employees Traveling for the Department of Education--(SF 1038, Application and Account for Advance of Funds), ED/OASM/OFM.

18-40-0034 Teacher Corps Application For Intern Teacher Position, ED/OERI/EPDD.

18-40-0036 Oral History of the Office of Education as Dictated by Former Commissioners of Education, ED/OL.

18-40-0037 Jacob K. Javits Fellows System.

18-40-0038 National Science Scholars Program.

18-40-0044 Guaranteed Loan Program--Insurance Claim File, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0045 Student Financial Assistance Collection Files, ED/OPE/ OSFA.

18-40-0050 Presidential Scholars Files of Selected Participants, ED/OSERS/OGT.

18-40-0077 Records of Educationally Disadvantaged Students Attending Private Schools Served Through Bypass Contracts, ED/OESE/CEP.

18-40-0078 Fellowships for Indian Students--Applications and Awards, ED/OESE/OIE.

18-40-0079 Potential and Actual Consultant, Field Reader, and Site Visitor Files, Indexes, and Lists, ED.

18-40-0080 Training and Development Awards for Vocational Education Personnel--Applications and Awards, ED/OVAE.

18-40-0081 Women Administrators in Vocational Education, ED/OVAE.

18-42-0001 National Center for Education Statistics Longitudinal Studies and the School and Staffing Surveys, OERI/NCES.

18-42-0002 National Center for Education Statistics Affidavits of Nondisclosure.

18-42-0003 National Center for Education Statistics' National Assessment of Educational Progress.

18-42-0016 Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Experienced Based Career Education Record System, ED/NIE.

18-42-0019 Far West Laboratory Experienced Based Career Education Records System, ED/OERI/NIE.

18-42-0056 National Institute of Education, Sources and Effects of Teacher Expectations, ED/OERI/NIE.

18-42-0065 NIE Outside Experts, ED/NIE.

18-42-0078 Travel--Official Travel of NIE Personnel, ED/NIE.

18-42-0079 NIE Controlled Correspondence, ED/OERI/NIE.

18-42-0082 National Council on Educational Research Mailing Lists, ED/OERI/NIE.

18-42-0083 National Council on Educational Research Current and Past Information on Members of the Council and Consultants, ED/OERI/NIE.



DOE-1 DOE Personnel and General Employment Records (this system of records supplements the General Personnel Records System of the Office of Personnel Management).

DOE-2 DOE Personnel: Supervisor-Maintained Personnel Records.

DOE-3 DOE Personnel: Appraisal and Development Records.

DOE-4 Applications for DOE Employment.

DOE-5 Personnel Records of Former Contractor Employees.

DOE-6 Report of Consultants to DOE Contractors.

DOE-7 Applications and Reference Checks for Overseas Employment with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

DOE-8 Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Contracts.

DOE-9 Members of DOE Advisory Committees.

DOE-10 Office of General Counsel Time and Accountability Reports.

DOE-11 Emergency Locator Records.

DOE-12 Nationwide Traineeship Reporting System.

DOE-13 Payroll and Leave Records.

DOE-14 Report of Compensation.

DOE-15 Payroll and Pay-Related Data for Employees of Terminated Contractors.

DOE-16 Reports of Financial Interest.

DOE-17 Certificates of Eligibility for FHA Insured Loans.

DOE-18 Accounts Payable Financial System.

DOE-19 Accounts Receivable Financial System.

DOE-20 Imprest Fund Cashiers.

DOE-21 Emergency Defense Mobilization Files.

DOE-22 Plant Services History.

DOE-23 Property Accountability System.

DOE-24 Land Records.

DOE-25 Employee Parking Records (this system concerns parking managed and controlled by DOE under the general direction of the General Services Administration).

DOE-26 Official Travel Records.

DOE-27 Foreign Travel Records.

DOE-28 General Training Records.

DOE-29 Technology Training Program--Skill Training at Technician Level.

DOE-31 Firearms Qualification Records.

DOE-32 Government Motor Vehicle Operator Records.

DOE-33 Personnel Medical Records.

DOE-34 Employee Assistance Program (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program).

DOE-35 Personnel Radiation Exposure Records.

DOE-36 Statistical Analysis Using Personnel Security Questionnaire (Health and Mortality Study).

DOE-37 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Files.

DOE-38 Occupational and Industrial Accident Records.

DOE-39 Labor Standards Complaints and Grievances.

DOE-40 Contractor Employees Insurance Claims.

DOE-41 Legal Files (Claims, Litigations, Criminal Violations, Patents, and Others).

DOE-42 Personnel Security Clearance Index.

DOE-43 Personnel Security Clearance Files.

DOE-44 Special Access Authorization for Categories of Classified Information.

DOE-45 Weapon Data Access Control System.

DOE-46 Clearance Board Cases.

DOE-47 Security Investigations.

DOE-48 Security Education and/or Infraction Reports.

DOE-49 Security Correspondence File.

DOE-50 Personnel Assurance Program Records.

DOE-51 Employee and Visitor Access Control Records.

DOE-52 Aliens Visits and Participation.

DOE-53 Access Authorization for ADP Equipment.

DOE-54 Investigation Files of the Office of Inspector General.

DOE-55 Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Requests for Records.

DOE-56 Congressional Constituent Inquiries.

DOE-57 Congressional Profiles.

DOE-58 General Correspondence Files.

DOE-59 Mailing Lists for Requesters of Energy Related Information.

DOE-61 Census of High Energy Physicists.

DOE-62 Historical Files--Published Information Concerning Selected Persons in the Energy Field.

DOE-64 Low-Income Weatherization Program Home Report Records.

DOE-65 Energy Extension Service Records.

DOE-66 Power Sales to Individuals.

DOE-67 Participants in Experiments, Studies, and Surveys.

DOE-68 Minority Energy Technical Assistance Program (METAP) Records.

DOE-69 Residential Solar Water Heating Workshops Pilot Program Records.

DOE-70 Electricity Use and Conservation Analysis Records.

DOE-71 The Radiation Accident Registry.

DOE-72 The Department of Energy Radiation Study Registry.

DOE-73 The US-DTPA Registry.

DOE-74 Bonneville Power Administration Conservation Program.

DOE-75 Call Detail Records.

DOE-76 California, Nevada, and Utah Milk Directory.

DOE-77 Physical Fitness Test Records.

DOE-82 Grant and Contract Records for Research Projects, Science Education, and Related Activities.


FERC-3 Applications for Interlocking Directorates, Public Files.

FERC-4 Applications for Interlocking Directorates, Security Files

FERC-6 Biographical Material on Commissioners and Key Staff Members

FERC-7 Congressional Correspondence Files

FERC-8 Congressional Correspondence Files, Office of the Executive Director

FERC-9 Correspondence Files--Office of Pipeline and Producer Regulation

FERC-10 Employee Conduct Records

FERC-14 Advanced Sick Leave Requests File

FERC-15 Commission Employee Relations Tracking System (CERTS)

FERC-16 Death Cases File

FERC-17 Disability Retirements File

FERC-18 Discontinued Service Retirements File

FERC-19 Employee Suggestions File

FERC-20 Employee Training Requests

FERC-21 Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints File

FERC-22 Indebtedness Cases File

FERC-23 Leave Without Pay Requests File

FERC-24 Miscellaneous Investigation File

FERC-25 Office of Workers' Compensation Program Claims File

FERC-26 Performance Management Recognition System Reconsideration File

FERC-27 Reconsideration of Refund Decisions File

FERC-28 Restoration of Annual Leave Requests File

FERC-29 Unemployment Compensation File

FERC-30 Within-Grade Increase Denials and Reconsideration File

FERC-31 Automated Parking System

FERC-32 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests Tracking File,

FERC-33 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Request File

FERC-34 Transit Subsidy Program Records




09-90-0001 Telephone Directory/Locator System, HHS/OS/ASMB/OMAS.

09-90-0002 Investigatory Material Compiled for Security and Suitability Purposes, HHS/OS/OIG.

09-90-0003 Criminal Investigative Files of the Inspector General, HHS/OS/OIG.

09-90-0005 Safety Management Information System (HHS Accident, Injury and Illness Reporting System), HHS/OS/ASMB/OFE/OSOH.

09-90-0006 Applicants for Employment Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0007 Complaints and Inquiries Records--Miscellaneous, HHS/ OS/ASPER.

09-90-0008 Conflict of Interest Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0009 Discrimination Complaints Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0010 Employee Assistance Program Records HHS/OS/ASPER/OPS.

09-90-0011 Employee Appraisal Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0012 Executive Development Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0013 Federal Employees Occupational Health Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0014 Grievances filed under part 771 of 5 CFR, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0015 Grievance Records Filed Under Procedures Established by Labor-Management Negotiations, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0016 HHS Motor Vehicle Operator Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0017 Pay, Leave and Attendance Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.


09-90-0018 Personnel Records in Operating Offices, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0019 Special Employment Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0020 Suitability for Employment Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0021 Training Management Information System, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0022 Volunteer EEO Support Personnel Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0023 Departmental Parking Control Policy and Records Systems, HHS/OS/ASMB/OFE.

09-90-0024 Financial Transactions of HHS Accounting and Finance Offices.

09-90-0025 Central Registry of Individuals Doing Business With HHS, HHS/OS/ASMB 2.

09-90-0027 Congressional Correspondence Unit, HHS/OS/ASL.

09-90-0028 Biographies and Photographs of HHS Officials, HHS/OS/ ASPA.


09-90-0036 Employee Suggestion Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0037 Secretariat Correspondence Control System, HHS/OS/ES.

09-90-0038 Secretary's Official Files, HHS/OS/ES.

09-90-0041 Consumer Mailing Lists, HHS/OS/OCA.

09-90-0046 Consumer Complaint Correspondence System, HHS/OS/OCA.

09-90-0050 Departmental Appeals Board Case and Appeal Records, HHS/OS/DAB.

09-90-0050 Case Information Management System, HHS/OS/OCR.

09-90-0051 Complaint Files and Log, Office of Management and Administration, HHS/OS/OCR.

09-90-0058 Freedom of Information Case Files and Correspondence Control Log, HHS/OS/ASPA/FOIA.

09-90-0059 Federal Advisory Committee Membership Files, HHS/OS/ ASPER.

09-90-0062 Administrative Claims, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0064 Litigation Files, Administrative Complaints, and Adverse Personnel Actions, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0065 Conflict of Interest--Standards of Conduct Records, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0066 OGC-Attorney Applicant Files, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0067 Invention Reports Submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services by its Employees, Grantees, Fellowship Recipients, and Contractors, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0068 Federal Private Relief Legislation, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0069 Unfair Labor Practice Records, HHS/OS/ASPER.

09-90-0071 Social Security Code Cards, HHS/OS/OGC.

09-90-0072 Congressional Grants Notification Unit, HHS/OS/ASL.

09-90-0074 Federal Parent Locator Service and Federal Tax Offset System, HHS/OCSE.

09-90-0075 MBTA Prepaid Pass Program Participants, HHS/RO1/ARD.

09-90-0078 SSI/OPM Temporary Matching File, HHS/OS/OIG.

09-90-0079 Welfare Fraud Detection File, HHS/OS/OIG.

09-90-0080 The Secretary's Advisory Committee Candidate Files, HHS/OS/ES.

09-90-0083 JOBS Evaluation Data System.

09-90-0088 National Long-Term Care Channeling Demonstration (NLTCCD), DHHS/OS/ASPE.

09-90-0095 Management Information System Efficiency Reporter (MISER), HHS/ASPER/OHR.

09-90-0100 Civil and Administrative Investigative Files of the Inspector General.

09-90-0101 Health Care Program Violations, HHS/OS/OIG.

09-90-0102 Federal Personnel/HHS or HHS Funded Benefit and Loan Program Temporary Matching File, HHS/OS/OIG.

09-90-0150 Research and Demonstration Data System, HHS/OCSE.

09-90-1101 Optional Form 55 Cards Issuance Log, HHS/OS/RIX/ORD/ DAS.

09-90-9999 Automated Litigation Tracking System, HHS/OS/OGC.


09-80-0009 ACYF Mailing List, HHS/HDS/ACYF.

09-80-0020 HDS Publications Distribution Mailing List, HHS/HDS/ OPA.

09-80-0100 Records Maintained on Individuals for Program Evaluation Purposes Under Contract, HHS/HDS.

09-80-0201 Income and Eligibility Verification for Aid to Families with Dependent Children Quality Control (AFDC-QC) Reviews, HHS/ACF/OFA.


09-70-0005 National Claims History (NCH), HHS/NCFA/BDMS.

09-70-0006 Medicare Enrollment Records (Statistics), HHS/HCFA/ BDMS.

09-70-0007 Health Insurance Enrollment Statistics-General Enrollment Period, HHS/ HCFA/BDMS.

09-70-0019 Actuarial Sample Hospital Stay Record Study, HHS/HCFA/ OACT.

09-70-0020 Actuarial Sample of Supplementary Medical Insurance Payments, HHS/HCFA/OACT.

09-70-0022 Municipal Health Services Program, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0029 Evaluation of Medicare Competition Demonstrations, HHS/ HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0030 National Long-Term Care Survey Follow-up, DHHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0033 Person-Level Medicaid Data System, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0034 Evaluation of Social/Health Maintenance Organization (S/HMO) Demonstrations, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0035 Aftercare Evaluation System (AES), HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0036 Evaluation of Competitive Bidding for Durable Medical Equipment Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0038 Evaluation of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA) Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Competitive Medical Plan (CMP) Program, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0039 Evaluation of the Medicare Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0040 Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Organ Transplant Data File, HHS/HCFA/BDMS.

09-70-0041 Evaluation of the OBRA 87 Medicare Payment of Influenza Vaccination Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0042 Medicare-Cancer Registry Record System, HHS/HCFA/BDMS.

09-70-0044 Demonstration and Evaluation of the Medicare Insured Group (MIG) Model, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0045 Evaluation of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment and Long Term Care Systems Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0046 Home Health Quality Indicator System (HHQUIS), HHS/ HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0047 HCFA Medicare Mortality Predictor Data File, HHS/HCFA/ ORD.

09-70-0048 Monitoring of the Home Health Agency Prospective Payment Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0049 Evaluation of the Home Health Agency Prospective Payment Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0050 The Medicare/Medicaid Multistate Case-Mix and Quality Data Base for Nursing Home Residents, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0051 Quality Assurance for the Home Health Agency (HHA) Prospective Payment Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0052 PostHospitalization Outcomes Studies, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0053 The Medicare Beneficiary Health Status Registry Pilot, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0054 Evaluation of the United Mine Workers of America Health and Retirement Funds Medicare Part B Capitation Demonstration, HHS/ HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0055 Implementation and Evaluation of the Staff-Assisted Home Dialysis Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0056 Evaluation of the Medicaid Expansion Demonstrations, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0057 Evaluation of the Medicaid Extension of Eligibility to Certain Low Income Families Not Otherwise Qualified to Receive Medicaid Benefits Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0058 Evaluation of the Medicare SELECT Program, HHS/HCFA/ ORD.

09-70-0059 The Medicaid Necessity, Appropriateness, and Outcomes of Care Study, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0061 Evaluation of the Medicare Case Management Demonstration, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0062 Medicare Cataract Surgery Alternate Payment Demonstration Data Base, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0063 Evaluation of the Medicaid Demonstration for Improving Access to Care for Substance Abusing Pregnant Women, HHS/HCFA/ORD.

09-70-0501 Carrier Medicare Claims Records, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0502 Health Insurance Master Record, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0503 Intermediary Medicare Claims Records, HHS/HCFA/BPO.


09-70-0504 Beneficiary Part A and B Uncollectible Overpayment File, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0505 Supplemental Medical Insurance Accounting Collection and Enrollment System, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0507 Health Insurance Utilization Microfilm, HHS/ HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0508 Reconsideration and Hearing Case Files (Part A) Hospital Insurance Program, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0509 Medicare Beneficiary Correspondence Files, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0512 Review and Fair Hearing Case Files--Supplementary Medical Insurance Program, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0513 Explanation of Medicare Benefit Records, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0516 Medicare Physician/Supplier Master File, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0517 Physician/Supplier 1099 File (Statement for Recipients of Medical and Health Care Payments), HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0518 Medicare Clinic Physician/Supplier Master File, HHS/ HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0520 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Program Management and Medical Information System (PMMIS), HHS/HCFA/BDMS.

09-70-0522 Billing and Collection Master Record System, HHS/HCFA/ BPO.

09-70-0524 Intern and Resident Information System, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0525 Medicare Physician Identification and Eligibility System (MPIES), HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0526 Common Working File (CWF), HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-0527 HCFA Utilization Review Investigatory Files, HHS/HCFA/ BPO.

09-70-0528 Pennsylvania Medicaid/Medicare Duplicate Paid Claims, HHS/HCFA/ROIII.

09-70-0530 Medicare Supplier Identification File, HHS/HCFA/BPO.

09-70-1511 Physical Therapists In Independent Practice (Individuals), HHS/HCFA/HSQB.

09-70-1512 PRO Data Management Information System (PDMIS), HHS/ HCFA/HSQB.

09-70-1514 HCFA Severity of Illness Data File, HHS/HCFA/HSQB.

09-70-1515 Resident Assessment System and Data Base for Nursing Home Residents, HHS/HCFA/HSQB.

09-70-1516 Uniform Clinical Data Set (UCDS), HHS/HCFA/HSQB.

09-70-2003 Completion of State Medicaid Quality Control (MQC) Reviews, HHS/HCFA/MB.

09-70-2006 Income and Eligibility Verification for Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control (MEQC) Reviews, HHS/HCFA/MB.

09-70-3001 Record of Individuals Authorized Entry to HCFA Buildings via A Card Key Access System, HHS/HCFA/OBA.

09-70-3002 Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Employee Building Pass Files, HHS/HCFA/OBA.

09-70-3003 Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Correspondence Handling and Processing System, HHS/HCFA/OBA.

09-70-4001 Group Health Plan System, HHS/HCFA/OPHCOO.

09-70-4003 Medicare HMO/CMP Beneficiary Reconsideration System (MBRS), HHS/HCFA/OPHCOO.

09-70-5001 Medicare Hearings and Appeals System (MHAS), HHS/HCFA/ AAO.

09-70-6001 Medicaid Statistical Information System (MSIS), HHS/ HCFA/BDMS.

09-70-6002 A Current Beneficiary Survey (CBS), HHS/HCFA/OACT.

09-70-9001 Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Correspondence and Assignment Tracking and Control System (CATCS), HHS/ HCFA/OEO.


09-37-0001 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health Correspondence Control System, HHS/OASH/OM.

09-37-0002 PHS Commissioned Corps General Personnel Records, HHS/ OASH/OSG.

09-37-0003 PHS Commissioned Corps Medical Records, HHS/OASH/OSG.

09-37-0005 PHS Commissioned Corps Board Proceedings, HHS/OASH/OSG.

09-37-0006 PHS Commissioned Corps Grievance, Investigatory, and Disciplinary Files, HHS/OASH/OSG.

09-37-0008 PHS Commissioned Corps Unofficial Personnel Files and Other Station Files, HHS/OASH/OSG.

09-37-0017 Proceedings of the Board for Correction of Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Records, HHS/OASH/OM.

09-37-0020 Office of Minority Health Grants Records System, HHS/ OASH/OMH.

09-37-0022 Records of Health Experts Maintained by the Office of International Health (OIH), HHS/OASH/OIH.


09-35-0001 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Grants Information and Tracking System with Contracts Component (GIAnT), HHS/ AHCPR/OM.

09-35-0002 National Medical Expenditure Survey, HHS/AHCPR/CGHSIR.

09-35-0003 AIDS Cost and Service Utilization Survey (ACSUS), HHS/ AHCPR/CGHSER.

09-35-0004 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Medical Treatment Effectiveness Program (MEDTEP) Research, HHS/AHCPR/CMER.


09-30-0023 Records of Contracts Awarded to Individuals, HHS/ SAMHSA/OA.

09-30-0027 Grants and Cooperative Agreements: ADM Services Evaluation, Training, Service, Education, Demonstration, Prevention, Fellowships, Clinical Training, Community Programs, HHS/SAMHSA/OA.

09-30-0029 Record of Guest Workers, HHS/SAMHSA/OA.

09-30-0033 Correspondence Files. HHS/SAMHSA/OA.

09-30-0036 Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Epidemiologic Data, HHS/SAMHSA/OA.

09-30-0047 Patient Records on Chronic Mentally Ill Merchant Seamen Treated at Nursing Homes in Lexington, Kentucky, (1942 to the present), HHS/SAMHSA/CMHS.

09-30-0049 Consultant Records Maintained by SAMHSA Contractors, HHS/SAMHSA/OA.


09-25-0001 Clinical Research: Patient Records, HHS/NIH/NHLBI.

09-25-0002 Clinical Research: Patient Phonocardiogram Records, HHS/NIH/NHLBI.

09-25-0003 Administration: Authorized Radionuclide Users File, HHS/NIH/ORS.

09-25-0005 Administration: Library Operations and User I.D. File, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0007 Administration: NIH Safety Glasses Issuance Program, HHS/NIH/ORS.

09-25-0008 Administration: Radiation Workers Monitoring, HHS/NIH/ ORS.

09-25-0010 Research Resources: Registry of Individuals Potentially Exposed to Microbial Agents, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0011 Clinical Research: Blood Donor Records, HHS/NIH/CC.

09-25-0012 Clinical Research: Candidate Normal Volunteer Records, HHS/NIH/CC.

09-25-0014 Clinical Research: Student Records, HHS/NIH/CC.

09-25-0015 Clinical Research: Collaborative Clinical Epilepsy Research, HHS/NIH/NINDS.

09-25-0016 Clinical Research: Collaborative Perinatal Project, HHS/NIH/NINDS.

09-25-0026 Clinical Research: Nervous System Studies, HHS/NIH/ NINDS.

09-25-0028 Clinical Research: Patient Medical Histories, HHS/NIH/ NINDS and HHS/NIH/NIDCD.

09-25-0031 Clinical Research: Serological and Virus Data in Studies Related to the Central Nervous System, HHS/NIH/NINDS.

09-25-0033 International Activities: Fellowships Awarded by Foreign Organizations, HHS/NIH/FIC.

09-25-0034 International Activities: Scholars-in-Residence Program, HHS/NIH/FIC.

09-25-0035 International Activities: Health Scientist Exchange Programs, HHS/NIH/FIC.

09-25-0036 Extramural Awards and Chartered Advisory Committees: IMPAC (Grant/Contract/Cooperative Agreement Information/Chartered Advisory Committee Information), HHS/NIH/DRG and HHS/NIH/CMO.

09-25-0037 Clinical Research: Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, HHS/NIH/NIA.

09-25-0038 Clinical Research: Patient Data, HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0038 Clinical Research: Patient Data, HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0039 Clinical Research: Diabetes Mellitus Research Study of Southwestern American Indians, HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0040 Clinical Research: Southwestern American Indian Patient Data, HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0041 Research Resources: Scientists Requesting Hormone Distribution, HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0042 Clinical Research: National Institute of Dental Research Patient Records, HHS/NIH/NIDR.

09-25-0044 Clinical Research: Sensory Testing Research Program, HHS/NIH/NIDR.

09-25-0046 Clinical Research: Catalog of Clinical Specimens from Patients, Volunteers and Laboratory Personnel, HHS/NIH/NIAID.

09-25-0048 Clinical Research: Serology-Epidemiology Parasite Research, HHS/NIH/NIAID.

09-25-0053 Clinical Research: Vision Studies, HHS/NIH/NEI.

09-25-0054 Administration: Property Accounting, HHS/NIH/ORS.

09-25-0057 Clinical Research: Burkitt's Lymphoma Registry, HHS/ NIH/NCI.

09-25-0060 Clinical Research: Division of Cancer Treatment Clinical Investigations, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0067 Clinical Research: National Cancer Incidence Surveys, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0069 NIH Clinical Center Admissions of the National Cancer Institute, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0074 Clinical Research: Division of Cancer Biology and Diagnosis Patient Trials, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0075 Administration: Institutions Submitting Assurances for Protection From Research Risks and Animal Welfare, HHS/NIH/OD/OER.

09-25-0077 Biological Carcinogenesis Branch Human Specimen Program, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0078 Administration: Consultant File, HHS/NIH/NHLBI.

09-25-0087 Administration: Senior Staff, HHS/NIH/NIAID.

09-25-0091 Administration: General Files on Employees, Donors and Correspondents, HHS/NIH/NEI.

09-25-0093 Administration: Authors, Reviewers and Members of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0096 Contracts: National Cancer Institute Contract Management System Principal Investigators, Project Officers and Contract Specialists, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0099 Clinical Research: Patient Medical Records, HHS/NIH/CC.

09-25-0100 Clinical Research: Neuropharmacology Studies, HHS/NIH/ NINDS.

09-25-0102 Grants Associates Program Working Files, HHS/NIH/OER.

09-25-0105 Administration: Health Records of Employees, Visiting Scientists, Fellows, Contractors and Relatives of Inpatients, HHS/NIH/ ORS.

09-25-0106 Administration: Office of the NIH Director and Institute/Center/Division Correspondence Records, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0108 Personnel: Guest Researchers, Special Volunteers, and Scientists Emeriti, HHS/NIH/DPM.

09-25-0112 Grants and Cooperative Agreements: Research, Research Training, Fellowship and Construction Applications and Related Awards, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0115 Administration: Curricula Vitae of Consultants and Clinical Investigators, HHS/NIH/NIAID

09-25-0118 Contracts: Professional Services Contractors, HHS/NIH/ NCI.

09-25-0121 International Activities: Senior International Fellowships Program, HHS/NIH/FIC.

09-25-0124 Administration: Pharmacology Research Associates, HHS/ NIH/NIGMS

09-25-0126 Clinical Research: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Epidemiological and Biometric Studies, HHS/NIH/NHLBI.

09-25-0128 Clinical Research: Neural Prosthesis & Biomedical Engineering Studies, HHS/NIH/NINDS.

09-25-0129 Clinical Research: Clinical Research Studies Dealing With Hearing, Speech, Language and Chemosensory Disorders, HHS/NIH/ NIDCD.

09-25-0130 Clinical Research: Environmental Epidemiologic Studies in the Division of Cancer Etiology, HHS/NIH/NCI.

09-25-0133 Clinical Research: Kidney Transplant Histocompatibility Study (KTHS), HHS/NIH/NIAID.

09-25-0128 Clinical Research: Neural Prosthesis & Biomedical Engineering Studies, HHS/NIH/NINDS.

09-25-0140 International Activities: International Scientific Researchers in Intramural Laboratories at the National Institutes of Health, HHS/NIH/FIC.

09-25-0142 Clinical Research: Records of Subjects in Intramural Research, Epidemiology, Demography and Biometry Studies on Aging, HHS/ NIH/NIA.

09-25-0143 Biomedical Research: Records of Subjects in Clinical, Epidemiologic and Biometric Studies of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, HHS/NIH/NIAID.

09-25-0145 Clinical Research: Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Studies Dealing with Visual Disease and Disorders in the National Eye Institute, HHS/NIH/NEI.

09-25-0148 Contracted and Contract-Related Research: Records of Subjects in Clinical, Epidemiological and Biomedical Studies of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, HHS/ NIH/NINDS and HHS/NIH/NIDCD.

09-25-0151 Administration: Public Health Service ALERT Records Concerning Individuals Under Investigation for Possible Misconduct in Science or Subject to Sanctions for Such Misconduct, HHS/PHS/OSR.

09-25-0152 Biomedical Research: Records of Subjects in National Institute of Dental Research Contracted Epidemiological and Biometric Studies, HHS/NIH/NIDR.

09-25-0153 Biomedical Research: Records of Subjects in Biomedical and Behavioral Studies of Child Health and Human Development, HHS/NIH/ NICHD.

09-25-0154 Biomedical Research Records of Subjects: (1) Cancer Studies of the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, HHS/NIH/NCI; and (2) Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Studies, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0156 Records of Participants in Programs and Respondents in Surveys Used to Evaluate Programs of the Public Health Service, HHS/ PHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0158 Administration: Records of Applicants and Awardees of the NIH Intramural Research Training Awards Program, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0160 United States Renal Data System (USRDS), HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0161 Administration: NIH Consultant File, HHS/NIH/DRG.

09-25-0165 National Institutes of Health Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Research Loan Repayment Program, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0166 Administration: Radiation Safety Information, HHS/NIH/ ORS.

09-25-0167 National Institutes of Health (NIH) TRANSHARE Program, HHS/NIH/OD.

09-25-0168 Invention, patent and licensing documents submitted to the Public Health Service by its employees, grantees, fellowship recipients and contractors, HHS/PHS/NIH/OTT.

09-25-0170 Diabetes Clinical Data System, HHS/NIH/NIDDK.

09-25-0201 Clinical Research: National Institute of Mental Health Patient Records, HHS/NIH/NIMH.

09-25-0202 Patient Records on PHS Beneficiaries (1935-1974) and Civilly Committed Drug Abusers (1967-1976) Treated at the PHS Hospitals in Fort Worth, Texas, or Lexington, Kentucky, HHS/NIH/NIDA.

09-25-0203 National Institute on Drug Abuse, Addiction Research Center, Federal Prisoner and Non-Prisoner Research Files, HHS/NIH/NIDA.

09-25-0204 Records of Contracts Awarded to Individuals, HHS/NIH/ NIDA, HHS/NIH/NIAAA, and HHS/NIH/NIMH.

09-25-0205 Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Epidemiologic and Biometric Research Data, HHS/NIH/NIAAA, HHS/NIH/NIDA and HHS/NIH/ NIMH.

02-25-0206 Psychotherapy of Opiate-Dependent Individual, HHS/NIH/ NIDA.

09-25-0207 Subject-Participants in Pharmacokinetic Studies on Drugs of Abuse, HHS/NIH/NIDA.

09-25-0208 Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS), HHS/NIH/ NIDA.

09-25-0209 Subject-Participants in Drug Abuse Research Studies Supporting New Drug Applications, HHS/NIH/NIDA.

09-25-0210 Shipment Records of Drugs of Abuse to Authorized Researchers, HHS/NIH/NIDA.

09-25-0211 Intramural Research Program Records of In- and Out- Patients With Various Types of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence, Relatives of Patients With Alcoholism, and Healthy Volunteers, HHS/NIH/NIAAA.

09-25-0212 Clinical Research: Neuroscience Research Center Patient Medical Records, HHS/NIH/NIMH.


09-20-0000 Cooperative Mycoses Study, HHS/CDC/NCID.

09-20-0001 Certified Interpreting Physician File, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0055 Administrative Files for Research/Demonstration and Training Grants, and Cooperative Agreements Applications, HHS/CDC/PGO.

09-20-0059 Division of Training Mailing List, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0089 Studies of Treatment of Tuberculosis and other Mycobacterioses, HHS/CDC/NCPS.

09-20-0090 Studies of Testing for Tuberculosis and other Mycobacterioses, HHS/CDC/NCPS.

09-20-0096 Records of Tuskegee Study Health Benefit Recipients, HHS/CDC/NCPS.

09-20-0102 Alien Mental Waiver Program, HHS/CDC/NCPS.

09-20-0103 Alien Tuberculosis Followup Program, HHS/CDC/NCPS.

09-20-0106 Specimen Handling for Testing and Related Data, HHS/ CDC/NCID.

09-20-0112 Fellowship Program and Guest Researcher Records, HHS/ CDC/PMO.

09-20-0113 Epidemic Investigation Case Records, HHS/CDC/NCID.

09-20-0117 Medical and Test Record Results of Individuals Involved in NIOSH Laboratory Studies, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0118 Study at Work Sites where Agents Suspected of Being Occupational Hazards Exist, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0136 Epidemiologic Studies and Surveillance of Disease Problems, HHS/CDC/NCID.

09-20-0137 Passport File, HHS/CDC/IHPO.

09-20-0138 Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers Files. HHS/CDC/ EPO.

09-20-0147 Occupational Health Epidemiological Studies, HHS/CDC/ NIOSH.

09-20-0149 Morbidity Studies in Coal Mining, Metal and Non-metal Mining and General Industry, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0153 Mortality Studies in Coal Mining, Metal and Non-metal Mining and General Industry, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0154 Medical and Laboratory Studies, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.

09-20-0157 Clinical Laboratory Personnel Proficiency Test Results (Medicare), HHS/CDC/PHPPO.

09-20-0159 Records of Subjects in Certification, Testing, Studies of Personal Protective Devices, and Accident Investigations, HHS/CDC/ NIOSH.

09-20-0160 Records of Subjects in Health Promotion and Education Studies, HHS/CDC/CCDPHP.

09-20-0161 Records of Health Professionals in Disease Prevention and Control Training Programs, HHS/CDC/NCPS.

09-20-0162 Records of Subjects in Agent Orange, Vietnam Experience, and Selected Cancers Studies, HHS/CDC/NCEH.

09-20-0163 Applicants for National Center for Health Statistics Technical Assistance, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-20-0164 Health and Demographic Surveys Conducted in Probability Samples of the U.S. Population, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-20-0165 Health Manpower Inventories and Surveys, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-20-0166 Vital Statistics for Births, Deaths, Fetal Deaths, Marriages and Divorces Occurring in the United States during Each Year, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-20-0167 Health Resources Utilization Statistics, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-20-0168 Curricula Vitae of Consultants to the National Center for Health Statistics, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-20-0169 Users of Health Statistics, HHS/OASH/NCHS.

09-19-0001 Records of Persons Exposed or Potentially Exposed to Toxic or Hazardous Substances, HHS/ATSDR/OHA.


09-17-0001 Health and Medical Records Systems, HHS/IHS/OHP.

09-17-0002 Indian Health Service Scholarship and Loan Repayment Programs, HHS/IHS/OHP.

09-17-0003 Indian Health Service Medical Staff Credentials and Privileges Records, HHS/IHS/OHP.


09-15-0001 Division of Federal Occupational Health and Counseling Records, HHS/HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0002 Record of Patients' Personal Valuables and Monies, HHS/ HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0003 Contract Physicians and Consultants, HHS/HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0004 Federal Employees Occupational Health Data System, HHS/ HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0007 Patients Medical Record System PHS Hospitals/Clinics, HHS/HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0022 Accounts Receivable, HHS/HRSA/OA.

09-15-0026 Medical Fellowships and Educational Loans, HHS/HRSA/OA.

09-15-0028 PHS Clinical Affiliation Trainee Records, HHS/HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0029 PHS Beneficiary-Contract Medical/Health Care Records, HHS/HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0037 Public Health Service (PHS) and National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship/Loan Repayment Participants Records System, HHS/HRSA/BPHC

09-15-0038 Disability Claims of the Nursing Student Loan Program, HHS/HRSA/BPHC.

09-15-0039 Disability Claims in the Health Professions Student Loan Program, HHS/HRSA/BHPr.

09-15-0040 Health Professions Student Loan Program, HHS/HRSA/BHPr.

09-15-0041 Health Professions Student Loan Cancellation, HHS/HRSA/ BHPR.

09-15-0042 Physician Shortage Area Scholarship Program, HHS/HRS/ BPHC.

09-15-0043 Cuban Loan Program, HHS/HRSA/OA.

09-15-0044 Health Education Assistance Loan Program (HEAL) Loan Control Master File, HHS/HRSA/BHPR.

09-15-0045 Health Resources and Services Administration Loan Repayment/Debt Management Records Systems, HHS/HRSA/OA.

09-15-0046 Health Professions Planning and Evaluation, HHS/HRSA/ OA.

09-15-0052 Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwifery Traineeship Programs, HHS/HRSA/BHPr.

09-15-0054 National Practitioner Data Bank for Adverse Information on Physicians and Other Health Care Practitioners, HHS/HRSA/BHPR.

09-15-0055 Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Data System, HHS/HRSA/BHRD.

09-15-0056 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, HHS/HRSA/ BHPr.

09-15-0057 Scholarships for the Undergraduate Education of Professional Nurses Grant Programs, HHS/HRSA/BHPr.

09-15-0058 Faculty Loan Repayment Program, HHS/HRSA/BHPr.

09-15-0059 Health Resources and Services Administration Correspondence Control System, HHS/HRSA/OA.


09-10-0002 Regulated Industry Employee Enforcement Records, HHS/ FDA/OC.

09-10-0003 FDA Credential Holder File, HHS/FDA/OC.

09-10-0004 Communications (Oral and Written) With the Public, HHS/ FDA/OC.

09-10-0005 State Food and Drug Official File, HHS/FDA/ORA.

09-10-0007 Science Advisor Research Associate Program (SARAP), HHS/FDA/ORA.

09-10-0008 Radiation Protection Program Personnel Monitoring System, HHS/FDA/CDRH.

09-10-0009 Special Studies and Surveys on FDA-Regulated Products, HHS/FDA/OM.

09-10-0010 Bioresearch Monitoring Information System, HHS/FDA.

09-10-0011 Certified Retort Operators, HHS/FDA/CFSAN.

09-10-0013 Employee Conduct Investigative Records, HHS/FDA/OM.

09-10-0017 Epidemiological Research Studies of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, HHS/FDA/CDRH.

09-10-0018 Employee Identification Card Information Record, HHS/ FDA/OC.



HUD/DEPT-1 Accidents, Employees and/or Government Vehicles.

HUD/DEPT-2 Accounting Records.

HUD/DEPT-4 Fee Inspectors, Appraisers, and Mortgage Credit Examiners.

HUD/DEPT-5 Architects and Engineers.

HUD/DEPT-9 Single-Family Casualty Damage Files.

HUD/DEPT-10 Construction Complaints Files.

HUD/DEPT-15 Equal Opportunity Housing Complaints.

HUD/DEPT-20 Homeownership Assistance and Recertifications Application (HARAS).

HUD/DEPT-22 Housing Counseling.

HUD/DEPT-23 Single-Family Research Files.

HUD/DEPT-24 Investigation Files.

HUD/DEPT-25 Legal Actions Files.

HUD/DEPT-28 Property Improvement and Manufactured (Mobile) Home Loans--Default.

HUD/DEPT-29 Rehabilitation Grants and Loans Files.

HUD/DEPT-30 Delinquent/Default/Assigned/Temporary Mortgage Assistance Payments (TMAP) Progam.

HUD/DEPT-34 Pay and Leave Records of Employees.

HUD/DEPT-37 Personnel Travel System.

HUD/DEPT-42 Rent Subsidy Program Files.

HUD/DEPT-43 Property Disposition Files.

HUD/DEPT-44 Relocation Assistance Files.

HUD/DEPT-46 Single Family Case Files.

HUD/DEPT-51 Standards of Conduct File.

HUD/DEPT-52 Privacy Act Requesters.

HUD/DEPT-53 Consumer Complaint Handling System.

HUD/DEPT-54 Parking Application Files.

HUD/DEPT-56 Telephone Numbers of HUD Officials.

HUD/DEPT-58 HUD Child Care Center Files.

HUD/DEPT-62 Claims Collection Records.

HUD/DEPT-63 Secretary's Correspondence Control System.

HUD/DEPT-64 Congregate Housing Services Program Data Files.

HUD/DEPT-65 IDEAS Program Case Files.

HUD/DEPT-66 Grievance Records.

HUD/DEPT-67 Employee Counseling and Occupational Health Records.

HUD/DEPT-68 HUD Government Motor Vehicle Operators Records.

HUD/DEPT-69 Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Records.

HUD/DEPT-71 Employee Identification File.

HUD/DEPT-72 Congressional Correspondence Files (Communication Control System).

HUD/DEPT-73 Government Property on Personal Charge Files.

HUD/DEPT-74 Executive Emergency Cascade Alerting System.

HUD/DEPT-75 Priority Consideration/Special Reassignment Files.

HUD/DEPT-76 HUD Employee Locator Files.

HUD/DEPT-77 Audit Planning and Operations System (APOS).

HUD/DEPT-80 Long Distance Telephone Call Detail System.

HUD/DEPT-81 Ethics Filings.

HUD/DEPT-82 ADP Security Clearance Information System.

HUD/CPD-1 Rehabilitation Loans-Delinquent/Default.

HUD/H-1 Section 8 Lower-Income Rental Assistance Files.

HUD/H-3 Single Family Housing Monitoring System (F-39).

HUD/H-5 Single Family Computerized Homes Underwriting Management System (CHUMS).

HUD/H-6 Section 518 Files.

HUD/H-7 Previous Participation Files.

HUD/H-8 Property Rental Files.

HUD/H-9 Project Management Records.

HUD/H-11 Multifamily Tenant Characteristics Data.

HUD/H-12 Housing Compliance Files.

HUD/OIG-1 Investigative Files of the Office of Inspector General.

HUD/OIG-2 Hotline Complaint Files of the Office of Inspector General.

HUD/OIG-3 Name Indices System of the Office of Inspector General.

HUD/OIG-4 Independent Auditor Monitoring Files of the Office of Inspector General.

HUD/PD&R-6 Real Estate Settlement Costs Research Files.

HUD/PD&R-7 Section 8 Program Research Data Files.

HUD/PD&R-8 Income Certification Evaluation Data Files.

HUD/PIH-1 Tenant Eligibility Verification Files.




JUSTICE/ATR-001 Antitrust Division Expert Witness File.

JUSTICE/ATR-002 Congressional and White House Referral Correspondence Log File.

JUSTICE/ATR-003 Index of Defendants in Pending and Terminated Antitrust Cases.

JUSTICE/ATR-004 Statements by Antitrust Division Officials (ATD Speech File).

JUSTICE/ATR-005 Antitrust Information Management System (AMIS)--Time Reporter.

JUSTICE/ATR-006 Antitrust Information Management System (AMIS)--Matter Report.

JUSTICE/ATR-007 Antitrust Division Case Cards.

JUSTICE/ATR-008 Freedom of Information/Privacy Requester/Subject Index File.

JUSTICE/ATR-009 Public Compliants and Inquiries File.

JUSTICE/ATR-014 Civil Investigative Demand (CID) Tracking System, (JUSTICE/ATR-014).


JUSTICE/BIA-001 Decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals.

JUSTICE/BIA-002 Roster of Organizations and their Accredited Representatives Recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals.


JUSTICE/BOP-001 Custodial and Security Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-002 Freedom of Information Act Record System

JUSTICE/BOP-003 Industrial Inmate Employment Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-004 Inmate Administrative Remedy Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-005 Inmate Central Records System.

JUSTICE/BOP-006 Inmate Commissary Accounts Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-007 Inmate Physical and Mental Health Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-008 Inmate Safety and Accident Compensation Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-009 Federal Tort Claims Act Record System.

JUSTICE/BOP-101 National Institute of Corrections Technical Assistance Resource Persons Directory.

JUSTICE/BOP-102 National Institute of Corrections Field Readers List.

JUSTICE/BOP-999 Appendix of Field Locations for the Bureau of Prisons Regional Offices.


JUSTICE/CIV-001 Civil Division Case File System.

JUSTICE/CIV-002 Civil Division Case File System: Customs Litigation.

JUSTICE/CIV-003 Office of Alien Property File System.

JUSTICE/CIV-004 Swine Flu Administrative Claim File System.

JUSTICE/CIV-005 Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts File.

JUSTICE/CIV-006 Consumer Inquiry/Investigatory System.

JUSTICE/CIV-007 Congressional and Citizen Correspondence File.


JUSTICE/CRT-001 Central Civil Rights Division index File and Associated Records.

JUSTICE/CRT-002 Files of Applications for the Position of Attorney with the Civil Rights Division.


JUSTICE/CRT-004 Registry of Names of Interested Persons Desiring Notification of Submissions under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

JUSTICE/CRT-007 Files on Employment Civil Rights Matters Referred by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

JUSTICE/CRT-008 Files on Correspondence Relating to Civil Rights Matters from Persons Outside the Department of Justice.

JUSTICE/CRT-009 Civil Rights Division Travel Reports.

JUSTICE/CRT-010 Freedom of Information: Privacy Acts Records.


JUSTICE/CRS-001 Operational Data Information System.


JUSTICE/CRM-001 Central Criminal Division Index File and Associated Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-002 Criminal Division Witness Security File.

JUSTICE/CRM-003 File of Names Checked to Determine If Those Individuals Have Been the Subject of An Electronic Surveillance.

JUSTICE/CRM-004 General Litigation and Legal Advice Section, Criminal Division, Central Index File and Associated Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-005 Index to Names of Attorneys Employed by the Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Indicating the Subject of the Memoranda on Criminal Matters They Have Written.

JUSTICE/CRM-006 Information File on Individuals and Commercial Entities Known or Suspected of Being Involved in Fraudulent Activities.

JUSTICE/CRM-007 Name Card File on Criminal Division Personnel Authorized to Have Access to the Central Criminal Division Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-008 Name Card File on Department of Justice Personnel Authorized to Have Access to Classified Files of the Department of Justice.

JUSTICE/CRM-012 Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, General Index File and Associated Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-014 Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, Intelligence and Special Services Unit, Information Request System.

JUSTICE/CRM-016 Records on Persons Who Have Outstanding and Uncollected Federal Criminal Fines or Federal Bond Forfeitures.

JUSTICE/CRM-017 Registration and Propaganda Files Under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended.

JUSTICE/CRM-018 Registration Files of Individuals Who Have Knowledge of, or Have Received Instruction or Assignment in, Espionage, Counterespionage, or Sabotage Service or Tactics of a Foreign Government or of a Foreign Political Party.

JUSTICE/CRM-019 Requests to the Attorney General For Approval of Applications to Federal Judges For Electronic Interceptions.

JUSTICE/CRM-021 The Stocks and Bonds Intelligence Control Card File System.

JUSTICE/CRM-022 Witness Immunity Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-023 Weekly Statistical Report.

JUSTICE/CRM-024 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-025 Tax Disclosure Index File and Associated Records.

JUSTICE/CRM-026 Index of Prisoners Transferred Under Prisoner Transfer Treaties.

JUSTICE/CRM-027 Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Displaced Persons Listings.


JUSTICE/DEA-001 Air Intelligence Program.

JUSTICE/DEA-003 Automated Records and Consolidated Orders System/ Diversion Analysis and Detection System (ARCOS/DADS).

JUSTICE/DEA-004 Congressional Correspondence File.

JUSTICE/DEA-005 Controlled Substances Act Registration Records (CSA).

JUSTICE/DEA-006 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Records.

JUSTICE/DEA-007 International Intelligence Data Base.

JUSTICE/DEA-008 Investigative Reporting and Filing System.

JUSTICE/DEA-009 Medical Records.

JUSTICE/DEA-010 Planning and Inspection Division Records.

JUSTICE/DEA-011 Operations Files.

JUSTICE/DEA-012 Registration Status/Investigation Records.

JUSTICE/DEA-013 Security Files.

JUSTICE/DEA-014 System to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence (STRIDE/Ballistics).

JUSTICE/DEA-015 Training Files.

JUSTICE/DEA-016 Drug Enforcement Administration Accounting System (DEAAS II).

JUSTICE/DEA-017 Grants of Confidentiality Files (GCF).

JUSTICE/DEA-018 DEA Applicant Investigations (DAI).

JUSTICE/DEA-020 Essential Chemical Reporting System.

JUSTICE/DEA-021 DEA Aviation Unit Reporting System.

JUSTICE/DEA-023 Clerical, Technical and Professional (CTAP) Program Files.

JUSTICE/DEA-027 DEA Employee Profile System (DEPS).

JUSTICE/DEA-028 Regional Automated Intelligence Data System (RAIDS).

JUSTICE/DEA-030 Agent Recruit Assessment Program.

JUSTICE/DEA-INS-111 Automated Intelligence Records System (Pathfinder).


JUSTICE/EOIR-001 Records and Management Information System (JUSTICE/ EOIR-001).

JUSTICE/EOIR-999 Appendix to Executive Office for Immigration Review System of Records.


JUSTICE/FBI 001 National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

JUSTICE/FBI-002 The FBI Central Records System.

JUSTICE/FBI-003 Bureau Mailing Lists.

JUSTICE/FBI-004 Routine Correspondence Handled By Predesigned Form.

JUSTICE/FBI-005 Routine Correspondence Prepared Without File Copy.

JUSTICE/FBI-006 Electronic Surveillance (Elsur) Indices.

JUSTICE/FBI-007 FBI Automated Payroll System.

JUSTICE/FBI-008 Bureau Personnel Management System (BPMS).

JUSTICE/FBI-009 Identification Division Records System.

JUSTICE/FBI-010 Employee Travel Vouchers and Individual Earning Records.

JUSTICE/FBI-011 Employee Health Records.

JUSTICE/FBI-012 Time Utilization Record/Keeping (TURK) System.

JUSTICE/FBI-013 Security Access Control System (SACS).

JUSTICE/FBI-014 FBI Alcoholism Program.

JUSTICE/FBI-015 National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).

JUSTICE/FBI-999 Appendix of Field Divisions for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


JUSTICE/FCSC--1 Indexes of Claimants (Alphabetical)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--2 Bulgaria, Claims Against (1st Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--3 Bulgaria, Claims Against (2nd Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--4 Certification of Awards--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--5 China, Claims Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--6 Civilian Internees (Vietnam)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--7 Correspondence (General)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--8 Correspondence (Inquiries Concerning Claims in Foreign Countries)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--9 Cuba, Claims Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--10 Czechoslovakia, Claims Against (1st and 2nd Programs)-- FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--11 East Germany, Registration of Claims Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--12 Federal Republic of Germany, Questionnaire Inquiries From--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--13 Payroll Records--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--14 General Personnel Files--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--15 General Financial Records--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--16 Hungary Claims Against (1st Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--17 Hungary, Claims Against (2nd Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--18 Italy, Claims Against (1st Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--19 Italy, Claims Against (2nd Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--20 Micronesia, Claims Arising In--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--21 Panama, Claims Against-FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--22 Poland, Registration of Claims--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--23 Poland, Claims Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--24 Prisoners of War (Pueblo)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--25 Prisoners of War (Vietnam)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--26 Rumania, Claims Against (1st Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--27 Rumania, Claims Against (2nd Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--28 Soviet Union, Claims Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--29 Yugoslavia, Claims Against (1st Program)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--30 Yugoslavia, Claims Against (2nd Programs)--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--31 German Democratic Republic, Claims Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--32 General War Claims Program--Justice/FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--33 Vietnam, Claims for Losses Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--34 Ethiopia, Claims for Losses Against--FCSC.

JUSTICE/FCSC--35 Egypt, Claims Against.


JUSTICE/INS-001 The Immigration and Naturalization Service Index System, which consists of the following subsystems:

JUSTICE/INS-001A The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Alien File (A-File) and Central Index System (CIS).

JUSTICE/INS-003 Position Accounting/Control System (PACS).

JUSTICE/INS-007 Orphan Petitioner Index and Files.

JUSTICE/INS-008 Bond Accounting and Control System (BACS).

JUSTICE/INS-009 Alien Status Verification Index.

JUSTICE/INS-010 Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Case Tracking and Reporting System.

JUSTICE/INS-011 Password Issuance and Control System (PICS).

JUSTICE/INS-012 Deportable Alien Control System (DACS).

JUSTICE/INS-013 Fees and Application Receipt and Entry System (FARES).

JUSTICE/LNS-014 Security Access Control System (SACS).

JUSTICE/INS-015 Port of Entry Office Management Support System (POMS).

JUSTICE/INS-016 Secondary Verification Automated Log (SVAL).

JUSTICE/INS-017 Priority Automated Commuter Entry System (PACES).

JUSTICE/INS-018 Automated Data Processing Equipment Inventory Management System (AIMS).

JUSTICE/INS-999 INS Appendix: List of principal offices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


JUSTICE/INTERPOL-001 The INTERPOL-United States National Central Bureau (INTERPOL-USNCB) (Department of Justice) INTERPOL-USNCB Records System.


JUSTICE/JMD-001 Background Investigation Check-off Card.

JUSTICE/JMD-002 Controlled Substances Act Nonpublic Records.

JUSTICE/JMD-003 Department of Justice Payroll System.

JUSTICE/JMD-004 Bookstream (Justice/JMD-004).

JUSTICE/JMD-005 Grievance Records.

JUSTICE/JMD-006 Debt Collection Management System, JUSTICE/JMD-006

JUSTICE/JMD-007 Accounting System for the Offices, Boards and Divisions and the United States Marshals Service.

JUSTICE/JMD-008 Security Clearance Information System (SCIS).

JUSTICE/JMD-010 Document Information System (DIS).

JUSTICE/JMD-013 Employee Locator File.

JUSTICE/JMD-016 Employee Assistance Program Treatment and Referral Records, JUSTICE/JMD-016.

JUSTICE/JMD-017 Department of Justice (DOJ) Controlled Parking Records.

JUSTICE/JMD-018 Delegations of Procurement Authority, Justice/JMD-018.

JUSTICE/JMD-019 Freedom of Information Act-Privacy Act (FOIA-PA) Records System.

JUSTICE/JMD-020 Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request Letters.


JUSTICE/LDN-001 Appraisers File.

JUSTICE/LDN-002 Congressional Correspondence File.

JUSTICE/LDN-003 Lands Docket Tracking System.

JUSTICE/LDN-004 Title Abstractors, Attorneys and Insurance Corporations File.

JUSTICE/LDN-005 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Records System.

JUSTICE/LDN-006 Citizens' Mail File.


JUSTICE/NDIC-001 National Drug Intelligence Center Data Base (JUSTICE/ NDIC-001).


JUSTICE/OJP-001 Equipment Inventory.

JUSTICE/OJP-002 Law Enforcement Education System.

JUSTICE/OJP-004 Grants Management Information System (PROFILE).

JUSTICE/OJP-005 Financial Management System.

JUSTICE/OJP-006 Congressional and Public Affairs System.

JUSTICE/OJP-007 Public Information System.

JUSTICE/OJP-008 Civil Rights Investigative System.

JUSTICE/OJP-009 Federal Advisory Committee Membership Files.

JUSTICE/OJP-010 Technical Assistance Resource Files.

JUSTICE/OJP-011 Register Users File--National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS).

JUSTICE/OJP-012 Public Safety Officers Benefits System.

JUSTICE/OJP-013 Denial of Federal Benefits Clearinghouse System (DEBAR).


JUSTICE/OLC-001 Attorney Assignment Reports.

JUSTICE/OLC-002 Office of Legal Counsel Central File.


JUSTICE/OLP-001 Freedom of Information and Privacy Appeals Index.

JUSTICE/OLP-002 United States Judges Records System.

JUSTICE/OLP-003 General Files System of the Office of Legal Policy.

JUSTICE/OLP-004 Declassification Review System.


JUSTICE/OLA-001 Congressional Committee Chairman Correspondence File.

JUSTICE/OLA-002 Congressional Correspondence File.

JUSTICE/OLA-003 Citizen Correspondence File.


JUSTICE/OPA-001 Executive Clemency Files.

JUSTICE/OPA-002 Miscellaneous Correspondence File.

JUSTICE/OPA-003 Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (FOI/PA) Request File.


JUSTICE/OPR-001 Office of Professional Responsibility Record Index.


JUSTICE/OPI-001 News Release, Document and Index System.


JUSTICE/AAG-001 General Files System of the Office of the Associate Attorney General.


JUSTICE/OAG-001 General Files System of the Office of the Attorney General.


JUSTICE/DAG-003 Drug Enforcement Task Force Evaluation and Reporting System of the Office of the Associate Attorney General.

JUSTICE/DAG-004 Honor Program Applicant System.

JUSTICE/DAG-005 Master Index File of Name.

JUSTICE/DAG-006 Presidential Appointee Candidate Records System.

JUSTICE/DAG-007 Presidential Appointee Records System.

JUSTICE/DAG-008 Special Candidates for Presidential Appointments Records System.

JUSTICE/DAG-009 Summer Intern Program Records System.

JUSTICE/DAG-010 United States Judge and Department of Justice Presidential Appointee Records.

JUSTICE/DAG-011 Miscellaneous Attorney Personnel Records System.

JUSTICE/DAG-012 Executive Secretariat Correspondence Control System.

JUSTICE/DAG-013 General Files System of the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.


JUSTICE/OIG-001 Office of the Inspector General Record Index (JUSTICE/ OIG-001).

JUSTICE/OIG-003 Office of the Inspector General, Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (FOI/PA) Records (JUSTICE/OIG-003).


JUSTICE/PRC-001 Docket, Scheduling and Control.

JUSTICE/PRC-002 Freedom of Information Act Record System.

JUSTICE/PRC-003 Inmate and Supervision Files.

JUSTICE/PRC-004 Labor and Pension Case, Legal File and General Correspondence System.

JUSTICE/PRC-005 Office Operation and Personnel System.

JUSTICE/PRC-006 Statistical, Education and Developmental System.

JUSTICE/PRC-007 Workload Record, Decision Result, and Annual Report System.


JUSTICE/OSC-001 Central Index File and Associated Records, JUSTICE/OSC- 001.

JUSTICE/OSC-002 Files on Correspondence Relating to Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices from Persons Outside the Department of Justice, JUSTICE/OSC-002.

JUSTICE/OSC-003 Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices Travel Reports, JUSTICE/OSC-003.

JUSTICE/OSC-004 Freedom of Information; Privacy Acts Records, JUSTICE/ OSC-004.


JUSTICE/TAX-001 Tax Division Central Classification Cards, Index Docket Cards, and Associated Records - Criminal Tax Cases.

JUSTICE/TAX-002 Tax Division Central Classification Cards, Index Docket Cards, and Associated Records - Civil Tax Cases.

JUSTICE/TAX-003 Files of Applications for the Position of Attorney with the Tax Division.

JUSTICE/TAX-004 Freedom of Information--Privacy Act Request Files.

JUSTICE/TAX-005 Tax Division Special Projects Files.


JUSTICE/USA-001 Administrative File.

JUSTICE/USA-002 A U.S.A. Applicant Files.

JUSTICE/USA-003 Citizen Complaint Files.

JUSTICE/USA-004 Citizen Correspondence Files.

JUSTICE/USA-005 Civil Case Files.

JUSTICE/USA-006 Consumer Complaints.

JUSTICE/USA-007 Criminal Case Files.

JUSTICE/USA-008 Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Files.

JUSTICE/USA-009 Kline--District of Columbia and Maryland--Stock and Land Fraud Interrelationship Filing System.

JUSTICE/USA-010 Major Crimes Division Investigative Files.

JUSTICE/USA-011 Prosecutor's Management Information System (PROMIS).

JUSTICE/USA-012 Security Clearance Forms for Grand Jury Reports.

JUSTICE/USA-013 U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia Superior Court Operations, Criminal Files, including but not limited to the following subsystems: (a) Criminal File Folder (USA-S1), (b) Criminal File Folder (USA-33), (c) Criminal Docket Card (USA-T7), and (d) Index.

JUSTICE/USA-014 Pre-Trial Diversion Program Files.

JUSTICE/USA-015 Debt Collection Enforcement System, JUSTICE/USA-015.

JUSTICE/USA-016 Assistant United States Attorney Applicant Records System.

JUSTICE/USA-017 Appointed Assistant United States Attorneys Personnel System.

JUSTICE/USA-999 Appendix of United States Attorneys' office locations: (Written requests for access to records in any of the following U.S. Attorneys' offices except the District of Columbia may be addressed to: FOIA/Privacy Unit, Patrick Henry Building, 601 D Street NW, room 6410, Washington, DC 20530.


JUSTICE/USM-001 U.S. Marshals Service Badge & Credentials File.

JUSTICE/USM-002 Internal Inspections System.

JUSTICE/USM-003 U.S. Marshals Service Prisoner Transportation System.

JUSTICE/USM-004 Special Deputy File.

JUSTICE/USM-005 Special Detail System.

JUSTICE/USM-006 United States Marshals Service Training Files (Justice/ USM-006).

JUSTICE/USM-007 Warrant-Information System.

JUSTICE/USM-008 Witness Security Files Information System.

JUSTICE/USM-009 U.S. Marshals Service Threat Analysis Information System.

JUSTICE/USM-010 Judicial Facility Security Index System.

JUSTICE/USM-011 Judicial Protection Information System.

JUSTICE/USM-012 U.S. Marshals Service Freedom of Information Act/ Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Files.

JUSTICE/USM-013 U.S. Marshals Service Administrative Proceedings, Claims and Civil Litigation Files.


JUSTICE/UST-001 Bankruptcy Case Files and Associated Records.

JUSTICE/UST-002 Panel Trustee Application File.

JUSTICE/UST-003 U.S. Trustee Timekeeping System.

JUSTICE/UST-004 United States Trustee Program Case Referral System, JUSTICE/UST-004.

JUSTICE/UST-999 U.S. Trustee Appendix 1--List of Record Retention Addresses:



STATE-01 Biographic Register Records.

STATE-02 Board of Appellate Review Records.

STATE-03 Board of the Foreign Service Records.

STATE-04 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests Records.

STATE-05 Consular Service and Assistance Records.

STATE-06 Coordinator for the Combatting of Terrorism Records.

STATE-07 Cryptographic Clearance Records.

STATE-08 Educational and Cultural Exchange Program Records.

STATE-09 Equal Employment Opportunity Records.

STATE-10 External Research Records.

STATE-11 Extradition Records.

STATE-12 Foreign Service Employee Locator/Notification Records.

STATE-13 Foreign Service Grievance Board Records.

STATE-14 Foreign Service Institute Records.

STATE-15 Intelligence and Research Records.

STATE-16 International Conference Delegates Records.

STATE-17 International Organizations Records.

STATE-18 Labor Attaches Records.

STATE-19 Law of the Sea Records.

STATE-20 Legal Adviser Attorney Employment Application Records.

STATE-21 Legal Case Management Records.

STATE-22 Media Correspondents' Records.

STATE-23 Media Personnel Records.

STATE-24 Medical Records.

STATE-25 Overseas Records.

STATE-26 Passport Records.

STATE-27 Personal Property Claims.

STATE-28 Personality Cross-Reference Index to the Secretariat Automated Data Index.

STATE-29 Personality Index to the Central Foreign Policy Records.

STATE-30 Personnel Payroll Records.

STATE-31 Personnel Records.

STATE-32 Personnel Travel Records.

STATE-33 Protocol Records.

STATE-34 Public Affairs Applicants Records.

STATE-35 Public Affairs Records.

STATE-36 Security Records.

STATE-37 Translators and Interpreters Records.

STATE-38 Vendor Records.

STATE-39 Visa Records.

STATE-40 Privacy Act Requests Records.

STATE-41 Berlin Document Center Records.

STATE-42 Munitions Control Records.

STATE-43 Congressional Correspondence and Voting Records.

STATE-44 Congressional Travel Records.

STATE-45 Contractors Records.

STATE-46 Fine Arts Records.

STATE-47 Senior Personnel Appointments Records.

STATE-48 Foreign Assistance Inspection Records.

STATE-49 Skills Catalogue Records.

STATE-50 Family Liaison Office Centralized Data Bank of Family Member Skills and Direct Communication Network Records.

STATE-51 Classification/Declassification Center Part-Time Employee Records.

STATE-52 Parking Permit and Car Pool Records.

STATE-53 Records of the Inspector General and Automated Individual Cross-Reference System.

STATE-54 Records of the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for International Claims and Investment Disputes.

STATE-55 Security Access Control Records.

STATE-56 Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Data Bank of Economic Officers.

STATE-57 Communications Personnel Training Records.

STATE-58 Procurement Career Management Information System.




INTERIOR/OIG-1 Management Information--Interior, Office of Inspector General-1.

INTERIOR/OIG-2 Investigative Records--Interior, Office of Inspector General--2.

INTERIOR/OS-3 Financial Interest Statements and Ethics Counselor Decisions--Interior, Office of the Secretary--3.

INTERIOR/OS-7 Aircraft Crew/Mechanic Information File--Interior, Office of the Secretary--7.

INTERIOR/OS-8 Aircraft Services Administrative Management and Fiscal Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--8.

INTERIOR/OS-12 Private Relief Claimants, Department--Interior, Office of the Secretary--12.

INTERIOR/OS-13 Private Relief Claimants, Bureau--Office of the Secretary--13.

INTERIOR/OS-18 Discrimination Complaints--Interior, Office of the Secretary--18.

INTERIOR/OS-20 Secretarial Controlled Correspondence File--Interior, Office of the Secretary--20.

INTERIOR/OS-25 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--25.

INTERIOR/OS-26 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC), Enrollee Payroll Recorder File--Interior. Office of the Secretary--26.

INTERIOR/OS-27 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Medical Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--27.

INTERIOR/AJC-28 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Research File--Interior, Office of the Secretary--28.

INTERIOR/OS-29 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Recruitment Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--29.

INTERIOR/OS--35 Library Circulation Control System--Interior, Office of the Secretary--35.

INTERIOR/OS-36 Telephone Call Detail Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary-36.

INTERIOR/OS-45 Security Clearance Files and Other Reference Files-- Interior, Office of the Secretary--45.

INTERIOR/OS-46 Secretarial Subject Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--46.

INTERIOR/OS-47 Parking Assignment Record--Interior, Office of the Secretary--47.

INTERIOR/OS-51 Property Accountability and Control System--Interior, Office of the Secretary--51.

INTERIOR/OS-52 Passport and Visa Records--Interior, Office of Secretary--52.

INTERIOR/OS-57 Privacy Act Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--57.

INTERIOR/OS-58 Administrative Operations Records on Employees, Department System--Interior, Office of the Secretary-58.

INTERIOR/OS-60 Safety Management Information System--Interior, Office of the Secretary--60.

INTERIOR/OS-65 Biography File--Interior, Office of the Secretary--65.

INTERIOR/APB-68 Committee Management Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--68.

INTERIOR/OS-69 Freedom of Information Appeal Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--69.

INTERIOR/OS-71 Freedom of Information Request Files System--Interior, Office of the Secretary--71.

INTERIOR/OS-72 FECA Chargeback Case File--Interior, Office of the Secretary--72.

INTERIOR/OS-74 Grievance Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--74.

INTERIOR/OS-76 Employee Experience, Skills, Performance, Training, and Career Development Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--76.

INTERIOR/OS-77 Unfair Labor Practice Charges/Complaints--Interior, Office of the Secretary--77.

INTERIOR/OS-78 Negotiated Grievance Procedure Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary-78.

INTERIOR/OS--79 General Personnel Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--79.

INTERIOR/OS-82 Executive and Manager Development Program (EMDP)-- Interior, Office of the Secretary--82.

INTERIOR/OS-85 Payroll, Attendance, Retirement, and Leave Records-- Interior, Office of the Secretary-85.

INTERIOR/OS-86 Accounts Receivable--Interior, Office of the Secretary--86.

INTERIOR/OS-87 Cash Receipts--Interior, Office of the Secretary--87.

INTERIOR/OS-88 Travel--Interior, Office of the Secretary--88.

INTERIOR/OS-90 Federal Financial System, Interior--Office of the Secretary-90.

INTERIOR/AAS--97 Pilot Flight Time Report--Interior, Office of the Secretary.


INTERIOR/BIA-1 Property Loan Agreement Files--Interior, BIA--1.

INTERIOR/BIA-2 Safety Management Information--Interior, BIA--2.

INTERIOR/BIA-3 Individual Indian Monies--Interior, BIA--3.

INTERIOR/BIA-4 Indian Land Records--Interior, BIA-4.

INTERIOR/BIA-5 Indian Land Leases--Interior, BIA-5.

INTERIOR/BIA-6 Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Project--Interior, BIA-6.

INTERIOR/BIA-7 Tribal Rolls--Interior, BIA-7.

INTERIOR/BIA-8 Indian Social Services Case Files--Interior, BIA 8.

INTERIOR/BIA-9 Traders License Files--Interior, BIA-9.

INTERIOR/BIA-10 Indian Housing Improvement Program--Interior, BIA-10.

INTERIOR/BIA-11 Indian Business Development Program (Grants)--Interior, BIA-11.

INTERIOR/BIA-12 Indian Trust Land Mortgages--Interior, BIA-12.

INTERIOR/BIA-13 Indian Loan Files--Interior, BIA-13.

INTERIOR/BIA-14 Travel Accounting System--Interior, BIA-14.

INTERIOR/BIA-15 Trip Reports--Interior, BIA-15.

INTERIOR/BIA-16 Travel Files--Interior, BIA-16.

INTERIOR/BIA-18 Law Enforcement Services--Interior, BIA-18.

INTERIOR/BIA-19 Indian Association Stock Purchase Records--Interior, BIA-19.

INTERIOR/BIA-20 Correspondence Files System--Interior, BIA-20.

INTERIOR/BIA-21 Correspondence Control System--Interior, BIA-21.

INTERIOR/BIA-22 Indian Student Records--Interior, BIA-22.

INTERIOR/BIA-23 Employment Assistance Case Files--Interior, BIA-23.

INTERIOR/BIA-24 Timber Cutting and Fire Trespass Claims Case Files-- Interior, BIA-24.

INTERIOR/BIA-25 Integrated Records Management System--Interior, BIA-25.

INTERIOR/BIA-26 Indian Electric Power Utilities--Interior, BIA-26.


INTERIOR/WBM-2 Travel Advance File--Interior, Mines-2.

INTERIOR/WBM-3 Travel Voucher and Authorizations--Interior, Mines-3.

INTERIOR/WBM-4 Property Control--Interior, Mines--4.

INTERIOR/WBM-5 Personnel Identification--Interior, Mines--5.

INTERIOR/WBM-6 Safety Management Information System--Interior, Mines-6.

INTERIOR/WBM-7 Personnel Security Files--Interior. Mines--7.

INTERIOR/EBM-9 Distribution Center and Film Borrower Record Cards-- Interior, Mines-9.


INTERIOR/USGS-4 Employee Assistance Program Records--Interior, USGS-4.

INTERIOR/USGS-5 Contract Files--Interior, USGS-5.

INTERIOR/USGS-6 RELOS Records--Interior, GS-6.

INTERIOR/USGS-7 Personal Property Accountability Records--Interior, USGS-7.

INTERIOR/USGS-9 National Research Council Grants Program--Interior, USGS-9.

INTERIOR/USGS-11 Security--Interior, USGS-11.

INTERIOR/USGS-13 Manuscript Processing-Interior, GS-13.

INTERIOR/USGS-15 Earth Science Information Customer Records--Interior, USGS-15.

INTERIOR/USGS-18 Computer Registration System--Interior, USGS-18.

INTERIOR/EGS-20 Photo File System--Interior, GS-20.

INTERIOR/USGS-23 Personnel Investigations Records--Interior, USGS-23.

INTERIOR/USGS-24 Employee Work Report Edit and Individual Employee Production Rates--Interior, USGS-24.

INTERIOR/USGS-25 Water Data Sources Directory--Interior, USGS-25.

INTERIOR/EGS-26 National Water Data Exchange User Accounting System-- Interior, GS-26.


INTERIOR/MMS-2 Personal Property Accountability Records--Interior, MMS-2.

INTERIOR/MMS-3 Accident Reports and Investigations--Interior, MMS-3.

INTERIOR/MMS-4 Minerals Management Service (MMS) Personnel Security System-Interior, MMS-4.

INTERIOR/MMS-5 Telephone/Employee Locator System (TELS)--Interior, MMS-5.

INTERIOR/MMS-8 Advanced Budget/Accounting Control and Information System (ABACIS)--Interior, MMS-8.

INTERIOR/MMS-9 Employee Counseling Services Program--Interior, MMS-9.

INTERIOR/MMS-11 Travel Files--Interior, MMS-11.

INTERIOR/MMS-12 Lessee/Operator Training Files--Interior, MMS-12.


INTERIOR/OSMRE-2 Travel Advance File--Interior, OSMRE-2.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-3 Travel Vouchers and Authorizations--Interior, OSMRE-3.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-4 Property Control--Interior, OSMRE-4.

INTERIOR/OSM-6 Safety Files--Interior, OSM-6.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-7 Personnel Security Files--Interior, OSMRE-7.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-8 Employment and Financial Interests Statements-States and other Federal Agencies--Interior, OSMRE-8.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-9 Applicant/Violator System (AVS)--Interior, OSMRE-9.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-10 Net Worth Determination File--U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, OSMRE-10.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-11 Collection Management Information System (CMIS)--Interior, OSMRE-11.

INTERIOR/OSMRE-12 Application for Blaster Certification in Federal Program States and on Indian Lands-Computer Tracking System-Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement-12.


INTERIOR/NPS-1 Special Use Permits--Interior, NPS-1.

INTERIOR/NPS-2 Land Acquisition and Relocation Files--Interior, NPS-2.

INTERIOR/NPS-3 Land Acquisition Management Information System--Interior, NPS-3.

INTERIOR/NPS-4 Travel Records--Interior, NPS-4.

INTERIOR/NPS-5 Retirement Record--Interior, NPS-5.

INTERIOR/NPS-6 Audiovisual Performances Selection Files--Interior, NPS-6.

INTERIOR/NPS-7 National Park Service Historical Library--Interior, NPS-7.

INTERIOR/NPS-8 Property and Supplies Accountability--Interior, NPS-8.

INTERIOR/NPS-10 Central Files--Interior, NPS-10.

INTERIOR/NPS-12 U.S. Park Police Personnel Photograph File--Interior, NPS-12.

INTERIOR/NPS-14 Concessioner Financial Statement and Audit Report Files, Interior, NPS-14.

INTERIOR/NPS-15 Concessions Management Files--Interior, NPS-15.

INTERIOR/NPS-17 Employee Financial Irregularities, Interior, NPS-17.

INTERIOR/NPS-18 Collection, Certifying and Disbursing Officers, and Imprest Fund Cashiers, Interior, NPS-18.

INTERIOR/NPS-19 Law Enforcement Files: Statistical Reporting System, Incident Card Reference and Related Files--Interior, NPS-19.

INTERIOR/NPS-21 Visitor Statistical Survey Forms--Interior, NPS-21.

INTERIOR/NPS-22 Motor Vehicle Operations Program--Interior, NPS-22.


INTERIOR/FWS-1 Labor Cost Information Records--Interior, FWS-1.

INTERIOR/FWS-2 Travel Records--Interior, FWS-2.

INTERIOR-FWS-3 Security File--Interior, FWS-3.

INTERIOR/FWS-4 Tort Claim Records--Interior, FWS-4.

INTERIOR/FWS-5 National Wildlife Refuge Special Use Permits--Interior, FWS-5.

INTERIOR/FWS-6 Hunting and Fishing Survey Records--Interior, FWS-6.

INTERIOR/FWS-7 Water Development Project and/or Effluent Discharge Permit Application Review--Interior, FWS-7.

INTERIOR/FWS-8 Fish Disease Inspection Report--Interior, FWS-8.

INTERIOR/FWS-9 Farm Pond Stocking Program--Interior, FWS-9.

INTERIOR/FWS-10 National Fish Hatchery Special Use Permits--Interior, FWS-10.

INTERIOR/FWS-11 Real Property Records--Interior, FWS-11.

INTERIOR/FWS-13 North American Breeding Bird Survey--Interior, FWS-13.

INTERIOR/FWS-14 Great Lakes Commercial Fisheries Catch Records--Interior, FWS-14.

INTERIOR/FWS-17 Diagnostic-Extension Service Records--Interior, FWS-17

INTERIOR/FWS-19 Endangered Species Licensee System--Interior, FWS-19.

INTERIOR/FWS-20 Investigative Case File System-Interior, FWS-20.

INTERIOR/FWS-21 Permits System--Interior, FWS-21.

INTERIOR/FWS-22 U.S. Deputy Game Warden--Interior, FWS-22.

INTERIOR/FWS-23 Motor Vehicle Permit Log--Interior, FWS-23.

INTERIOR/FWS-25 Contract and Procurement Records--Interior, FWS-25.

INTERIOR/FWS-26 Migratory Bird Population and Harvest Systems-- Interior, FWS-26.

INTERIOR/FWS-27 Correspondence Control System--Interior, FWS-27.

INTERIOR/FWS-28 Avitrol Authorization Records--Interior, FWS-28.

INTERIOR/FWS-29 Animal Damage Control Non-Federal Personnel Records-- Interior, FWS-29.

INTERIOR/FWS-30 Marine Mammals Management, Marking, Tagging and Reporting Program--Interior, FWS-30.


INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-1 Occupational Illness, Accidents, and Related Property Damage--Interior, Reclamation-1.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-2 Accounts Receivable--Interior, Reclamation-2.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-3 Attendance at Meetings--Interior, Reclamation-3.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-4 Audiograms (Hearing Test Records)--Interior, Reclamation-4.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-5 Claims--Interior, Reclamation-5.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-6 Collection Contracts--Interior, Reclamation-6.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-7 Concessions--Interior, Reclamation-7.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-9 Foreign Visitors and Observers--Interior, Reclamation-9.

INTERIOR/WBR-11 Individual Records of Issue--Interior, Reclamation-11.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-12 Inventions and Patents--Interior, Reclamation-12.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-13 Irrigation Management Service--Interior, Reclamation-13.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-14 Land Exchange--Interior, Reclamation-14.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-15 Land Settlement Entries--Interior, Reclamation-15.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-16 Litigation--Interior, Reclamation-16.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-17 Lands--Leases, Sales, Rentals, and Transfers--Interior, Reclamation-17.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-18 Lease of Housing--Interior, Reclamation-18.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-19 Mineral Location Entries--Interior, Reclamation-19.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-20 Movable Property ADP Records--Interior, Reclamation-20.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-21 Movable Property Individual Responsibility--Interior, Reclamation-21.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-22 Oil and Gas Applications--Interior, Reclamation-22.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-25 Personal Author Reports--Interior, Reclamation-25.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-26 Photographic Files--Interior, Reclamation-26.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-27 Publication Sales--Interior, Reclamation-27.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-28 Real Property and Right-of-Way Acquisitions--Interior, Reclamation-28.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-29 Right-of-Way Applications--Interior, Reclamation-29

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-31 Acreage Limitation--Interior, Reclamation-31.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-32 Special Use Applications, Licenses, and Permits--Interior, Reclamation-32.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-33 Speeches--Interior, Reclamation-33.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-34 Thefts Listing--Interior, Reclamation-34.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-35 Travel Approval Authorizations and Reports--Interior, Reclamation-35.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-36 Travel Vouchers--Interior, Reclamation-36.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-37 Trespass Cases--Interior, Reclamation-37.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-38 Water Right Applications--Interior, Reclamation-38.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-39 Water Rights Acquisition--Interior, Reclamation-39.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-40 Water Sales and Delivery Contracts--Interior Reclamation-40.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-41 Permits--Interior, Reclamation-41.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-42 Recordable Contracts--Interior, Reclamation-42.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-43 Real Estate Comparable Sales Data Storage--Interior, WPRS-43.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-44 Vendor Payment Records--Interior, Reclamation-44.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-45 Equipment, Supply and Service Contracts-Interior, Reclamation--45.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-46 Employee Trip Reports--Interior, Reclamation--46.

INTERIOR/RECLAMATION-47 Employees' Compensation Records--Interior, Bureau of Reclamation--47.


INTERIOR/LLM-2 Range Management System--Interior, BLM-2.

INTERIOR/LLM-3 Mineral Lease Management--Interior, BLM-3.

INTERIOR/LLM-4 Coal Lease Data System--Interior, BLM-4.

INTERIOR/LLM-6 Mineral Surveyor Appointment File--Interior, BLM-6.

INTERIOR/LLM-8 Aircraft Passenger Manifest Records--Fire Control-- Interior, BLM-8.

INTERIOR/LLM-9 Property and Supplies Accountability--Interior, BLM-9.

INTERIOR/LLM-10 Vehicle Use Authorization--Interior, BLM-10.

INTERIOR/LLM-12 Manpower Management--Interior BLM-12.

INTERIOR/LLM-13 Safety Management Information--Interior, BLM-13.

INTERIOR/LLM-14 Security Clearance Files--Interior, BLM-14.

INTERIOR/LLM-15 Correspondence Control--Interior, BLM-15.

INTERIOR/LLM-16 Mineral and Vegetal Material Sales--Interior, BLM-16.

INTERIOR/LLM-18 Criminal Case Investigation--Interior, BLM-18.

INTERIOR/LLM-19 Civil Trespass Case Investigations--Interior, BLM-19.

INTERIOR/LLM-20 Employee Conduct Investigations--Interior, BLM-20.

INTERIOR/LLM-21 Travel--Interior, BLM-21.

INTERIOR/LLM-22 Financial Management--Interior, BLM-22.

INTERIOR/LLM-23 Contract Files--Interior, BLM-23.

INTERIOR/LLM-24 Copy Fee Deposit--Interior, BLM-24.

INTERIOR/LLM-26 Incentive and Honor Awards--Interior, BLM-26.

INTERIOR/LLM-27 Real Estate Appraiser Roster--Interior, BLM-27.

INTERIOR/LLM-28 Adopt a Wild Horse--Interior, BLM-28.

INTERIOR/LLM-30 Uniform Accountability System--Interior, BLM-30.

INTERIOR/LLM-31 Name File System--Interior, LLM-31.

INTERIOR/LLM-32 Land & Minerals Authorization Tracking System--Interior, LLM-32.


INTERIOR/OHA-1 Hearings and Appeals Files--Interior, OHA-1.


INTERIOR/SOL-1 Litigation, Appeal and Case Files--Interior Office of the Solicitor-1.

INTERIOR/SOL-2 Claims Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor-2.

INTERIOR/SOL-3 Patent Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor-3.

INTERIOR/SOL-4 Workload Analysis--Interior, Office of the Solicitor-4.

INTERIOR/SOL-5 SMCRA Litigation Tracking System (LTS)--Interior, Office of the Solicitor-5.




DOL/GOVT-1 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Federal Employees' Compensation Act File.

DOL/GOVT-2 Job Corps Student Records.


DOL/OSEC-1 Supervisor's Records of Employees.

DOL/OSEC-4 Credit Data on Individual Debtors.

DOL/OSEC-5 High Performance Work Place Tracking Database.


DOL/OASAM-1 Attendance, Leave, and Payroll File.

DOL/OASAM-4 Occupational Accident/Injury/Illness Reporting System (AIIRS) File.

DOL/OASAM-5 Rehabilitation and Counseling File.

DOL/OASAM-7 Employee Medical Records.

DOL/OASAM-11 Training Information System.

DOL/OASAM-12 Administrative Grievance Records.

DOL/OASAM-14 Automated Position Control System.

DOL/OASAM-15 Travel and Transportation System.

DOL/OASAM-17 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Files. Note: Records in this system are covered in conjunction with EEOC's government-wide system EEOC/GOVT-1.

DOL/OASAM-19 Negotiated Grievance Procedure and Unfair Labor Practice Files.

DOL/OASAM-20 Personnel Investigation Records.

DOL/OASAM-22 Directorate of Civil Rights Citizen Discrimination Complaint Case Files.

DOL/OASAM-23 Contracted Travel Service Program.

DOL/OASAM-24 Privacy Act/Freedom of Information Act Requests Files Systems.

DOL/OASAM-25 Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Records.

DOL/OASAM-26 Frances Perkins Building Parking Management System.

DOL/OASAM-27 Employee/Contractor Identification Program.

DOL/OASAM-28 Incident Report/Restriction Notice.

DOL/OASAM-29 OASAM Employee Administrative Investigation File.

DOL/OASAM-30 Injury Compensation System (ICS).


DOL/OAA-1 Administrative Appeals File-DOL OAA-1.


DOL/OALJ-1 Administrative Law Management System.


DOL/OAW-1 Investigative Files.

DOL/OAW-2 Lists of Airline Employees Protected Under the Rehire Program.

DOL/OAW-3 Semi-Annual Lists of Hired Employees.

DOL/OAW-4 Rehire Program Appellant and Inquiry Files.

DOL/OAW-5 OLMP/OSP, Redwood Employee Protection Program, Health, Welfare, and Pension Claims and Benefits Payments (including severance benefits and benefits for salary replacement, retraining, job search and relocation).


DOL/ASP-1 National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) Research File (formerly the Seasonal Agricultural Services (SAS) Farmworkers Research File), Case Tracking Files, Name Index, USDOL/ASP.


DOL/BRB-1 Appeals Files--Benefits Review Board (BRB).


DOL/BLS-2 Staff Utilization System.

DOL/BLS-3 Regional Office Staff Utilization File.

DOL/BLS-4 Business Research Advisory Council.

DOL/BLS-5 Labor Research Advisory Council.

DOL/BLS-6 Applicant Race and National Origin (ARNO) System, Form E 618.

DOL/BLS-7 BLS Employee Conduct Investigation.

DOL/BLS-8 BLS Employee ADP Training History.

DOL/BLS-9 Routine Administrative Files.

DOL/BLS-10 Commissioner's Correspondence Control System.

DOL/BLS-11 NIH and Boeing User ID Database.

DOL/BLS-12 Employee Acknowledgement Letter Control System.

DOL/BLS-13 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) Database.

DOL/BLS-14 Collection Procedures Research Lab Project Files.

DOL/BLS-15 Management Research Files.

DOL/BLS-16 Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses.


DOL/ECAB-01 Employees' Compensation Appeals Board Docket Records.

DOL/ECAB-02 Employees' Compensation Appeals Board Disposition Records.


DOL/ESA-2 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Complaint Files.

DOL/ESA-5 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black Lung Antidiscrimination Files.

DOL/ESA-6 Office of Workers' Compensation, Black Lung Benefits Claim File.

DOL/ESA-12 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black Lung X-ray Interpretation File.

DOL/ESA-15 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Case Files.

DOL/ESA-24 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Special Fund System.

DOL/ESA-25 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Management Information System (OFCCP/MIS), which includes the Compliance Review Information System (CRIS) and the Complaint Administration System (CAS).

DOL/ESA-26 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Investigation Files.

DOL/ESA-27 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Claimant Representatives.

DOL/ESA-28 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Physicians and Health Care Providers Excluded under the Longshore Act.

DOL/ESA-29 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Physicians and Health Care Providers Excluded under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act.

DOL/ESA-30 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black Lung Automated Support Package.

DOL/ESA-31 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Time Reporting Information System (TRIS).

DOL/ESA-32 ESA, Employee Conduct Investigations.

DOL/ESA-33 ESA, Wage and Hour Division, Investigator's Weekly Report.

DOL/ESA-34 Farm Labor Contractor Registration File.

DOL/ESA-35 Farm Labor Contractor Employee Registration File.

DOL/ESA-36 MSPA/FLCRA Civil Money Penalty Record Files.

DOL/ESA-37 MSPA Public Central Registry Records File.

DOL/ESA-38 Wage and Hour Regional Office Clearance List--MSPA Registration.

DOL/ESA-39 State Employment Service Clearance List--MSPA Registration.

DOL/ESA-41 MSPA/FLCRA Certificate Action Record Files.

DOL/ESA-42 Case Registration/Compliance Officer Assignment Form (WH-53).

DOL/ESA-43 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Federal Employees' Compensation Act and Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Rehabilitation Files.

DOL/ESA-44 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FEC) and Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Rehabilitation Counselor Case Assignment, Contract Management and Performance Files and FEC Field Nurses.


DOL/ETA-1 Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Budget and Position Control File.

DOL/ETA-2 Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Program Management Group, Budget and Position Control File.

DOL/ETA-4 Apprenticeship Management System (AMS).

DOL/ETA-7 Employer Application and Attestation File for Permanent and Temporary Alien Workers.

DOL/ETA-8 Job Corps Management Information System (JCMIS) File.

DOL/ETA-15 DOL/ETA Evaluation, Research, Pilot or Demonstration Contractors' Project Files.

DOL/ETA-16 Employment and Training Administration Investigatory File.

DOL/ETA-20 Federal Bonding Program, Bondees Certification Files.

DOL/ETA-21 Employment and Training Administration Advisory Committees Members Files.

DOL/ETA-22 ETA Employee Conduct Investigations.

DOL/ETA-23 Federal Committee on Apprenticeship (FCA).

DOL/ETA-24 Contracting and Grant Officer Files.

DOL/ETA-25 DOL/ETA Evaluation Research Projects.

DOL/ETA-26 Standardized Program Information Report (SPIR).


DOL/OIG-1 General Investigative Files, Case Tracking Files, and Subject/Title Index, USDOL/OIG.

DOL/OIG-2 Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts Records.

DOL/OIG-3 Case Development Records.

DOL/OIG-5 Investigative Case Tracking Systems/Audit Information Reporting Systems, USDOL/OIG.


DOL/MSHA-1 Coal and Metal and Nonmetal Mine Accident and Injury.

DOL/MSHA-3 Metal and Nonmetal Mine Safety and Health Management Information System.

DOL/MSHA-10 Discrimination Investigations.

DOL/MSHA-13 Coal Mine Respirable Dust Program.

DOL/MSHA-15 Health and Safety Training and Examination Records including Qualification and Certification Data.

DOL/MSHA-18 Coal Mine Safety and Health Management Information System.

DOL/MSHA-19 Employee Conduct Investigations.

DOL/MSHA-20 Civil/Criminal Investigations.


DOL/OSHA-1 Discrimination Complaint File.

DOL/OSHA-4 Advisory Committee Candidates' Biographies.

DOL/OSHA-6 Program Activity File.

DOL/OSHA-9 OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officer Training Record.

DOL/OSHA-10 OSHA Train-the-Trainer Outreach Program.

DOL/OSHA-12 OSHA Employee Conduct Investigations.

DOL/OSHA-13 OSHA Office of Training and Education Automated Registration System.

DOL/OSHA-14 Office of Training and Education Computer-based Acquisition/ Financial Records System.

DOL/OSHA-15 Office of Training and Education Resource Center Circulation Project.


DOL/PWBA-1 Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans.

DOL/PWBA-2 Office of Enforcement Index Cards and Investigation Files.

DOL/PWBA-3 ERISA Coverage Correspondence Files.

DOL/PWBA-4 Inquiry Correspondence Files.

DOL/PWBA-5 Public Disclosure Request Tracking System.

DOL/PWBA-6 PWBA Debt Collection/Management System.

DOL/PWBA-7 PWBA Employee Conduct Investigations.


DOL/SOL-1 Conflict of Interest File.

DOL/SOL-2 Employment and Training Legal Services Litigation and Investigation File.

DOL/SOL-3 Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

DOL/SOL-5 Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA).

DOL/SOL-6 Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act.

DOL/SOL-7 Solicitor's Legal Activity Recordkeeping System.

DOL/SOL-8 Special Litigation Records.

DOL/SOL-9 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Appeals Files.

DOL/SOL-10 Privacy Act Litigation Files.

DOL/SOL-11 Division of Civil Rights Defensive Litigation Files.

DOL/SOL-12 Third-Party Recovery Files.

DOL/SOL-13 Employee Conduct Investigations.

DOL/SOL-14 Subpoena Tracking System.

DOL/SOL-15 Solicitor's Office Litigation Files.

DOL/SOL-16 Solicitor's Office, Directory of Senior Management.

DOL/SOL-17 Solicitor's Office Ergonomic Furniture File.


DOL/VETS-1 Veterans' Reemployment Complaint File--VETS-1.

DOL/VETS-2 Veterans' Preference Complaint File--VETS-2.

DOL/VETS-3 Veterans' Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Tracking System-VETS-3.




TREASURY/ATF .001 Administrative Record System

TREASURY/ATF .002 Correspondence Record System

TREASURY/ATF .003 Criminal Investigation Report System

TREASURY/ATF .004 Fiscal Record System

TREASURY/ATF .005 Freedom of Information Requests

TREASURY/ATF .006 Internal Security Record System

TREASURY/ATF .007 Personnel Record System

TREASURY/ATF .008 Regulatory Enforcement Record System

TREASURY/ATF .009 Technical and Scientific Services Record System


TREASURY/BEP .002 Personal Property Claim File

TREASURY/BEP .004 Counseling Records

TREASURY/BEP .005 Compensation Claims

TREASURY/BEP .006 Debt Files (Employees)

TREASURY/BEP .014 Employee's Production Record

TREASURY/BEP .015 Executive Profiles

TREASURY/BEP .016 Employee Suggestions

TREASURY/BEP .020 Industrial Truck Licensing Records

TREASURY/BEP .021 Investigative Files

TREASURY/BEP .022 Monthly Equal Employment Opportunity Activity Report

TREASURY/BEP .023 Motor Vehicle Licensing Records

TREASURY/BEP .027 Programmable Access Security System (PASS)

TREASURY/BEP .035 Tort Claims (Against the United States)

TREASURY/BEP .038 Unscheduled Absence Record

TREASURY/BEP .040 Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts Requests

TREASURY/BEP .041 Record of Discrimination Complaints

TREASURY/BEP .042 Informal EEO Complaint Processing Records

TREASURY/BEP .043 Parking Program Records

TREASURY/BEP .044 Personnel Security Files and Indices

TREASURY/BEP. 045 Mail Order Sales Customer Files

TREASURY/BEP .046 Automated Mutilated Currency Tracking Systems


TREASURY/BPD.001 Personnel and Administrative Records

TREASURY/BPD.002 United States Savings Type Securities

TREASURY/BPD.003 United States Securities (Other than Savings Type Securities)

TREASURY/BPD.004 Controlled Access Security System

TREASURY/BPD.005 Employee Assistance Records

TREASURY/BPD.006 Health Service Program Records

TREASURY/BPD.007 Gifts to Reduce the Public Debt


TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .004 Consumer Complaint Information System (CCIS)

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .012 Freedom of Information Index and Log

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .013 Enforcement and Compliance Information System

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .014 Personnel Security/Investigation Files/Employee/ Applicant Reference File

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .015 Chain Banking Organizations System

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .016 Litigation Information System (LIS)

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .221 Professional Qualifications Records for Municipal Securities Principals, Municipal Securities Representatives and U.S. Government Securities Associated Persons

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .300 Administrative Personnel System

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .310 Financial System

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .315 Telephone Usage Information System (TUIS)

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .320 General Personnel System

TREASURY/COMPTROLLER .500 Chief Counsel's Management Information System


TREASURY/DO .002 Treasury Integrated Management Information System (TIMIS)

TREASURY/DO .003 Personnel Working Files

TREASURY/DO .004 Personnel Security System

TREASURY/DO .005 Grievance Records

TREASURY/DO .007 General Correspondence Files

TREASURY/DO .010 Office of Domestic Finance, Actuarial Valuation System

TREASURY/DO .052 Travel Records

TREASURY/DO .053 Treasury Emergency Preparedness Information Program

TREASURY/DO .060 Correspondence Files and Records on Employee Complaints and/or Dissatisfaction

TREASURY/DO .062 Executive Inventory Files

TREASURY/DO .065 Appointment at Above the Minimum Rate of the Grade Files

TREASURY/DO .066 Combined Applicant/Applicant Correspondence File

TREASURY/DO .067 Detailed Employee Files

TREASURY/DO .068 Time-In-Grade Exception Files

TREASURY/DO .070 Automated Systems Division, ASD Project Recording System

TREASURY/DO .111 Office of Foreign Assets Control Census Records

TREASURY/DO .114 Foreign Assets Control Enforcement Records

TREASURY/DO .118 Foreign Assets Control Licensing Records

TREASURY/DO .144 General Counsel Litigation Referral and Reporting System

TREASURY/DO .149 Foreign Assets Control Legal Files

TREASURY/DO .150 Disclosure Records

TREASURY/DO .156 Tax Court Judge Applicants

TREASURY/DO .183 Private Relief Tax Bill Files

TREASURY/DO .190 General Allegations and Investigative Records

TREASURY/DO .191 OIG Management Information System (MIS).

TREASURY/DO .193 Employee Locator and Automated Directory System

TREASURY/DO .194 Document Delivery Control System

TREASURY/DO .196 Security Information System

TREASURY/DO .200 FinCEN Data Base

TREASURY/DO .201 Fitness Center Records

TREASURY/DO .202 Drug-Free Workplace Program Records

TREASURY/DO .203 Public Transportation Incentive Program Records

TREASURY/DO .205 Executive Information System (EIS)

TREASURY/DO .206 Office Tracking System (OTS)

TREASURY/DO .207 Waco Administrative Review Group Investigation


TREASURY/FLETC .001 FLETC Payroll/Personnel Records System

TREASURY/FLETC .002 FLETC Trainee Records

TREASURY/FLETC .003 FLETC Confidential Financial Records

TREASURY/FLETC .004 FLETC Administrative Employee Records


TREASURY/FMS .001 Administrative Records

TREASURY/FMS .002 Payment Issue Records for Regular Recurring Benefit Payments

TREASURY/FMS .003 Claims and Inquiry Records on Treasury Checks, and International claimants

TREASURY/FMS .005 FMS Personnel Records

TREASURY/FMS .007 Payroll and Pay Administration

TREASURY/FMS .008 Personnel Security Records

TREASURY/FMS .010 Records of Accountable Officers' Authority with Treasury

TREASURY/FMS .012 Pre-complaint Counseling and Complaint Activities

TREASURY/FMS .013 Gifts to the United States


TREASURY/IRS 00.001 Correspondence Files and Correspondence Control Files

TREASURY/IRS 00.002 Correspondence Files/Inquiries About Enforcement Activities

TREASURY/IRS 10.001 Biographical Files, Public Affairs

TREASURY/IRS 10.004 Subject Files, Public Affairs

TREASURY/IRS 21.001 Tax Administration Resources File, Office of Tax Administration Advisory Services

TREASURY/IRS 22.003 Annual Listing of Undelivered Refund Checks

TREASURY/IRS 22.011 File of Erroneous Refunds

TREASURY/IRS 22.026 Form 1042S Index by Name of Recipient

TREASURY/IRS 22.027 Foreign Information System (FIS)

TREASURY/IRS 22.032 Individual Microfilm Retention Register

TREASURY/IRS 22.034 Individual Returns Files, Adjustments and Miscellaneous Documents Files

TREASURY/IRS 22.043 Potential Refund Litigation Case Files

TREASURY/IRS 22.044 P.O.W.-M.I.A. Reference File

TREASURY/IRS 22.054 Subsidiary Accounting Files

TREASURY/IRS 22.059 Unidentified Remittance File

TREASURY/IRS 22.060 Manual Accounting Replacement System (MARS)

TREASURY/IRS 22.061 Wage and Information Returns Processing (IRP) File

TREASURY/IRS 24.013 Combined Account Number File, Returns Processing

TREASURY/IRS 24.029 Individual Account Number File (IANF), Returns Processing

TREASURY/IRS 24.030 Individual Master File (IMF), Returns Processing

TREASURY/IRS 24.046 Business Master File (BMF), Returns Processing

TREASURY/IRS 24.070 Debtor Master File (DMF)

TREASURY/IRS 24.100 FTS2000 On-Line Certification of Usage System (FOCUS).

TREASURY/IRS 26.001 Acquired Property Records

TREASURY/IRS 26.006 Form 2209, Courtesy Investigations

TREASURY/IRS 26.008 IRS and Treasury Employee Delinquency

TREASURY/IRS 26.009 Lien Files (Open and Closed)

TREASURY/IRS 26.010 Lists of Prospective Bidders at Internal Revenue Sales of Seized Property

TREASURY/IRS 26.011 Litigation Case Files

TREASURY/IRS 26.012 Offer in Compromise (OIC) File

TREASURY/IRS 26.013 One Hundred Percent Penalty Cases

TREASURY/IRS 26.014 Record 21, Record of Seizure and Sale of Real Property

TREASURY/IRS 26.016 Returns Compliance Programs

TREASURY/IRS 26.019 Taxpayer Delinquent Account (TDA) Files, including subsystems: (a) Adjustments and Payment Tracers Files, (b) Collateral Files, (c) Seized Property Records, (d) Tax Collection Waiver, Forms 900, Files, and (e) Accounts on Child Support Obligations

TREASURY/IRS 26.020 Taxpayer Delinquency Investigation (TDI) Files

TREASURY/IRS 26.021 Transferee Files

TREASURY/IRS 26.022 Delinquency Prevention Programs

TREASURY/IRS 30.003 Requests for Printed Tax Materials Including Lists

TREASURY/IRS 30.004 Security Violations

TREASURY/IRS 32.001 Travel Expense Records

TREASURY/IRS 32.003 Schedules of Collections and Schedules of Canceled Checks

TREASURY/IRS 34.003 Assignment and Accountability of Personal Property Files

TREASURY/IRS 34.005 Parking Space Application and Assignment

TREASURY/IRS 34.007 Record of Government Books of Transportation Requests

TREASURY/IRS 34.009 Safety Program Files

TREASURY/IRS 34.012 Emergency Preparedness Cadre Assignments and Alerting Rosters Files

TREASURY/IRS 34.013 Identification Media Files System for Employees and Others Issued IRS ID

TREASURY/IRS 34.014 Motor Vehicle Registration and Entry Pass Files

TREASURY/IRS 34.017 Security Clearance Files

TREASURY/IRS 34.018 Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS) Security Files

TREASURY/IRS 36.001 Appeals, Grievances and Complaints Records

TREASURY/IRS 36.002 Employee Activity Records

TREASURY/IRS 36.003 General Personnel and Payroll Records

TREASURY/IRS 36.005 Medical Records

TREASURY/IRS 36.008 Recruiting, Examining and Placement Records

TREASURY/IRS 36.009 Retirement, Life Insurance and Health Benefits Records System

TREASURY/IRS 37.001 Abandoned Enrollment Applications

TREASURY/IRS 37.002 Files containing Derogatory Information About Individuals Whose Applications for Enrollment To Practice Before the IRS Have Been Denied and Applicant Appeal Files

TREASURY/IRS 37.003 Closed Files Containing Derogatory Information About Individual's Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service and Files of Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants Formerly Enrolled to Practice

TREASURY/IRS 37.004 Derogatory Information (No Action)

TREASURY/IRS 37.005 Present Suspensions and Disbarments Resulting from Administrative Proceeding

TREASURY/IRS 37.006 General Correspondence File

TREASURY/IRS 37.007 Inventory

TREASURY/IRS 37.008 Register of Docketed Cases and Applicant Appeals

TREASURY/IRS 37.009 Enrolled Agents and Resigned Enrolled Agents (Action pursuant to 31 CFR 10.55(b))

TREASURY/IRS 37.010 Roster of Former Enrollees

TREASURY/IRS 37.011 Present Suspensions from Practice Before The Internal Revenue Service

TREASURY/IRS 38.001 General Training Records

TREASURY/IRS 42.001 Examination Administrative File

TREASURY/IRS 42.008 Audit Information Management System (AIMS)

TREASURY/IRS 42.013 Project Files for the Uniform Application of Laws as a Result of Technical Determinations and Court Decisions

TREASURY/IRS 42.014 Internal Revenue Service Employees' Returns Control Files

TREASURY/IRS 42.016 Classification/Centralized Files and Scheduling Files

TREASURY/IRS 42.017 International Enforcement Program Files

TREASURY/IRS 42.021 Compliance Programs and Projects Files

TREASURY/IRS 42.027 Data on Taxpayers Filing on Foreign Holdings

TREASURY/IRS 42.029 Audit Underreporter Case Files

TREASURY/IRS 42.030 Discriminant Function File (DIF)

TREASURY/IRS 44.001 Appeals Case Files

TREASURY/IRS 44.003 Unified System for Time and Appeals Records (Unistar)

TREASURY/IRS 44.004 Art Case File

TREASURY/IRS 44.005 Expert Witness and Fee Appraiser Files

TREASURY/IRS 46.002 Case Management and Time Reporting System, Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.003 Confidential Informants, Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.004 Controlled Accounts (Open and Closed)

TREASURY/IRS 46.005 Electronic Surveillance File, Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.009 Centralized Evaluation and Processing of Information Items (CEPIIs), Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.011 Illinois Land Trust Files, Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.015 Relocated Witnesses, Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.016 Secret Service Details, Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 46.022 Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS), Criminal Investigation Division

TREASURY/IRS 48.001 Disclosure Records

TREASURY/IRS 48.008 Defunct Special Service Staff File Being Retained Because of Congressional Directive

TREASURY/IRS 49.001 Collateral and Information Requests System

TREASURY/IRS 49.002 Competent Authority and Index Card

TREASURY/IRS 49.003 Financial Statements File

TREASURY/IRS 49.007 Overseas Compliance Projects System

TREASURY/IRS 49.008 Taxpayer Service Correspondence System

TREASURY/IRS 50.001 Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations Correspondence Control Record (Form 5961)

TREASURY/IRS 50.003 Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations Report of Significant Matters in Technical (M-5945)

TREASURY/IRS 60.001 Assault and Threat Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.002 Bribery Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.003 Conduct Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.004 Disclosure Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.005 Enrollee Applicant Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.006 Enrollee Charge Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.007 Miscellaneous Information File, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.008 Security, Background and Character Investigations Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.009 Special Inquiry Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.010 Tort Investigation Files, Inspection

TREASURY/IRS 60.011 Internal Security Management Information System (ISMIS)

TREASURY/IRS 70.001 Individual Income Tax Returns, Statistics of Income

TREASURY/IRS 90.001 Chief Counsel Criminal Tax Case Files. Each Regional Counsel Office and District Counsel Office maintains one of these systems. The National Office maintains one of these systems. The information in this notice applies to all 62 offices

TREASURY/IRS 90.002 Chief Counsel Disclosure Litigation Case Files

TREASURY/IRS 90.003 Chief Counsel General Administrative Systems. Each of the 7 Regional Counsel Offices and 54 District Counsel Offices, each of the 10 functions in the National Office, the Office of the Chief Counsel, and the Office of the Deputy Chief Counsel, the Offices of the Associate Chief Counsels (Enforcement Litigation), (International), (Domestic), (Finance and Management), and (Employee Benefits and Exempt Organizations) maintain a General Administrative System.

TREASURY/IRS 90.004 Chief Counsel General Legal Services Case Files. Each of the seven Regional Counsel Offices and the National Office maintain a General Legal Services Case File System. The information in this notice applies to all eight of the offices

TREASURY/IRS 90.005 Chief Counsel General Litigation Case Files. Each Regional Counsel Office and each District Counsel Office maintains one of these systems. The National Office maintains one of these systems. The information in this notice applies to all 62 offices

TREASURY/IRS 90.006 Former Chief Counsel Interpretative Case Files

TREASURY/IRS 90.007 Chief Counsel Legislation and Regulations Division, Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations Division, and Associate Chief Counsel (Technical and International) Correspondence and Private Bill Files

TREASURY/IRS 90.009 Chief Counsel Field Services Case Files. Each Regional Counsel Office and each District Counsel Office maintains one of these systems. The National Office maintains one of these systems. The information in this notice applies to all 62 offices

TREASURY/IRS 90.010 Digest Room Files Containing Briefs, Legal Opinions, and Digests of Documents Generated Internally or by the Department of Justice Relating to the Administration of the Revenue Laws

TREASURY/IRS 90.011 Attorney Recruiting Files

TREASURY/IRS 90.013 Legal Case Files of the Chief Counsel, Deputy Chief Counsel and Associate Chief Counsels (Litigation), (Domestic), (International), and (Employee Benefits and Exempt Organizations)

TREASURY/IRS 90.015 Reference Records of the Library in the Office of Chief Counsel

TREASURY/IRS 90.016 Counsel Automated Tracking System (CATS) Records

TREASURY/IRS 90.017 Correspondence Control and Records, Associate Chief Counsel (Technical and International)

TREASURY/IRS 90.018 Expert Witness Library


TREASURY/OTS-3 Biographies and Photographs.

TREASURY/OTS-4 Consumer Inquiry Records and Data.

TREASURY/OTS-5 Investigation Files.

TREASURY/OTS-6 District Bank Officers' Biography File.

TREASURY/OTS-7 District Bank Officer's Salary Cards.

TREASURY/OTS-9 Candidates for Appointed Directorships of Federal Home Loan Banks.

TREASURY/OTS-10 Depositors/Account Holders in Defaulted Associations.

TREASURY/OTS-11 Biographical File of Federal Home Loan Bank Directors.

TREASURY/OTS-12 Payroll/Personnel.

TREASURY/OTS-14 Asset Management System.

TREASURY/OTS-15 Discrimination Complaint System.

TREASURY/OTS-17 Payroll.

TREASURY/OTS-18 Travel Records.

TREASURY/OTS-20 Employee Locator File.

TREASURY/OTS-25 Office of the Secretary, Card Files.

TREASURY/OTS-26 Prospective Organizer of Federal Savings and Loan Association, File.

TREASURY/OTS-27 Suspensions File.

TREASURY/OTS-28 Removal and Prohibitions File.

TREASURY/OTS-29 Confidential Individual Information System.


TREASURY/CUSTOMS .001 Acceptable Level of Competence, Negative Determination

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .002 Accident Reports

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .005 Accounts Receivable

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .009 Acting Customs Inspector (Excepted)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .014 Advice Requests (Legal) (Pacific Region)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .021 Arrest/Seizure/Search Report and Notice of Penalty File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .027 Attorney Case File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .028 Baggage Declaration

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .030 Bankrupt Parties-in-Interest

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .031 Bills Issued Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .032 Biographical Files (Headquarters)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .040 Carrier File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .041 Cartmen or Lightermen

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .042 Case and Complaint File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .043 Case Files (Regional Counsel-South Central Region)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .044 Certificates of Clearance

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .045 Claims Act File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .046 Claims Case File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .049 Claims (Receivable and Payable)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .050 Community Leader Survey

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .053 Confidential Source Identification File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .054 Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interests

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .056 Congressional and Public Correspondence File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .057 Container Station Operator Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .058 Cooperating Individual Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .061 Court Case File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .064 Credit Card File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .067 Bank Secrecy Act Reports File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .069 Customs Brokers File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .077 Disciplinary Action, Grievance and Appeal Case Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .078 Disclosure of Information File


TREASURY/CUSTOMS .083 Employee Relations Case Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .092 Exit Interview

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .096 Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Control and Information Retrieval System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .098 Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures Records

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .099 Fines, Penalties, and Forfeiture Files (Supplemental Petitions)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .100 Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Records (Headquarters)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .105 Former Employees

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .109 Handicapped Employee File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .122 Information Received File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .123 Injury Notice

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .125 Intelligence Log

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .127 Internal Security Records System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .129 Investigations Record System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .133 Justice Department Case File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .136 All Liquidated Damage, Penalty, and Seizure Cases; Prior Violators

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .137 List of Vessel Agents Employees

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .138 Litigation Issue Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .144 Mail Protest File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .148 Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .151 Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .156 Narcotic Violator File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .159 Notification of Personnel Management Division when an employee is placed under investigation by the Office of Internal Affairs

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .161 Optional Retirement List

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .162 Organization (Customs) and Automated Position Management System (COAPMS)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .163 Outside Employment Requests

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .165 Overtime Earnings

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .170 Overtime Reports

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .172 Parking Permits File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .180 Payroll Record of Employees Not Covered by the Automated System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .182 Penalty Case File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .186 Personnel Search

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .190 Personnel Case File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .193 Operating Personnel Folder Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .196 Preclearance Costs

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .197 Private Aircraft/Vessel Inspection Reporting System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .201 Property File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .206 Regulatory Audits of Customhouse Brokers

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .207 Reimbursable Assignment System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .208 Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave Cases

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .209 Resumes of Professional Artists

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .210 Revocation of I.D. Privileges and ``Cash Basis Only'' for Reimbursable Services List

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .211 Sanction List, Treasury/Customs.

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .212 Search/Arrest/Seizure Report

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .214 Seizure File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .215 Seizure Report File


TREASURY/CUSTOMS .219 Skills Inventory Records

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .220 Supervisory Notes and Files SF-7B

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .224 Suspect Persons Index

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .226 Television System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .227 Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB) Defaulter Control System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .232 Tort Claims Act File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .234 Tort Claims Act File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .238 Training and Career Individual Development Plans

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .239 Training Records

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .243 Customs Automated Travel System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .244 Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .249 Uniform Allowances

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .251 Unscheduled Overtime Report (Customs Form 31)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .252 Valuables Shipped Under the Government Losses in Shipment Act

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .258 Violator's Case Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .260 Warehouse Proprietor Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .262 Warnings to Importers in Lieu of Penalty

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .268 Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .269 Accounts Payable Voucher File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .270 Background

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .271 Cargo Security Record System

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .272 Currency Declaration File (Customs Form 4790)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .273 Employee Debts

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .274 Importers, Brokers, Carriers, Individuals and Sureties Master Files

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .277 Drivers License File

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .278 Automated Commercial System (ACS)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .284 Personnel Verification System (PVS)

TREASURY/CUSTOMS .285 Automated Index to Central Enforcement Files


TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .001 Cash Receivable Accounting Information System

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .002 Current Employee Security Identification Record

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .003 Employee and Former Employee Travel and Training Accounting Information System

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .004 Employees, Former Employees and Members of the Public, Medical Records, Personnel Records, Occupational Safety and Health, Accident and Injury Records, and Claims for Injuries or Damage Compensation Records


TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .006 Examination Reports of Coins Forwarded to Mint from U.S. Secret Service

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .007 General Correspondence

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .008 Criminal Investigations Files

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .009 Numismatic Coin Operations System (NUCOS) Records; Customer Mailing List, Order Processing Record for Coin Sets, Medals and Numismatic Items, and Records of Undelivered Orders

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .010 Purchases and Sales of Precious Metals

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .011 Redemption of Uncurrent or Mutilated Coins

TREASURY/UNITED STATES MINT .012 Grievances. Union/Agency Negotiated


TREASURY/USSBD .001 Savings Bonds Employee Records System

TREASURY/USSBD .002 Savings Bonds Sales Promotion/Volunteer Record System

TREASURY/USSBD .003 Savings Bonds Sales Record System


TREASURY/USSS .001 Administrative Information System

TREASURY/USSS .002 Chief Counsel Record System

TREASURY/USSS .003 Criminal Investigation Information System

TREASURY/USSS .004 Financial Management Information System

TREASURY/USSS .005 Freedom of Information Request System

TREASURY/USSS .006 Non-Criminal Investigation Information System

TREASURY/USSS .007 Protection Information System

TREASURY/USSS .008 Public Affairs Record System

TREASURY/USSS .009 Training Information System




DOT/ALL-1 DOT Grievance Records Files.

DOT/ALL-2 Safety Management Information System (SMIS). DOT/ALL.

DOT/ALL 3 Application for U. S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card (Government Drivers License), DOT/ALL.

DOT/ALL-4 Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR).

DOT/ALL-5 Employee Counseling Services Program Records.

DOT/ALL-6 Workers' Compensation Information System, DOT.

DOT/ALL-7 Departmental Accounting and Financial Information System (DAFIS), DOT/OST.

DOT/ALL-8 Employee Transportation Facilitation.


DOT/CG 501 Auxiliary Management Information System (AUXMIS). DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 503 Motorboat Registration. DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 505 Recreational Boating Law Enforcement Case Files. DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 507 Coast Guard Supplement to the Manual of Courts Martial Investigations. DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 508 Claims and Litigation, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 509 Non-Judicial Punishment Report. DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 510 Records of Trial: Special, General and Summary Courts- Martial, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 511 Legal Assistance Case File System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 516 Coast Guard Military Discrimination Complaints, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 517 Complaints of Discrimination, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 526 Adjudication and Settlement of Claims System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 528 Centralized Reserve Pay and Retirement System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 529 Civilian Payroll System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 533 Retired Pay and Personnel System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 534 Travel and Transportation of Household Effects, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 535 Nonappropriated Fund System (NAFA), DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 536 Contract and Real Property File System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 537 FHA Mortgage Insurance for Servicemen.

DOT/CG 561 Port Safety Reporting System Individual Violation Histories, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 571 Physical Disability Separation System.

DOT/CG 572 USCG Military Personnel Health Record System.

DOT/CG 573 U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) Commissioned Officer Corps Staffing and Recruitment Files, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 576 USCG Non-Federal Invoice Processing System (NIPS).

DOT/CG 577 USCG Federal Medical Care Recovery Act (FMCRA) Record System.

DOT/CG 586 Chemical Transportation Industry Advisory Committee, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 587 Investigation of Violations of Marine Safety Laws or Regulations, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 589 U. S. Merchant Seamen's Records.

DOT/CG 592 Registered/Applicant Pilot Eligibility Folder, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 611 Intelligence and Security Investigative Case System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 612 Port Security Card System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 622 Military Training and Education Records, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 623 Military Pay and Personnel System.

DOT/CG 624 Personnel Management Information System (PMIS).

DOT/CG 625 Officer Selection and Appointment System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 626 Official Officer Service Records, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 627 Enlisted Recruiting Selection Record System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 628 Officer, Enlisted, and Recruiter Selection Test File, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 629 Enlisted Personnel Record System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 630 Coast Guard Family Housing, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 631 Family Advocacy Case Record System.

DOT/CG 632 Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card Record System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 633 Coast Guard Personnel Security Program.

DOT/CG 634 Child Care Program Record System.

DOT/CG 635 Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, DOT/USCG.

DOT/CG 636 Personal Affairs Record System Coast Guard Military Personnel, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 637 Appointment of Trustee or Guardian for Mentally Incompetent Personnel, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 638 USCG Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Record System.

DOT/CG 639 Request for Remission of Indebtedness, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 640 Outside Employment of Active Duty Coast Guard Personnel, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 641 Coast Guard Family Special Needs Program

DOT/CG 671 Biographical Statement, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 676 Official Coast Guard Reserve Service Record, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 677 Coast Guard Reserve Personnel Mobilization System, DOT/CG.

DOT/CG 678 Reserve Personnel Management Information System (Automated).

DOT/CG 691 Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Individual Grievance and Correspondence File, DOT/CG.


DOT/FAA 801 Aircraft Registration System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 806 Federal Aviation Administration Employee Payable System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 807 Police Warrant File and Central Files DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 810 Discrimination Complaint Files, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 811 Employee Health Record System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 813 Civil Aviation Security, DOT/FAA 813.

DOT/FAA 814 Equal Employment Opportunity Minority/Female Statistical Reporting System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 815 Investigative Record System, DOT/FAA 815.

DOT/FAA 816 Tort Claims and Personal Property Claims Record System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 820 Pending legislation (Employee's) - Private Relief and Public/Private Laws (Employee's) Private Reliefs, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 821 Litigation Information Management Systems, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 822 Aviation Medical Examiner System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 825 Petitions for Rulemaking - Public Dockets, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 826 Petitions for Exemption (Other than Medical Exemption) - Public Dockets, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 827 Environmental Litigation Files, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 828 Physiological Training System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 830 Representatives of the Administrator, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 831 Standard Procedure Uniform Reporting System (SPUR), DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 832 Pilot/Flight Engineer/Navigator Flight Record System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 833 Housing Management Monthly Report, RIS: AL-4930-3, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 837 Photographs and Biographical Information, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 839 Printing Branch Distribution System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 843 FAA World Magazine Address System.

DOT/FAA 845 Correspondence Control and Information System, DOT/FAA.

DOT/FAA 847 General Air Transportation Records on Individuals, DOT/ FAA.

DOT/FAA 849 Back to Basics Seminar Attendance System.


DOT/FHWA 202 University and Industry Programs Coding and Filing System, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 204 FHWA Motor Carrier Safety Proposed Civil and Criminal Enforcement Cases, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 209 Driver Accident Record Cross-Reference File, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 210 Occupational Safety and Health Accident Reporting System, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 211 Motor Carrier Accident File - Property and Passenger, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 212 Medals of Honor File, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 213 Driver Waiver File, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 215 Travel Advance File, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 216 Travel Voucher - Change of Duty Station, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 217 Accounts Receivable, DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 219 Employee Utilization (monthly report), DOT/FHWA.

DOT/FHWA 220 Payroll Administration, DOT/FHWA.


DOT/FRA 100 Alaska Railroad Examination of Operating Personnel, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 101 Alaska Railroad Personnel and Pay Management Information System, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 102 Alaska Railroad Security and Freight Claims Investigatory Files, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 104 Statement of Employment and Financial Interest, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 105 Employee Travel Records, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 106 Occupational Safety and Health Reporting System, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 112 Personnel and Pay Management Information System, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 113 Regional Personnel Convenience Files, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 114 Transportation Test Center Employee Service Record File, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 115 Travel Advance Records, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 118 Transportation Test Center Cost Tracking System, DOT/FRA.

DOT/FRA 130 Office of Chief Counsel Individual Enforcement Case System.

DOT/FRA 131 Office of Safety Individual Enforcement Case System.


DOT/MARAD-1 Attendance, Leave and Payroll Records of Employees and Certain Other Persons.

DOT/MARAD-2 Accounts Receivable.

DOT/MARAD-3 Freedom of Information and Privacy Request Records.

DOT/MARAD-4 Visitor Logs and Permits for Facilities Under Department Control.

DOT/MARAD-5 Travel Records (Domestic and Foreign) of Employees and Certain Other Persons.

DOT/MARAD-6 Executive Correspondence Files.

DOT/MARAD-7 Litigation, Claims and Administrative Proceeding Records.

DOT/MARAD-8 Property Accountability Files.

DOT/MARAD-9 Records of Cash Receipts.

DOT/MARAD-10 Employees Personnel Files Not Covered by Notices of Other Agencies.

DOT/MARAD-11 Biographical Files.

DOT/MARAD-12 Applications to U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).

DOT/MARAD-13 Cadet Files, State Maritime Academies.

DOT/MARAD-14 Citizenship Statements and Affidavits.

DOT/MARAD-15 General Agent's Protection and Indemnity and Second Seaman's Insurance: WSA and NSA.

DOT/MARAD-16 Marine Training School Registrants.

DOT/MARAD-17 Waivers of Liability to Board Reserve Fleet Vessels and Other Craft Located at U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

DOT/MARAD-18 National Defense Executive Reserve.

DOT/MARAD-19 Non-Attorney Practitioner Applications and `Section 807 Reports.`

DOT/MARAD-20 Seamen's Awards for Service, Valor, etc.

DOT/MARAD-21 Seaman's Employment Analysis Records.

DOT/MARAD-22 Seaman's Unclaimed Wages (Vietnam Conflict).

DOT/MARAD-24 USMMA Non-Appropriated Fund Employees.

DOT/MARAD-25 USMMA Graduates.

DOT/MARAD-26 USMMA Midshipmen Deposit Account Records.

DOT/MARAD-27 USMMA Midshipman Grade Transcripts.

DOT/MARAD-28 USMMA Midshipman Medical Files.

DOT/MARAD-29 USMMA Midshipman Personnel Records.


DOT/NHTSA 400 National Highway Safety Advisory Committee Membership/Nominee Files, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 401 Docket System, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 402 Highway Safety Literature Personal Author File, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 403 Active Contract Run, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 404 Alcohol Projects, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 409 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Compliance, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 411 General Public Correspondence System, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 413 Odometer Rollback, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 415 Office of Defects Investigation/Defects Information System (ODI/DIS).

DOT/NHTSA 417 National Driver Register (NDR), DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 422 Temporary Exemption Petitions, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 423 Vendor Edit Table Listing (Employees), DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 424 Offerors Mailing List, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 427 Statement of Employment and Financial Interest, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 431 Civil Penalty Enforcement Files, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 432 EEO Counseling Program and Discrimination Complaint File, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 433 Injuries, Illnesses, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Property Damages, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 434 Government Driver Licenses, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 435 Investigations and Security, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 436 Contract Grievance Records, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 447 Drinking Driver Tracking System, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 451 Medical Records and Research Data, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 454 Alcohol Behavior Research, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 455 Debt Complaint File, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 457 Reference Files, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 458 Investigations of Alleged Misconduct or Conflict of Interest, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 459 Stockton Increased DUI Enforcement/DUI Citation and Arrest File, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 463 Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Equipment Import, DOT/NHTSA.

DOT/NHTSA 466 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Employee Travel Advances and Expense File.

DOT/NHTSA 467 Driver Programs Data System, DOT/NHTSA. Safe Performance Secondary School Driver Education Curriculum/ Demonstration Project Analysis File.

DOT/NHTSA 471 National Driver Register Advisory Committee - Membership/Nominee Files, DOT/NHTSA.


DOT/OST 003 Allegations of Infringement of United States Patents, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 004 Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR), DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 006 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 008 Departmental Advisory Committee Files, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 010 Departmental Personnel Management Information System, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 011 Discrimination Complaint Investigative Files, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 012 Files Relating to Personnel Hearings, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 013 Employee Management Convenience Files--Office of Inspector General.

DOT/OST 014 Employment Applications Files, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 016 General Investigations Record System, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 018 Identification Media Record Systems, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 019 System Name: Individual Personal Interests in Intellectual Property, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 024 Parking Permit Application Files and Vanpool Application Files.

DOT/OST 025 Parking Permit Management System.

DOT/OST 026 System Name: Payroll Management System, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 028 System Name: Personnel Convenience Files, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 030 System Name: Personnel Management Files, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 032 System Name: Management Operating Record System, DOT/ OST.

DOT/OST 034 System Name: Personnel Records, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 035 System Name: Personnel Security Record System, DOT/ OST.

DOT/OST 037 System Name: Records of Confirmation Proceeding Requirements for Proposed Executive Appointments to the Department of Transportation, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 041 System Name: Secretariat Information Retrieval System (SIRS) Secretary's Automated Management Information System (SAMIS), DOT/OST. SAMIS will totally replace SIRS in 1984.

DOT/OST 043 System Name: Telephone Directory and Locator System, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 044 Travel and Transportation Management File, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 045 Unsolicited Contract or Research and Development Proposals Embodying Claims of Proprietary Rights, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 046 Visit Control Records System, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 056 Garnishment Files, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 057 System Name: Honors Attorney Recruitment Files, DOT/ OST.

DOT/OST 059 Files of the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) for the Coast Guard, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 061 Records of Official Time Granted Employees for Performing Representational Functions.

DOT/OST 062 Biographies of Key Officials Book, DOT/OST.

DOT/OST 063 Civil Rights Case Tracking System.

DOT/OST 064 Mobility Assignment Candidate File.

DOT/OST 100 Investigative Record System, DOT/OIG.

DOT/OST 101 Office of Inspector General, Management Information System (OIG/MIS).


DOT/RSPA 01 System Name: Funds Management Records, DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 02 System Name: National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER) File, DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 03 Security Management Records, DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 04 Transportation Research Activities Information Service (TRAIS), DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 05 Transportation Research Information Service On Line (TRIS-On-Line), DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 06 Emergency Alerting Schedules, DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 07 Time and Attendance Report (FHWA Form 320 (7-73)) for the Office of Emergency Transportation, DOT/RSPA.

DOT/RSPA 08 Technical Pipeline Safety Committee, DOT/MTB.

DOT/RSPA 09 Hazardous Materials Incident Telephonic Report System.

DOT/RSPA 10 Hazardous Materials Incident Written Report System.

DOT/RSPA 11 Hazardous Materials Information Requests System.


DOT/SLS 151 Claimants Under Federal Tort Claims Act.

DOT/SLS 152 Data Automation Program Records.

DOT/SLS 153 Employees' Compensation Records.


DOT/TSC 700 Automated Management Information System, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 701 Employee Travel Records, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 702 Legal Counsel Information Files, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 703 Occupational Safety & Health Reporting System, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 704 Stand-By Personnel Information, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 706 Automated Planning System, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 707 Automated Manpower Distribution System, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 708 System Name: Combined Federal Campaign Information, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 709 Minority Information Files, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 711 Blood Donor Information File, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 712 Automated Personnel/Communications/Security System, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 713 Employee - Manpower Distribution System, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 714 Health Unit Employee Medical Records, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 715 Bi-Weekly Personnel Status Report, DOT/TSC.

DOT/TSC 716 UMTA/Technology Sharing Mailing List, DOT/TSC.


DOT/UMTA 175 Personnel Convenience Files, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 176 Blood-Donor File, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 177 UMTA-Sponsored Reports Author File, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 178 Minority Recruitment File, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 180 Occupational Safety and Health Accident Reporting System, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 190 Employee Travel Records, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 191 Travel Advance File, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 192 Urban Transportation Planning System (UTPS) Address File, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 193 Docket, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 194 Litigation and Claims Files, DOT/UMTA.

DOT/UMTA 195 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests, DOT/UMTA.



EPA 1 Environmental Protection Agency's Payroll System (EPAYS), EPA/FMD.

EPA--2 General Personnel Records--EPA.

EPA--3 Health Unit and Stress Lab Medical Records--EPA.

EPA-4 OIG Criminal Investigative Index and Files--EPA/OIG.

EPA-5 OIG Personnel Security Files--EPA/OIG.

EPA-9 Freedom of Information Act Request File.

EPA--10 EPA Parking Control Office File.

EPA--12 Statements of Known Financial Interests.

EPA-14 Time Accounting Information System.

EPA-15 Enforcement Case Support Expert Resources Inventory System--EPA-15.

EPA-16 EPA/P&CMD--Automated Information System for Career Management, (AISCM)--EPA-16.

EPA-17 Invention Reports Submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency--EPA/OGC/Grants-17.

EPA-NEIC-OCI-17 NEIC Criminal Investigative Index and Files- EPA/NEIC/ OCI.

EPA-FMSD-19 Official U.S. Government Identification Card Record- EPA-FMSD-19.

EPA-OTS-20 Toxic Substances Control Act Confidential Business Information Records Access System--EPA/OTS.

EPA-21 External Compliance Program Discrimination Complaint Files--EPA/OCR.

EPA-22 Congressional and Executive Communications Files--EPA/ OES.

EPA-23 EPA Credential Information Records--EPA-OIG and FMSD.

EPA-24 Claims Office Master Files (COMF)--EPA/OGC.

EPA-26 Radon Contractor Proficiency Program (RCP)--EPA/OAR.

EPA-27 Employee Counseling and Assistance Program Records, EPA/ECAP.

EPA-28 EPA Senior Environmental Employment Program Enrollee Records-EPA/ORD.

EPA-29 EPA Travel, Other Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Files EPA/FMD.

EPA-31 Contract Manager Record System, EPA/PCMD.



EEOC-1 Age and Equal Pay Act Discrimination Case Files.

EEOC-2 Attorney Referral List.

EEOC-3 Title VII and Americans With Disabilities Act Discrimination Case Files.

EEOC-4 Biographical Files.

EEOC-5 Correspondence and Congressional Inquiries.

EEOC-6 Employee Assistance Program Records.

EEOC-7 Employee Pay and Leave Records.

EEOC-8 Employee Travel and Reimbursement Records.

EEOC-9 Claims Collection Records.

EEOC-10 Grievance Records.

EEOC-11 Records of Adverse Actions Against Nonpreference Eligibles in the Excepted Service.

EEOC-12 Telephone Call Detail Records.

EEOC-13 Employee Identification Cards.

EEOC-14 Employee Parking Records.

EEOC/GOVT-1 Equal Employment Opportunity in the Federal Government Complaint and Appeal Records.



OA/EOP/01 Payroll Records.

OA/EOP/02 Travel Records.

OA/EOP/03 Library Circulation Records.

OA/EOP/04 Security Records.

OA/EOP/05 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests.

OA/EOP/06 Ethics in Government Act Financial Disclosure Reports.



EIB--1 EIB Biographical Sketches on Eximbank Employees.

EIB--2 EIB Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interest.

EIB--3 EIB Driver's License File.

EIB--4 EIB Earnings and Tax Statement.

EIB--5 EIB Employee Records (Relocation Site).

EIB--6 EIB Equal Employment Opportunity, Discrimination Complaint.

EIB--7 EIB Financial Assistance Request for (Under Federal Employee Training Act).

EIB--8 EIB Financial Organization, Credit to Account (Checking).

EIB--9 EIB Financial Organization, Credit to Account (Savings).

EIB--10 EIB Garage Space Application.

EIB--12 EIB Passport Request File.

EIB--13 EIB Payroll Certification.

EIB--15 EIB Payroll File.

EIB--16 EIB Payroll Information Employee.

EIB--17 EIB Payroll Listing.

EIB--18 EIB Payroll Master Record.

EIB--19 EIB Payroll Control Manual.

EIB--20 EIB Periodic Step Increase File.

EIB--22 EIB Personnel Security Records.

EIB--23 EIB Personnel Roster.

EIB--24 EIB Personnel Security Correspondence.

EIB--25 EIB Computerized Payroll/Personnel Systems.

EIB--26 EIB Retirement Record Cards.

EIB--27 EIB Savings Bond Authorization.

EIB--28 EIB Savings Bond File.

EIB--29 EIB Tax Exemption Certificate.

EIB--30 EIB Time and Attendance Card.

EIB--31 EIB Travel Advance Application.

EIB--32 EIB Travel Ledger.

EIB--33 EIB Visa Request File.

EIB--34 EIB Service Cards (SF-7).



FCA/GOVT--1 General Personnel Records

FCA--3 Upward Mobility Skills Survey

FCA--4 Group Accident Insurance Records

FCA--5 Employee Reports of Financial Interests and Employment

FCA--6 Farm Credit Bank Personnel Records

FCA--7 Employee Attendance, Leave, and Payroll Records

FCA--8 Employee Travel and Vendor Voucher Files

FCA--9 Financial Management Records

FCA--10 Property Accountability Records

FCA--11 Procurement Records

FCA--12 Biographical Files

FCA--13 Public Information Requests File

FCA--14 Freedom of Information Requests

FCA--15 Congressional Correspondence File

FCA--16 Federal Land Bank Loans

FCA--17 Production Credit Association Loans

FCA-18 Inspector General Investigative Files



FCC/CENTRAL-1 Pay, Leave, and Travel Records.

FCC/CENTRAL-2 Employee Locator Card Files.

FCC/CENTRAL-3 Employee Assistance Program Case Files.

FCC/CENTRAL-5 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Case Files.

FCC/CENTRAL-6 Personnel Investigation Records.

FCC/CENTRAL-7 Freedom of Information Act Case Files.

FCC/CENTRAL-9 Denial of Federal Benefits (Drug Debarment List).

FCC/CCB-1 Complaints and Inquiries File.

FCC/CCB-4 Public Land Mobile Individual Users File.

FCC/FOB-1 Radio Operator Records.

FCC/FOB-2 Violators File (records kept on individuals who have been subjects of FCC field enforcement actions).

FCC/FOB-3 State and Operational Areas Emergency Communications Committee Membership.

FCC/OET-1 Experimental Radio Station License Files.

FCC/OGC-1 Alleged Violators File (Ex Parte Rules).

FCC/OGC-2 Attorney Misconduct Files.

FCC/OGC-3 Employee Complaint Adjudication.

FCC/OGC-4 Parties Involved in Current Litigtion Before Federal Courts.

FCC/OGC-5 Parties with Pending Civil Cases Before Any District Court That Affect the Commission.

FCC/OGC-6 Private or Civil Injury Claimants.

FCC/OGC-7 Garnishment and Levy of Wages.

FCC/OIG-1 Criminal Investigative Files.

FCC/OIG-2 General Investigative Files.

FCC/OMD-2 Labor and Employee Relations Case Files.

FCC/OMD-3 Federal Advisory Committee Membership File.

FCC/OMD-4 Security Office Control Files.

FCC/OMD-6 Records of Money Received, Refunded, and Returned.

FCC/PRB-2 Application and License File.

FCC/PRB-4 Private Radio Bureau Compliance.

FCC/PRB-5 Application Review List for Present or Former Licensees, Operators or Unlicensed Persons Operating Radio Equipment Improperly.



FDIC 30-64-0001 Attorney--Legal Intern Applicant System.

FDIC 30-64-0002 Financial Institutions Investigative and Enforcement Records System.

FDIC 30-64-0003 Administrative and Personnel Action System.

FDIC 30-64-0004 Changes in Bank Control Ownership Records.

FDIC 30-64-0005 Consumer Complaint and Inquiry System.

FDIC 30-64-0006 Employee Financial Disclosure Statement System.

FDIC 30-64-0007 Employee Education System.

FDIC 30-64-0008 Chain Bank Report.

FDIC 30-64-0009 Examiner, Training and Education Records.

FDIC 30-64-0010 Investigative Files and Records.

FDIC 30-64-0012 Financial Information System.

FDIC 30-64-0013 Insured Bank Liquidation Records.

FDIC 30-64-0015 Unofficial Personnel System.

FDIC 30-64-0016 Municipal Securities Dealers and Government Securities Brokers/Dealers Personnel Records.

FDIC 30-64-0017 Medical Records and Emergency Contact Information System.

FDIC 30-64-0018 Grievance Records System.

FDIC 30-64-0019 Prospective Investor System.

FDIC 30-64-0020 Telephone Call Detail Records.

FDIC 30-64-0021 Fitness Center Records System.

FDIC 30-64-0022 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests System.



FEC 1 Requests for advisory opinions.

FEC 2 Audits and investigations.

FEC 3 Compliance actions.

FEC 4 Mailing Lists.

FEC 5 Personnel records.

FEC 6 Candidate reports and designations.

FEC 7 Certification for primary matching funds and general election campaign funds.

FEC 8 Payroll records.

FEC 9 Litigation Actions.

FEC 10 Letter file, public communications.

FEC 11 Contributor Name Index System.



FEMA/ADM-1 Office Files.

FEMA/ADM-2 Office Services File System.

FEMA/ADM-3 Federal Advisory and Other Committee Files.

FEMA/EX-1 Biographies.

FEMA/EX-2 President's and Director's Award Nominees.

FEMA/FIA-1 Federal Crime Insurance Program.

FEMA/FIA-2 National Flood Insurance Application and Related Documents Files.

FEMA/GC-1 Claims (litigation).

FEMA/GOVT-1 National Defense Executive Reserve System.

FEMA/IG-1 General Investigative Files.

FEMA/NETC-1 Student Application and Registration Records.

FEMA/NETC-2 Emergency Management Training Program Home Study Courses.

FEMA/NETC-3 Records of Alleged Misconduct of Students Attending Training Courses at the National Emergency Training Center.

FEMA/NETC-4 Associate Faculty Tracking System.

FEMA/NP-1 Emergency Assignment System.

FEMA/NP-2 Key Personnel Central Locator List.

FEMA/OC-1 Travel and Transportation Accounting.

FEMA/OC-2 Debt Collection Files.

FEMA/PER-1 Grievance Records.

FEMA/PER-2 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints of Discrimination Files.

FEMA/PER-3 Payroll and leave accounting.

FEMA/REG-1 State and local Civil Preparedness Instructional Program (SLCPIP).

FEMA/REG-2 Disaster Recovery Assistance Files.

FEMA/SEC-1 Security Support System.

FEMA/SLPS-1 Application for Enrollment in Architectural Engineering Professional Development Program.

FEMA/SLPS-2 Military Reserve Program.

FEMA/SLPS-3 Radioactive Materials Inventory.

FEMA/SLPS-4 Maintenance and Calibration.

FEMA/SLPS-5 Radiation Exposure and Radioactive Materials; Radiation Committee Records.

FEMA/SLPS-6 Temporary and Permanent Relocation and Personal and Real Property Acquisitions and Relocation Files.



ASC-1 National Registry of State Certified and Licensed Appraisers.



FHLMC-I Corporate Employee Files.

FHLMC-II Corporate Employee Current Salary Cards.

FHLMC-III Potential Candidates for Employment.

FHLMC-IV Corporate Employee Conflict-of-Interest Files.

FHLMC-V Net Yield Debt System.

FHLMC-VI Corporate Employee Garnishments.

FHLMC-VII Discrimination Complaint Files.



FLRA/FSIP--1 Personnel files on current, past, and prospective employees--FLRA/FSIP.

FLRA/FSIP--2 Travel Records--FLRA/FSIP.

FLRA/INTERNAL-1 Employee Occupational Health Program Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-2 Appeal and Administrative Review Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-3 Complaints and Inquiries Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-4 Applicants for Employment Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-5 Preemployment Inquiry Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-6 Grievance Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-7 Employee Incentive Award and Recognition Files.

FLRA/INTERNAL-8 Employee Assistance Program Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-9 Federal Executive Development Program Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-10 Employee Locator Card Files.

FLRA/INTERNAL-11 Training Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-12 Performance Evaluation/Rating Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-13 Intern Program and Upward Mobility Program Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-14 Motor Vehicle Operators Records and Motor Vehicle Accident Report Cards.

FLRA/INTERNAL-15 Pay, Leave and Travel Records.

FLRA/INTERNAL-16 Occupational Injury and Illness Records.

FLRA/OIG-1 Office of the Inspector General Investigative Files.



FMC-1 Personnel Security File.

FMC-2 Non-Attorney Practitioner File.

FMC-7 Licensed Ocean Freight Forwarders File.

FMC-8 Official Personnel Folder.

FMC-9 Training Program Records.

FMC-10 Desk Audit File.

FMC-14 Medical Examination File-.

FMC-15 Service Control File.

FMC-16 Classification Appeals File.

FMC-18 Travel Orders/Vouchers File.

FMC-19 Statement of Employment and Financial Interests.

FMC-21 Payroll Records-Federal Maritime Commission.

FMC-22 Investigatory Files.

FMC-23 Parking Applications.

FMC-24 Informal Inquiries and Complaints Files.

FMC-25 Inspector General File.

FMC-26 Administrative Grievance File.

FMC-28 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Files.

FMC-29 Employee Performance File System Records.

FMC-30 Procurement Integrity Certification Files.

FMCS--I Agency Internal Personnel Records.

FMCS--II Agency Pay Records.

FMCS--III Agency Personnel Security Records.

FMCS--IV Arbitrator Personal Data File.

FMCS-V Grievance Records.



FMSHRC-01 Payroll records--Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission.

FMSHRC-02 General Finance and Accounting Records--Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission.

FMSHRC-03 General Informal Personnel Files--Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission.

FMSHRC-04 Property Management System--Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission.

FMSHRC-05 Administrative Law Judge Caseload Report, Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission.



BGFRS--1 FRB--Recruiting and Placement Records.

BGFRS--2 FRB Personnel Background Investigation Reports.

BGFRS--3 FRB--Medical Records.

BGFRS--4 FRB--General Personnel Records.

BGFRB--3 FRS--EEO Discrimination Complaint File.

BGFRS--6 FRB--Adverse Information and Action Records: Disciplinary Records.

BGFRS--7 FRB--Payroll.

BGFRS-8 FRB--Leave Records.

BGFRS-9 FRB--Consultant and Staff Associate File.

BGFRS--10 FRB--General File on Board Members.

BCFRS-11 FRB--Official General Files.

BGFRS--12 FRB--Biographical File of Federal Personnel.

BGFRS--13 FRB--General File of Examiners and Assistant Examiners at Federal Reserve Banks.

BGFRS--14 FRB--General File of Federal Reserve Bank and Branch Directors.

BGFRS--15 FRB--General Files of Federal Reserve Agents, Alternates and Representatives at Federal Reserve Banks.

BGFRS--16 FRB--Regulation G Reports.

BGFRS--17 FRB--Municipal Securities Principal and Municipal Securities Representative Records.

BGFRS--18 FRB--Consumer Complaint Information System.

BGFRS--19 FRB--Financial Disclosure Reports and Outside Business Interest Applications.

BGFRS-21 FRB-Supervisory Tracking and Reference System.

BGFRS-22 FRB-Chain Banking Reference System.



FRTIB-1 Thrift Savings Plan Records.

FRTIB-2 General Personnel Records.

FRTIB-3 EEO Discrimination Complaint File.

FRTIB-4 Adverse Information and Action Records: Disciplinary Records.

FRTIB-5 Payroll Records.

FRTIB-6 Leave Records.

FRTIB-7 Consultant and Staff Associate File.

FTC-1 Biographies of Commissioners and Key Staff Members

FTC-2 Correspondence Control System

FTC-4 Claimants Under Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act.

FTC-7 Congressional Correspondence Coordination Unit Records, Office of Congressional Relations

FTC I-7 Inspector General Investigative Files

FTC-8 Congressional Inquiry Files, Dallas Regional Office

FTC-9 Consultant Files, Division of Advertising Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection

FTC-10 Consumer and Industry Correspondence Files, Division of Credit Practices; Bureau of Consumer Protection

FTC-11 Consumer Complaint Files, Atlanta Regional Office

FTC-12 Consumer Complaint File, Dallas Regional Office

FTC-13 Consumer Complaint Files, Division of Marketing Practices; Bureau of Consumer Protection

FTC-14 Consumer Complaint Files, Los Angeles Regional Office

FTC-15 Application for Reimbursement for Participation in Rulemaking Proceedings

FTC-16 Consumer Complaint Letters, Seattle Regional Office

FTC-17 Consumer Mailing List, Los Angeles Regional Office

FTC-18 Consumer Redress Lists, Enforcement Division, Bureau of Consumer Protection

FTC-19 Correspondence With Enforcement Division, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Concerning Parties Subject to Commission Orders

FTC-20 Employee Locator System

FTC-21 Counseling Records

FTC-22 Disciplinary Action Investigatory Files

FTC-23 Financial Management System

FTC-24 Financial Statements of Commissioners-Elect.

FTC-25 General Correspondence Records

FTC-26 Applicant Files and General Personnel Records (Official Personnel Folder and Records Related Thereto): Duplicate Personnel Files and Automated Records.

FTC-27 Assignment Control System, Bureau of Consumer Protection

FTC-28 Investigational, Legal, and Public Records

FTC-30 Consultant Files, Bureau of Competition

FTC-31 Payroll Processing System

FTC-32 Payroll-Retirement Records

FTC-33 Preliminary Investigatory Files.

FTC-34 Public Contact Report System, Atlanta Regional Office

FTC-35 Public Information Mailing List

FTC-36 Public Information Mailing Lists, Boston Regional Office

FTC-37 Individual Claims Submitted Pursuant to Consent Agreement in`` Bachman v. Pertschuk``, CA No. 76-0079 (D.D.C. 1978).

FTC-39 Staff Advisory Opinion Records.

FTC-40 Statement of Employment and Financial Interests

FTC-41 Unofficial Personnel Records.

FTC-45 Automated Serials Routing System

FTC-46 Clearance to Participate Applications and the Commission's Responses Thereto

FTC-49 Freedom of Information Act Requests and Appeals from Other Than Governmental Agencies and the Commission's Responses Thereto

FTC-51 Privacy Act Requests and Appeals

FTC-52 Equal Employment Opportunity Statistical Reporting System

FTC-53 Medical Participation in Control of Certain Open-Panel Medical Prepayment Plans Mailing List.

FTC-54 Discrimination Complaint System

FTC-55 Consumer Education Mailing List



GSA/AGENCY-1 Employee Related Files.

GSA/GOVT-2 Employment Under Commercial Activities Contracts.

GSA/GOVT-3 Travel Charge Card Program.

GSA/GOVT-4 Contracted Travel Services Program.

GSA/HRO-1 (23-00-0001) Standards of Conduct Files.

GSA/HRO-2 (23-00-0004) Employee Drug Abuse/Alcoholism Files.

GSA/HRO-3 Occupational Health and Injury Files.

GSA/HRO-4 (23-00-0007) Labor-Management Relations Files.

GSA/HRO-5 (23-00-0009) Employee Benefits Files.

GSA/HRO-6 (23-00-0023) Listing of Physicians.

GSA/HRO-7 (23-00-0027) Motor Vehicle Operator Applications.

GSA/HRO-8 (23-00-0026) Credentials, Passes, and Licenses.

GSA/HRO-9 (23-00-0104) Emergency Notification Rosters and Files.

GSA/HRO-10 Grievance Records.

GSA/HRO-37 (23-00-0110) Security Files.

GSA/PPFM-1 (23-00-0032) Disbursement and Accounts Payable Files.

GSA/PPFM-3 (23-00-0034) Travel System.

GSA/PPFM-5 (23-00-0036) Payroll, Time and Attendance Reporting System.

GSA/PPFM-6 (23-00-0100) Employee Credit Reports GSA/OAD.

GSA/PPFM-7 Credit Data on Individual Debtors.

GSA/PPFM-8 Personnel Information Resources System (PIRS).

GSA/PPFM-9 Payroll Information Processing System.

GSA/ADM-24 (23-00-0024) Investigation Case Files.

GSA/OEA-1 (23-00-0103) Defunct Agency Records.

GSA/OGC 2 (23-00-0040) Attorney Placement, GSA/OGC. This notice covers six unique systems of records of related subject matter.

GSA/OGC 4 (23-00-0042) General Law Files, GSA/OGC. This notice covers 22 unique systems of records involving related subject matter.

GSA/OGC 6 (23-00-0044) Potential Employees Referrals.

GSA/REGADM 3 (23-00-0070) Biographical Sketches.

GSA/REGADM 4 (23-00-0071) Official Correspondence Files.

GSA/REGADM-6 (23-00-0102) Ridesharing System.

GSA/PBS-3 Incident Reporting, Investigation, Contingency Planning/Analysis, and Security Case Files.

GSA/ADTS 1 (23-00-0076) Classified Control Files, GSA/ADTS.

GSA/ADTS 2 (23-00-0077) Congressional Files, GSA/ADTS.

GSA/ADTS 4 (23-00-0079) Emergency Notification Files GSA/ADTS.

GSA/ADTS 5 (23-00-0080) Financial Management Files, GSA/ADTS.

GSA/ADTS 7 (23-00-0082) Workload Measurement Files, GSA/ADTS.

GSA/ADTS 8 (23-00-0096) Special Purpose Telephone Contact Listings GSA/ADTS.

GSA/FSS 12 (23-00-0094) Accountability and Property Inventory Systems GSA/FSS.

GSA/FPRS-2 (23-00-0110) Hazardous Materials Exposure History System.

GSA/TPUS-2 (23-00-0107) Accountability and Property Inventory System.

GSA/OAP-1 Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Nonprocurement Programs.



TSF--1 Payroll Records--Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

TSF--2 General Financial Records Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

TSF--3 General Informational Files--Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

TSF--4 Applicant's Records--Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.



IAF--1 Conflict of Interest Files--IAF.

IAF--2 Foundation Fellowship Program Files--IAF.

IAF--3 Informal Personnel Files--IAF.

IAF--4 Travel Records--IAF.

IAG--5 General Financial Records--IAF.



IBWC/US SEC.-1 Attendance, Leave, and Payroll Records of Employees.

IBWC/US SEC.-2 Accounts Receivable.

IBWC/US SEC.-3 Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interests.

IBWC/US SEC.-4 Individual Identification Cards.

IBWC/US SEC.-5 Certificates of Medical Examination.

IBWC/US SEC.-6 Equal Employment Opportunity.

IBWC/US SEC.-7 Occupational Health and Injury Files.

IBSE/US SEC.-8 Motor Vehicle Operator Records.

IBWC/US SEC.-9 Employees' Travel Records--Initial Appointment and/or Change of Duty Stations.

IBWC/US SEC.-10 Freedom of Information Act Requests for Records.

IBWC/US SEC.-11 General Personnel Records.

IBWC/US SEC.-12 Investigative Records.

IBWC/US SEC.-13 Employees; Vehicle Accident Reports.

IBWC/US SEC.-14 Records of Cash Receipts.

IBWC/US SEC.-15 Disciplinary Action, Appeal, and Grievance Files; and Unfair Labor Practice Charges/Complaints.

IBWC/US SEC.-16 Official Personnel Folders.

IBWC/US SEC.-17 Service Records.

IBWC/US SEC.-18 Employment Resources Files.

IBWC/US SEC.-19 Incentive Awards Files.

IBWC/US SEC./20 Travel Advance Information Files.

IBWC/US SEC.-21 Employer's Tax Return Files.

IBWC/US SEC.-22 Privacy Act Request File.



Employment and Financial Disclosure Records--U.S.I.T.C.

Budgetary and Payroll-Related Records--U.S.I.T.C.

Time and Attendance Records--U.S.I.T.C.

Grievance Records--U.S.I.T.C.

Office of Inspector General Investigative Files (General) and Office of Inspector General Investigative Files (Criminal).



32-20-001 Operating Personnel Files (Nonpermanent Records), ICC.

32-20-002 National Defense Executive Reserve Files, ICC.

32-20-003 Unit Medical Records, ICC.

32-20-004 Automated Personnel and Payroll System, ICC.

32-20-005 Case Status System (Formal Case Control), ICC.

32-20-006 Correspondence and Management Control, ICC.

32-20-007 Consumer Complaint System, ICC.

32-20-008 Preliminary Investigative Files, ICC.

32-20-009 Investigative and Enforcement Records, Cross-Indexed, ICC.

32-20-010 ICC Employee Parking Permit Applications for Carpools, ICC.

32-20-011 ICC Indentification System File.

32-20-012 Employee Travel Records, ICC.

32-20-0013 Identification and Measurement of Minority and Female Owned Motor Carriers.

32-20-0014 Fee Billing and Collection System.

32-20-0015 OIG Complaint and Investigative Files.



JUSFC--1 Payroll Records--Japan-United States Friendship Commission

JUSFC--2 General Financial Records--Japan-United States Friendship Commission.

JUSFC--3 General Informal Personnel Files--Japan-United States Friendship Commission.



JBEA--1 Application Files

JBEA--2 Charge Case Inventory Files

JBEA--3 Denied Applications

JBEA--4 Enrollment Files

JBEA--5 Enrollment Roster

JBEA--6 General Correspondence File

JBEA--7 General Information

JBEA--8 Suspension and Termination Files

JBEA--9 Suspension and Termination Roster



MMC--1 Applications for Permits to Take or Import Marine Mammals or to Import Marine Mammal Products for Purposes of Scientific Research or Public Display--MMC.

MMC--2 Personnel Files on Current, Past and Prospective Employees and Members of the Marine Mammal Commission and its Committee of Scientific Advisors--MMC.

MMC--3 Research Proposals and Contracts-MMC.

MMC--4 General Financial Records--MMC.

MMC--5 Payroll Records--MMC.



MSPB/INTERNAL-1 Pay, Leave, and Travel Records.

MSPB/INTERNAL-2 Employee Grievance Records.

MSPB/INTERNAL-3 Employee Awards Tracking System Records.

MSPB/INTERNAL-6 Security Office Control Records.

MSPB/CENTRAL-1 Assignment and Correspondence Tracking System Records (ACTS).

MSPB/CENTRAL-2 General Correspondence Records.

MSPB/CENTRAL-3 Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Case Records.

MSBP/CENTRAL-4 Litigation and Claims Records.

MSPB/GOVT-1 Appeals and Case Records.



NASA 10ACMQ Aircraft Crewmembers Qualifications and Performance Records.

NASA 10BRPA Biographical Records for Public Affairs.

NASA 10EEOR Equal Opportunity Records.

NASA 10ERMS Executive Resources Management System.

NASA 10GMVP Government Motor Vehicle Operators Permit Records.

NASA 10HABC History Archives Biographical Collection-NASA.

NASA 10HERD Human Experimental and Research Data Records.

NASA 10HIMS Health Information Management System--NASA.

NASA 10IGIC Inspector General Investigations Case Files.

NASA 10PAYS Payroll Systems.

NASA 10SCCF Standards of Conduct Counselling Case Files.

NASA 10SECR Security Records System.

NASA 10HIMS Health Information Management System.

NASA 10SPER Special Personnel Records,--NASA.

NASA 10XROI Exchange Records on Individuals.

NASA 22ORER LeRC Occupational Radiation Exposure Records.

NASA 51LISTS Locator and Information Services Tracking System (LISTS)--NASA.

NASA 51RSCR GSFC Radiation Safety Committee Records.

NASA 53BHTR Wallops Flight Facility Base Housing Tenant Record.

NASA 72XOPR JSC Exchange Activities Records.

NASA 73FHAP WSTF Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 809 Housing Program.

NASA 76RTES KSC Radiation Training and Experience Summary.

NASA 76STCS KSC Shuttle Training Certification System (YC 04).

NASA 76STCT KSC USNRC Occupational External Radiation Exposure History for Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licenses.



NARA 1 Researcher Application Files.

NARA 2 Reference Request Files.

NARA 3 Donors of Historical Materials Files.

NARA 4 National Archives Committees Files.

NARA 5 Conference and Related Activities Files.

NARA 6 Mailing List Files.

NARA 7 Mandatory Review of Classified Documents Request Files and Freedom of Information Act Request Files.

NARA 8 Restricted and Classified Records Access Authorization Files.

NARA 9 Authors Files.

NARA 10 Employee Drug Abuse/Alcoholism Files.

NARA 11 Credentials, Passes, and Licenses.

NARA 12 Emergency Notification Rosters and Files.

NARA 13 Defunct Agency Records.

NARA 14 Payroll and Time and Attendance Reporting System.

NARA 15 Editorial Freelance Vendor File.

NARA 16 Library Circulation Files.

NARA 17 Grievance Records.

NARA 18 General Law Files.

NARA 19 Workers Compensation Case Files.

NARA 20 Reviewer/Consultant File.

NARA 21 Fellowship and Editing Institute Files.

NARA 22 Employee Related Files.

NARA 23 Investigation Case Files.

NARA 24 Personnel Security Files.



NCPC-1 Mailing Lists--NCPC.

NCPC-2 Personnel/Payroll-NCPC.

NCPC-3 Grievance Records.



White House Conference Delegate/Alternate Certification File (D-Ac File).



NCUA-1 Employee Security Investigations Containing Adverse Information, NCUA.

NCUA-2 Grievance Records, NCUA.

NCUA-3 Payroll Records System, NCUA.

NCUA-4 Verified Employee Mailing List.

NCUA-5 Travel Advance and Voucher Information System, NCUA.

NCUA-6 New Examiner Training Files, NCUA.

NCUA-7 Region I Employee Development/Correspondence Records, NCUA.

NCUA-8 Region II Employee Development/Correspondence Records, NCUA.

NCUA-9 Region III Employee Development/Correspondence Records, NCUA.

NCUA-10 Region IV Employee Development/Correspondence Records, NCUA.

NCUA-11 Region V Employee Development/Correspondence Records, NCUA.

NCUA-12 Region VI Employee Development/Correspondence Records, NCUA.

NCUA-13 Emergency Information (Employee) File, NCUA.

NCUA-14 Employee Injury File, NCUA.

NCUA-15 Investigative Reports Involving Any Crime or Suspected Crime Against a Credit Union, NCUA.

NCUA-16 Freedom of Information Act Bills Delinquent 30-Days or More, NCUA.

NCUA-17 Acquired Assets and Share Payout Records System, NCUA.

NCUA-18 Member Accounts; Credit Unions Closed for Involuntary Liquidations, NCUA.

NCUA-19 Trusteed Account Records System, NCUA.

NCUA-20 Investigation Files, NCUA.

NCUA-21 Consumer Complaints Against Federal Credit Unions, NCUA.

NCUA-22 Litigation Case Files, NCUA.




IMS-1 Reviewers and Panelists--IMS-1.

IMS-2 Personnel Records--IMS-2.


NEA-1 Consultants NEA-1.

NEA-2 Contracts NEA-2.

NEA-3 Employee Payroll, and Leave and Attendance Records, NEA-3.

NEA-4 Equal Employment Opportunity Case File, NEA-4.

NEA-5 Grant Applications, NEA-5.

NEA-6 Grants to Individuals, NEA-6.

NEA-7 Personnel Records, NEA-7.

NEA-8 Fellows, NEA-8.


NEH-1 Consultants, Reviewers and Panelists--NEH--1.

NEH-2 Contract--NEH-2.

NEH-3 Employee Payroll and Leave and Attendance Records and Files--NEH-3.

NEH-4 Equal Employment Opportunity Case File-NEH-4.

NEH-5 Grant Applications--NEH-5.

NEH-6 Grants to Individuals and Institutions- NEH-6.

NEH-7 Personnel Records--NEH-7.


BIB--1 General Financial Records--BIB.

BIB--2 Payroll Records--BIB.

BIB--3 Grievance Records--BIB.



NIGC-1 Indian Gaming Individuals Record System.



NLRB-1 Accounting Records--Financial.

NLRB-2 Applicant Files for Attorney and Filed Examiner Positions.

NLRB-3 Biographical Data File--Presidential Appointees.

NLRB-5 Employment and Performance Records, Attorneys and Field Examiners.

NLRB-6 Employment and Performance Records, Nonprofessionals and Nonlegal Professionals.

NLRB-7 Grievances, Appeals, Complaints, and Related Litigation Records.

NLRB-8 Health Maintenance Program Records.

NLRB-9 Occupational Injury and Illness Records.

NLRB-10 Pay Records--Retirement.

NLRB-11 Payroll--Finance Records.

NLRB-12 Prefiling Communications.

NLRB-13 Time and Attendance Records, NLRB.

NLRB-14 Equal Employment Opportunity Program Management System.

NLRB-15 Employee Counseling Services Program Records.

NLRB-16 Investigative Services Case Files.

NLRB-17 Personnel Security Files.

NLRB-18 Office of Inspector General Investigative Files.

NLRB-19 Telephone Call Detail Records.

NLRB-20 Agency Disciplinary Case Files.



NSF--1 Employment Inquiries and Background Information.

NSF--2 Applicants to Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society Fellowship Programme (NATO).

NSF--3 Application and Account for Advance of Funds. (SF 1038).

NSF--4 Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests.

NSF--5 Congressional Contact Files.

NSF--6 Doctorate Records File.

NSF--7 Earnings and Tax Statement (W-2).

NSF--8 Employee Grievance and Appeals File.

NSF--9 Employees Locator Record Card.

NSF--10 Employee's Payroll Jacket.

NSF--11 Equal Employment Opportunity Case File.

NSF-12 Fellowships and other Awards.

NSF--13 Fellowship Payroll.

NSF--14 Grants to Individuals.

NSF--15 Health Service Medical Records.

NSF--16 Individual Retirement Record (SF2806).

NSF--17 Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Agreements.

NSF--18 Manpower Management Subsystem.

NSF--19 Medical Examination Records for Service in Antarctica.

NSF--20 Minority Applicants for Employment.

NSF--21 Nominees for and Recipients of the National Medal of Science.

NSF--22 NSF Payroll System.

NSF--23 NSF Staff Biography.

NSF--24 Official Passports.

NSF--25 Official Personnel Folders.

NSF--26 Personnel Security Control Cards.

NSF--27 Presidential Internships in Science and Engineering.

NSF--31 Science Education Applicant Information Subsystem.

NSF--32 Separated Employees Service Record (SF 7).

NSF--33 Student Science Training Program Participant Information.

NSF--34 Time and Attendance Reports.

NSF--35 Travelers Vouchers Folders (SF 1012).

NSF--36 U.S. Antarctic Research Program Personal Information.

NSF--37 United States Antarctic Research Program Field Participants.

NSF--38 Alien Applications for Consideration of Waiver of Two- Year Foreign Residence Requirements--NSF.

NSF--39 Reviewer/Panelist Information Subsystem. (Note this system differs from NSF System No. 30 in that the system 39 is used to collect information concerning reviewers used by Foundation officers, whereas No. 30 is used as an aid in the selection of reviewers.)

NSF--40 NSF Innovation Guide Mailing List.

NSF--41 Dissertation Advisers File.

NSF--42 Nominees for and Recipients of the Alan T. Waterman Award Nomination File.

NSF-43 Doctorate Work History File.

NSF--44 Visiting Women Scientists Roster.

NSF--45 Study to Evaluate Scientific Information Services.

NSF--46 Sample of U.S. Scientists Who Published Research Papers during 1978.

NSF--47 NSF Applied Research Evaluators Roster.

NSF-48 Telephone Call Detail Program.

NSF-49 Frequent Traveler Profile.

NSF-50 Principal Investigator/Proposal File and Associated Records.

NSF-51 Reviewer/Proposal File and Associated Records.

NSF-52 Office of Inspector General Investigative Files.

NSF-53 Public Transportation Subsidy Program.

NSF-57 Delinquent Debtors File.



NSC 1.1 Central Research Index 1.1

NSC 1.2 NSC Correspondence Files 1.2

NSC 1.3 NSC Meetings Registry 1.3

NSC 1.4 Agency Personnel Records and Files 1.4

NSC 2.1 Presidential Correspondence Files 2.1

NSC 2.2 Presidential Advisory Files 2.2

NSC 2.3 Presidential Contact File 2.3



NTSB--1 Claimants under Federal Tort Claims Act

NTSB--2 Personnel Nonpermanent Records

NTSB--3 Security Records

NTSB--4 Travel Records of Employees

NTSB--5 Reports of Employees' Financial Interests and Outside Employment.

NTSB--6 Employee Payroll, Leave, and Attendance Records

NTSB--7 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Records

NTSB--8 Privacy Act Request Records

NTSB--9 Employee Locator Cards

NTSB--10 Disciplinary Action, Adverse Action, Grievance and Appeal Files

NTSB--11 Parking Permit Records



NRC-1 Shared Information Network (SINET)

NRC-2 Biographical Information Records

NRC-3 Enforcement Actions Against Individuals

NRC-4 Conflict of Interest Files

NRC-5 Contracts Records Files

NRC-6 Discrimination Cases

NRC-7 Telephone Call Detail Records

NRC-8 Employee Appeals, Grievances, and Complaints Records

NRC-9 Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaint Files

NRC-10 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) Requests Records

NRC-11 General Personnel Records (Official Personnel Folder and Related Records)

NRC-12 Government Motor Vehicle Operators License Files

NRC-13 Incentive Awards Files

NRC-14 Employee Assistance Program Files

NRC-15 National Standards Committee Membership Files

NRC-16 Facility Operator Licensees Record Files (10 CFR part 55)

NRC-18 Office of the Inspector General Index File and Associated Records

NRC-19 Official Personnel Training Records Files

NRC-20 Official Travel Records

NRC-21 Payroll Accounting Records

NRC-22 Personnel Performance Appraisals

NRC-23 Office of Investigations Indices, Files, and Associated Records

NRC-24 Government Property Accountability System

NRC-25 Oral History Program

NRC-26 Administrative Services Files

NRC-27 Radiation Exposure Information and Reports System (REIRS) Files

NRC-28 Recruiting, Examining, and Placement Records

NRC-29 Nuclear Documents System (NUDOCS)

NRC-30 Manpower Resource Tracking System Records

NRC-31 Correspondence and Records, Office of the Secretary

NRC-32 License and Applicant Taxpayer Identification Number Records

NRC-33 Special Inquiry File

NRC-34 Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) and Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste (ACNW) Correspondence Index and Associated Records

NRC-35 Drug Testing Program Records

NRC-36 Employee Locator Records Files

NRC-37 Information Security Files and Associated Records

NRC-38 Mailing Lists

NRC-39 Personnel Security Files and Associated Records

NRC-40 Facility Security Access Control Records



OSHRC-1 Travel Records-OSHRC.

OSHRC-2 Mailing Lists for News Releases, Speeches, Reports

OSHRC-3 Cases Pending With the Commissioners.

OSHRC-4 Judge Report on Pending Cases.

OSHRC-5 Judge Summary Report.

OSHRC-6 Applications for Employment-OSHRC.

OSHRC-8 Payroll Records-OSHRC.

OSHRC-9 Cases Pending in the Decisional Process after Oral Decision.

OSHRC-10 Cases Acted on by Judge.

OSHRC-11 Cases pending in General Counsel's Office.



OGE/GOVT-1 Executive Branch Public Financial Disclosure Reports and Other Ethics Program Records.

OGE/GOVT-2 Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interests.



OMB/SPD/01 Clearance Office Information System .

OMB/LIBRY/01 Library Circulation System.

OMB/BUDGO/01 Payroll and Leave Records.

OMB/BUDGO/02 Staff Travel Records.

OMB/BUDGO/03 Personnel Summary.

OMB/BUDGO/04 OMB Professional Staff Roster.

OMB/LEGIS/01 Private Relief Legislation.

OMB/PERSL/01 Recruiting and Applicant Records.

OMB/RECDS/01 Researcher Request File.

OMB/ADSER/01 Staff Directory Card.

OMB/ADSER/02 Staff Parking Application File.

OMB/CAVAD/01 Veterans Education and Training Load Model.

FAI-1 Federal Procurement and Logistics Personnel Information System.

FAI-2 Individual Credentialing Services Program.



OPIC--1 Applicants (General)

OPIC--2 Applicants (General)

OPIC--3 Attendance and Leave Records

OPIC--4 Awards

OPIC--5 Biographies of Key Employees and Board Members

OPIC--6 Compensations

OPIC--7 Conduct and Discipline

OPIC--8 Conflicts of Interest

OPIC--9 Employee Health and Life Insurance

OPIC--10 Employment (Excepted Positions)

OPIC--11 Evaluations

OPIC--12 Photographs-OPIC.

OPIC--13 Placement of Handicapped Individuals

OPIC--14 Position Classification

OPIC--15 Recruitment

OPIC--16 Retirement

OPIC--17 Security and Investigations

OPIC--18 Security Violations

OPIC--19 Travel Advances

OPIC--20 Travel Obligations

OPIC--21 Directors (Current)

OPIC--22 Directors (Former)

OPIC--23 Employees' Payroll Records



PCC/AE-1 Executive Personnel Financial Disclosure Reports

PCC/WO/AE-2 Panama Canal Commission Board of Directors Biographical and Correspondence Files

PCC/ADSA-1 Biographical Data

PCC/AMRM-1 General Files of the Panama Canal Commission

PCC/AMSA-3 Land Utilization Records

PCC/AMTE-1 ID Card and Documentation Control System PCC/AMTE-1.

PCC/AMTE-2 Equity Adjustment Records

PCC/AMTR-1 Employees and Dependents Travel Orders

PCC/ECIN-1 Plumbing and Welding License Files

PCC/ECLE-1 Telephone Exchange Directory

PCC/EO-1 Racial/National Origin Category Data

PCC/EO-2 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint File

PCC/FMAC-0 Embezzlements

PCC/FMAC-1 Agents Accounts Branch, Building 365, Ancon, Republic of Panama.

PCC/FMAC-2 Accounts Receivable Records

PCC/FMAC-5 Delegation of Authority for Procurement

PCC/FMAC-6 Cash Collection Agents and Subagents

PCC/FMAC-7 Canal Commission Awards and Service Contracts Control Records

PCC/FMAC-8 Accounts Payable Disbursement Records

PCC/FMAC-9 Unnegotiated Checks Over One Year Old

PCC/FMAC-10 Estate Files

PCC/FMAP-1 Payroll Master File for Panama Canal Commission Employees

PCC/FMAP-2 Payroll Deduction System for Court Ordered Wage Garnishments.

PCC/FMAP-3 Injury Compensation Payroll Records

PCC/FMAP/AC-4 Payroll Deductions

PCC/FMCL-1 Travel and Transportation Claims

PCC/FMTR-1 Termination of Employment Actions Records

PCC/FMTR-2 Internal Revenue Service Notice of Levy Files

PCC/FMTR-3 Suspension of Check Cashing Privileges Files

PCC/GCCL-1 Marine Accident/Miscellaneous General Claims, GCCL-1.

PCC/GSCL-1 Library Services Branch Registration Record

PCC/GSCP-2 Canal Protection Division Incident Report Files

PCC/GSCS-1 Housing Files

PCC/GSCS-2 Housing Complaints File

PCC/GSCX-1 Administrative Reports

PCC/IR-1 Quarterly Report of Employee Union Dues Deductions

PCC/IR-2 Records of Grievances

PCC/MRBL-1 Marine License Files

PCC/MRBL-2 Marine Accident Reports and Investigations

PCC/MRCP-1 Pilot Workload Statistics

PCC/MRNA-1 Admeasurer Examination File

PCC/MRNP-1 Employee Training Development Records

PCC/OIG-1 Investigative Files of the Office of Inspector General

PCC/OIG-2 Allegation/Compliant Files of the Office of Inspector General

PCC/OIG-3 Cash Audit Files

PCC/OM-1 Ombudsman Investigation Files

PCC/OM-2 Residents' Advisory Committee Files

PCC/OPR-1 Operating Unit Personnel Records

PCC/PA-1 News Morgue Records

PCC/PB-1 Merit System Recruiting

PCC/PB-2 Appeals

PCC/PB-3 Personnel Investigation Records

PCC/PR-1 Disability Relief

PCC/PR-2 Employee Benefits Records

PCC/PR-4 Personnel Management System

PCC/PR-5 Recruiting and Placement Records

PCC/PR-6 Training and Employee Development Records

PCC/PR-7 Personnel Reference Unit Files

PCC/PR-8 Systems of records noticed by the Office of Personnel Management and applicable to the Panama Canal Commission, as follows:

PCC/PR-9 Incentive Awards Program Files

PCC/PR-10 Occupational Health Records

PCC/PR-12 Industrial Accident Prevention Supervisor/Unit Awards File

PCC/PR-13 20/30/40 Year Safety Key Awards Files

PCC/PRAA-1 Adverse Action Files

PCC/PRCL-1 Injury Claims (FECA) Files

PCC-CZG/ADGS-1 Purchase Authority Cards

PCC/CZG/ADRM-2 Advance Authorizations to Enter the Canal Zone

PCC/AEPR-1 Probation and Parole Unit Child Custody Reports

PCC/AEPR-2 Presentence and Pre-Parole Investigation Reports

PCC/AEPR-3 Probation and Parole Unit Statistical File

PCC/AMRM-6 Postal Claims and Inquiries

PCC/AMRM-7 Records of Births

PCC/AMSA-2 Employee Application for Outside Employment

PCC-CZG/BRAE-1 Canal Zone Board of Registration for Architects and Professional Engineers Reference Files

PCC-CZG/BRAE-2 Canal Zone Board of Registration for Architects and Professional Engineers Directory

PCC/CZG/CACU-9 Vehicle Registration for RP-Series License Plates

PCC-CZG/CACU-10 U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service U.S. Citizenship Certificate Application and Appointment Records

PCC/CZG/CACU-12 Immigration Detention Orders

PCC-CZG/CALS-2 Hunting Permit Application File

PCC-CZG/CALS-3 Fishing Pass Application File

PCC-CZG/CALS-4 Civil and Amateur Radio Operator and Station License Files

PCC-CZG/CALS-7 Driver's License Investigatory File

PCC-CZG/CALS-8 Motor Vehicle and Motorboat Registration and Operator's License File

PCC-CZG/CALS-10 Runners

PCC-CZG/CALS-11 Official Permits to Have or Carry Firearms

PCC-CZG/CAPL-14 Inmate Trust Fund File

PCC-CZG/CAPL-20 Driver's License Revocation Lists

PCC-CZG/CAPS-2 Case Investigations

PCC-CZG/CAPS-5 Philatelic Program

PCC/ECCN-2 Contractor Employee Payroll Records

PCC/FMAP-2 Payroll System for Vessel Employees

PCC-CZG/FVGA-2 Cash Register Receipt Shortages

PCC-CZG/GE-1 Visa Records

PCC/GSPL-1 Law Enforcement Case Report Files

PCC/GSPL-4 Convict Files

PCC/GSPL-5 Prisoner Record Cards

PCC/GSPL-6 Police Photo Files

PCC/GSPL-7 Fingerprint File

PCC/GSPL-10 Master Name File

PCC/GSPL-15 Complaints Against Policemen File

PCC/GSPL-16 Traffic Accident Reports

PCC/GSPL-18 Prisoner Property Record

PCC/GSSP-1 Expert and Consultant Records

PCC-CZG/HL-1 Health

PCC-CZG/HL-2 Medical Administration System Exempt

PCC-CZG/HL-3 Medical Administration System--Nonexempt

PCC/PR-14 Arrest Record File

PCC-CZG/SC-4 Refugee Records



PC-1 Accounts Receivable (Collection of Debts Claims Records).

PC-2 Congressional Files.

PC-3 Contractors and Consultants Files.

PC-4 Discrimination Complaint Files.

PC-5 Employee Occupational Injury and Illness Reports.

PC-6 Employee Pay and Leave Records.

PC-7 Information Gathering System.

PC-8 Legal Files--Staff, Volunteers and Applicants.

PC-9 Payment Records; Travel Authorization Files; and Household Storage Files.

PC-10 Peace Corps Partnership Donor Records.

PC-11 Personal Service Contracts Records.

PC-12 Property Records.

PC-13 Security Records--Peace Corps Staff/Volunteers and ACTION Staff.

PC-14 Staff Applicant and Personnel Records.

PC-15 Talent Bank.

PC-16 Travel Files.

PC-17 Volunteer Applicant and Service Records System.

PC-18 Former Volunteer/Staff Resource Record.

PC-19 Office of Inspector General Investigative Files and Records.



PADC-1 General Personnel Files (including copies of OPF-CSC)- PADC.

PADC-2 Time and Attendance Records

PADC-3 Job Applications

PADC-4 General Accounting Records

PADC-5 Payroll Records

PADC-6 Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance and Complaint Files

PADC-7 Acquisition and Relocation Files.



PBGC-1 Correspondence Between PBGC and Persons Outside PBGC

PBGC-2 Disbursements

PBGC-3 Employee Payroll, Leave and Attendance Records

PBGC-4 Employee Travel Records

PBGC-5 Personnel Records

PBGC-6 Plan Participant and Beneficiary Data

PBGC-7 Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints

PBGC-8 Employee Adverse Action Files

PBGC-9 Plan Participant and Beneficiary Address Identification File

PBGC-10 Administrative Appeals File

PBGC-11 Call Detail Records



OPM/INTERNAL-1 Defense Mobilization Emergency Cadre Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-2 Negotiated Grievance Procedure Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-3 Security Officer Control Files.

OPM/INTERNAL-4 Health Program Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-5 Pay, Leave, and Travel Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-6 Appeal and Administrative Review Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-7 Complaints and Inquiries Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-8 Employee Counseling Services Program Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-9 Employee Locator Card Files.

OPM/INTERNAL-10 Motor Vehicle Operator and Accident Report Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-11 Administrative Grievance Records.

OPM/INTERNAL-12 OPM/Internal-12, Telephone Call Detail Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-1 Civil Service Retirement and Insurance Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-2 Complaints and Inquiries Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-4 Inspector General Investigations Case Files.

OPM/CENTRAL-5 Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-6 Administrative Law Judge Application Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-7 Litigation and Claims Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-8 Privacy Act/Freedom of Information Act (PA/FOIA) Case Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-9 Personnel Investigations Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-10 Directory of Federal Executive Institute Alumni.

OPM/CENTRAL-11 Presidential Management Intern Program Records.

OPM/CENTRAL-13 Executive Personnel Records.

OPM/GOVT-1 General Personnel Records.

OPM/GOVT-2 Employee Performance File System Records.

OPM/GOVT-3 Records of Adverse Actions, Performance Based Reduction in Grade and Removal Actions, and Termination of Probationers.

OPM/GOVT-5 Recruiting, Examining, and Placement Records.

OPM/GOVT-6 Personnel Research and Test Validation Records.

OPM/GOVT-7 Applicant Race, Sex, National Origin, and Disability Status Records.

OPM/GOVT-10 Employee Medical File System Records.



PRC-1 Official Personnel Files--PRC.



USPS 010.010 Collection and Delivery Records--Address Change and Mail Forwarding Records, 010.010.

USPS 010.020 Collection and Delivery Records--Boxholder Records, 010.020.

USPS 010.030 Collection and Delivery Records--Carrier Drive-Out Agreements, 010.030.

USPS 010.040 Collection and Delivery Records--City Carrier Route Records, 010.040.

USPS 010.050 Collection and Delivery Records--Delivery of Mail Through Agents, 010.050.

USPS 010.060 Collection and Delivery Records--Free Matter for Blind and Visually Handicapped Persons, USPS 010.060.

USPS 010.070 Collection and Delivery Records--Mailbox Irregularities, 010.070.

USPS 010.080 Collection and Delivery Records--Rural Carrier Route Records, 010.080.

USPS 020.010 Communications--Biographical Summaries of Management Personnel for Press Release, 020.010.

USPS 030.010 Equal Employment Opportunity--EEO Discrimination Complaint Files, 030.010.

USPS 030.020 Equal Employment Opportunity--Equal Employment Opportunity Staff Selection Records, 030.020.

USPS 030.030 Equal Employment Opportunity--EEO Administrative Litigation Case Files, 030.030.

USPS 040.010 Customer Programs--Memo to Mailers Address File, 040.010.

USPS 040.020 Customer Programs--Sexually Oriented Advertisements, 040.020.

USPS 040.030 Customer Programs--Auction Customer Address File.

USPS 040.040 Customer Programs--Customer Holiday Address List File, 040.040.

USPS 050.005 Finance Records--Accounts Receivable File Maintenance, 050.005.

USPS 050.010 Finance Records--Employee Travel Records (Accounts Payable), 050.010.

USPS 050.020 Finance Records--Payroll System.

USPS 050.040 Finance Records--Uniform Allowance Program, 050.040.

USPS 060.010 Consumer Protection Records--Fraud, False Representation, Lottery and Non-Mailability Case Records, 060.010.

USPS 060.020 Consumer Protection Records Pandering Act Prohibitory Orders, 060.020.

USPS 060.030 Consumer Protection Records--Appeals Involving Mail Withheld from Delivery, 060.030.

USPS 060.040 Consumer Protection Records--Appeals from Termination of Post Office Box or Caller Service, 060.040.

USPS 070.010 Inquiries and Complaints--Correspondence Files of the Postmaster General, 070.010.

USPS 070.020 Inquiries and Complaints--Government Officials' Inquiry System 070.020.

USPS 070.040 Inquiries and Complaints--Customer Complaint Records, 070.040.

USPS 080.010 Inspection Requirements--Investigative File System, 080.010.

USPS 080.020 Inspection Requirements--Mail Cover Program Records, 080.020.

USPS 080.030 Inspection Requirements--Vehicular Violations Record System, 080.030.

USPS 090.020 Non-Mail Services--Passport Application Records, 090.020.

USPS 100.010 Office Administration--Carpool Coordination/Parking Services. Records System, 100.010

USPS 100.020 Office Administration--Commercial Accounts Communicator Letter, 100.020.

USPS 100.050 Office Administration--Localized Employee Administration Records, 100.050.

USPS 110.010 Property Management--Accountable Property Records, 110.010.

USPS 110.020 Property Management--Possible Infringement of USPS Intellectual Property Rights, 110.020.

USPS 120.020 Personnel Records--Blood Donor Records, 120.020.

USPS 120.035 Personnel Records--Employee Accident Records, 120.035.

USPS 120.036 Personnel Records--Discipline, Grievance and Appeals Records for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees, 120.036.

USPS 120.040 Personnel Records--Employee Job Bidding Records, 120.040.

USPS 120.050 Personnel Records--Employee Suggestion Program Records, 120.050.

USPS 120.060 Personnel Records--Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interests, 120.060.

USPS 120.061 Personnel Records--Public Financial Disclosure Reports for Executive Branch Personnel, 120.061.

USPS 120.070 Personnel Records--General Personnel Folder (Official Personnel Folders and records related thereto), 120.070.

USPS 120.090 Personnel Records--Medical Records, 120.090.

USPS 120.098 Personnel Records--Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP) Record Copies, 120.098.

USPS 120.099 Personnel Records--Injury Compensation Payment Validation Records, 120.099.

USPS 120.100 Personnel Records--Performance Awards System Records, 120.100.

USPS 120.110 Personnel Records--Preemployment Investigation Records, 120.110.

USPS 120.120 Personnel Records--Personnel Research and Test Validation Records, 120.120.

USPS 120.121 Personnel Records--Applicant Race, Sex, National Origin and Disability Status Records, 120.121.

USPS 120.130 Personnel Records--Postmaster Selection Program Records, 120.130.

USPS 120.140 Personnel Records--Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Records, 120.140.

USPS 120.151 Personnel Records--Recruiting, Examining, and Appointment Records, 120.151.

USPS 120.152 Personnel Records--Career Development and Training Records, 120.152.

USPS 120.153 Personnel Records--Individual Performance Evaluation/ Measurement, 120.153.

USPS 120.170 Personnel Records--Safe Driver Award Records, 120.170.

USPS 120.180 Personnel Records--Skills Bank (Human Resources Records), 120.180.

USPS 120.190 Personnel Records--Supervisors' Personnel Records, 120.190.

USPS 120.210 Personnel Records--Vehicle Maintenance Personnel and Operators Records, 120.210.

USPS 120.220 Personnel Records--Arbitration Case Files, 120.220.

USPS 120.230 Personnel Records--Adverse Action Appeals (Administrative Litigation Case Files) 120.230.

USPS 120.240 Personnel Records--Garnishment Case Files, 120.240.

USPS 130.010 Philately--Benjamin Franklin Stamp Club Coordinators and Project Leaders List, 130.010.

USPS 130.020 Philately--Educators Stamp Fun Mailing Lists, 130.020.

USPS 130.040 Philately--Postal Product Sales and Distribution, 130.040.

USPS 130.050 Philately--United States Postal Service Olympic Pen Pal Club, 130.050.

USPS 140.020 Postage--Postage Meter Records, 140.020.

USPS 150.010 Records and Information Management Records--Information Disclosure Accounting Records, 150.010.

USPS 150.015 Records and Information Management Records--Freedom of Information Act Appeals and Litigation Records, 150.015.

USPS 150.020 Records and Information Management Records--Information Disclosure Accounting Records (Privacy Act), 150.020.

USPS 150.025 Records and Information Management Records--Privacy Act Appeals and Litigation Records, 150.025.

USPS 150.030 Records and Information Management Records--Computer Logon ID Records, 150.030.

USPS 160.010 Special Mail Services--Insured and Registered Domestic Mail Inquiry and Application for Indemnity Records, 160.010.

USPS 160.020 Special Mail Services--Insured and Registered Ordinary International Mail Inquiry and Application for Indemnity Records, 160.020.

USPS 160.030 Special Mail Services--Express Mail Service Insurance Claims for Loss, Delay and Damage, 160.030.

USPS 170.010 Operations Data Collection Systems--Workload/ Productivity Management Records, 170.010.

USPS 190.010 Litigation--Miscellaneous Civil Action and Administrative Proceeding Case Files, 190.010.

USPS 190.020 Litigation Records--National Labor Relations Board Administrative Litigation Case Files, 190.020.

USPS 190.030 Litigation Records--Employee & Labor Relations Court Litigation Case Files, 190.030.

USPS 200.010 Non-Mail Monetary Claims--Relocation Assistance Claims, 200.010.

USPS 200.020 Non-Mail Monetary Claims--Monetary Claims for Personal Property Loss or Damage involving Present or Former Employees, 200.020.

USPS 200.030 Non-Mail Monetary Claims--Tort Claim, Records, 200.030.

USPS 210.010 Contractor Records--Architect Engineers Selection Records, 210.010.

USPS 210.020 Contractor Records--Driver Screening System Assignment Records, 210.020.

USPS 210.030 Contractor Records--Contractor Employee Fingerprint Records, 210.030.

USPS 220.010 Marketing Records--Marketing Data Base Customer Records.

USPS 220.020 Marketing Records--Express Mail Service Customer Mailing List.



PCPI--1 Executive Interchange Program Records.



PCWHF--1 White House Fellowships.



RRB-1 Social Security Benefit Vouchering System

RRB-2 Medical Examiner's Index

RRB-3 MEDICARE: Part B (Supplementary Medical Insurance) System

RRB-4 Microfiche of Estimated Annuity, Total Compensation and Residual Amount File

RRB-5 Master File of Creditable Service and Compensation of Railroad Employees

RRB-6 Unemployment Insurance Record File

RRB-7 Applications for Unemployment Benefits and Placement Service under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act

RRB-8 Railroad Retirement Tax Reconciliation System

RRB-9 Protest and Appeals under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act

RRB-10 Legal Opinion Files

RRB-11 Files on Concluded Litigation

RRB-12 Railroad Employees' Registration File

RRB-13 Disclosure of Information Files

RRB-14 Freedom of Information Act Register

RRB-15 Covered Abandoned Railroad Employers' Payroll Records

RRB-16 Social Security Administration Summary Earnings File

RRB-17 Appeal Decisions from Initial Denials for Benefits Under the Provisions of the Railroad Retirement Act

RRB-18 Travel and Miscellaneous Voucher Examining System

RRB-19 Payroll Record System

RRB-20 Health Insurance and Supplementary Medical Insurance Enrollment and Premium Payment System (MEDICARE)

RRB-21 Railroad Unemployment and Sickness Insurance Benefit System

RRB-22 Railroad Retirement, Survivor, and Pensioner Benefit System

RRB-23 Four Percent Wage History of Railroad Workers

RRB-24 Research Master Record for Lump Sum and Residual Awards Under the Railroad Retirement Act

RRB-25 Research Master Record for Survivor Beneficiaries Under the Railroad Retirement Act

RRB-26 Research Master Record for Retired Railroad Employees and their Dependents

RRB-27 Railroad Retirement Board

RRB-29 Railroad Employees' Cumulative Gross Earnings Master File

RRB-33 Federal Employee Incentive Awards System

RRB-34 Employee Personnel Management Files

RRB-35 Employee Skills File

RRB-36 Complaint, Grievance, Disciplinary and Adverse Action Files

RRB-37 Medical Records on Railroad Retirement Board Employees

RRB-38 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Reimbursement System

RRB-39 Milwaukee Railroad Restructuring Act Benefit System.

RRB-40 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Title VII Benefit System

RRB-41 Rock Island Railroad Transition and Employee Assistance Act Benefit System

RRB-42 Uncollectible Benefit Overpayment Accounts.

RRB-43 Investigation Files.

RRB-44 Employee Test Score File.

RRB-45 Employee Tuition Reimbursement File.

RRB-46 Personnel Security Files

RRB-47 Motor Vehicle Operator Records.

RRB-48 Employee Identification Card Files (Building Passes).



RTC-1 Office of Inspector General Investigative Files.

RTC-2 FDIC/RTC Employee Financial Disclosure Statements System. RTC-2.



SEC-1 Registration Statements Filed Pursuant to Provisions of the Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, and Investment Company Act of 1940

SEC-2 Applications for Registration/Exemption under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and Investment Company Act of 1940.

SEC-3 Notification of Exemption from Registration under the Securities Act of 1933

SEC-4 Beneficial Ownership, Acquisition, Tender Offer, and Solicitation Records Filed under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

SEC-5 Ownership Reports and Insider Trading Transaction Records Filed under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, and Investment Company Act of 1940

SEC-6 Periodic Reports Filed under the Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, and Investment Company Act of 1940 and Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

SEC-7 Proposed Sale of Securities Records Filed under the Securities Act of 1933

SEC-8 Proxy Soliciting Material Filed under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, and Investment Company Act of 1940.

SEC-9 Administrative Audit System

SEC-10 Administrative Law Judge Assignments and Dispositions of Administrative Proceedings

SEC-11 Administrative and Litigation Release System

SEC-13 Administrative Proceedings Record Cards

SEC-14 Applications for Relief From Disqualification Filed Under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Commission's Rules of Practice.

SEC-15 Comments on Commission and Securities Self-Regulatory Organization Rules Changes

SEC-16 Complaint Processing System (CMP)

SEC-17 Correspondence Files Pertaining to Registered Broker- Dealers

SEC-18 Correspondence Files Pertaining to Registered Investment Advisers

SEC-19 Correspondence Files Pertaining to Registered Investment Companies

SEC-20 Defendant Index

SEC-21 Division of Corporate Regulation Bankruptcy Act Records

SEC-22 Division of Corporation Finance and Support Office Working Files

SEC-23 Division of Corporation Finance Index for Filings on Schedule 13D and Filings under Regulations A and B

SEC-30 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints

SEC-31 Executive/Congressional Personnel Referrals

SEC-32 Freedom of Information Act Requests

SEC-33 General Correspondence Files

SEC-34 Hearings, Proceedings and Studies

SEC-39 Mailing Address Labels (MAL)

SEC-40 Staff Time and Activity Tracking System (STATS)

SEC-41 Minutes Regarding Action Taken by the Commission

SEC-42 Name-Relationship Search System (NRS).

SEC-43 No-action and Interpretative Letters

SEC-44 Office of the Chief Accountant Working Files

SEC-45 Office of General Counsel Work Files

SEC-46 Office of General Counsel (Adjudication) Working Files

SEC-49 Office of Human Resources Management Employment and Staffing Files

SEC-51 Office of Personnel Training Files

SEC-52 Office of Public Affairs Records

SEC-53 Pay and Leave System

SEC-54 Office of Human Resources Management Security Files

SEC-56 Rule 2(e) of the Commission's Rules of Practice

SEC-57 SECO Files

SEC-58 Securities Violations Records and Bulletin

SEC-60 Subject File Index

SEC-72 Denver Regional Office Regulation A Control Cards

SEC-78 Forth Worth Regional Office and Houston Branch Office General Indices

SEC-98 Philadelphia Regional Office, Administrative Proceeding Files

SEC-100 Automated Office of Human Resources Management Information System

SEC-102 Enforcement Files.



SSS-2 General Files (Registrant Processing).

SSS-3 Reconciliation Service Records.

SSS-4 Registrant Information Bank (RIB) Records.

SSS-5 Registrant Processing Records.

SSS-6 Reserve and National Guard Personnel Records.

SSS-7 Uncompensated Personnel Records.

SSS-8 Suspected Violator Inventory System.

SSS-9 Master Pay Record.

SSS-10 Registrant Registration Records.



SBA 005 Administrator's Executive Secretariat Files (SBA Controlled Documents System)

SBA 010 Advisory Council Files

SBA 015 Audit Reports

SBA 020 Automated Personnel History

SBA 025 Boards of Survey

SBA 030 Business Development Resource Files

SBA 035 Combined Federal Campaign

SBA 040 Congressional Inquiries and Correspondence

SBA 045 EEO Pre-Complaint Counseling

SBA 050 EEO Complaint Cases

SBA 055 Employee Identification Card Files

SBA 060 Grievances and Appeals

SBA 065 Legal Work Files on Personnel Problems

SBA 070 Litigation and Claims Files

SBA 075 Loan Case File

SBA 080 Occupational Injuries

SBA 085 Official Travel Files

SBA 090 Outside Employment Files

SBA 095 Payroll Files

SBA 100 Personnel Security Files

SBA 105 Portfolio Reviews

SBA 110 SCORE/ACE Master Files

SBA 115 Power of Attorney Files

SBA 120 Security and Investigations Files

SBA 125 Office of Inspector General Referrals

SBA 130 Investigations Division Management Information System

SBA 135 Small Business Person and Advocate Awards

SBA 140 Standards of Conduct Files

SBA 145 Temporary Disaster Employees

SBA 150 Tort Claims

SBA 160 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Case Files



09-60-0002 Automated Controlled Correspondence Extraction System

09-60-0003 Hearing File and Attorney Fee File

09-60-0004 Working File of the Appeals Council

09-60-0005 Hearing Office File

09-60-0006 Storage of Hearing Records: Tape Cassettes and Audiograph Discs

09-60-0008 Administrative Law Judge's Docket

09-60-0009 Hearings and Appeals Case Control System

09-60-0012 Listing and Alphabetical Name File (Folder) of Vocational Experts, Medical Advisors, and Medical Consultants

09-60-0013 Records of Usage of Medical Advisors, Medical Consultants and Vocational Experts

09-60-0014 Curriculum Vitae and Professional Qualifications of Medical Officers and Medical Advisors, Medical Consultants and Resume of Vocational Experts

09-60-0015 List of Physicians Utilized as Readers of Black Lung X- Ray Films

09-60-0017 Personnel Research and Merit Promotion Test Records

09-60-0031 Employee Production and Accuracy Records

09-60-0032 Employee Indebtedness Counseling System

09-60-0033 Requests for Review of Proposed Contracts with Experts and Consultants

09-60-0037 General Criminal Investigations Files

09-60-0038 Employee Building Pass Files

09-60-0040 Quality Review System

09-60-0042 Quality Review Case File

09-60-0044 Disability Determination Service Processing File

09-60-0045 Black Lung Payment System

09-60-0046 Disability Determination Service Consultant's File

09-60-0047 Critical Case Processing Time

09-60-0050 Completed Determination Record--Continuing Disability Determinations

09-60-0052 Disposition of Vocational Rehabilitation Report to Social Security Administration

09-60-0053 Reimbursement from Trust Fund for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

09-60-0056 Vocational Rehabilitation Savings Calculation

09-60-0057 Quality Evaluation Data Records

09-60-0058 Master Files of Social Security Number Holders

09-60-0059 Earnings Recording and Self-Employment Income System

09-60-0063 Resource Accounting and Project Management System

09-60-0066 Claims Development Record

09-60-0075 Congressional Bills Tracking System

09-60-0077 Congressional Inquiry File

09-60-0078 Public Inquiry Correspondence File

09-60-0089 Claims Folders System

09-60-0090 Master Beneficiary Record (MBR)

09-60-0091 Social Security Administration Claims Control System

09-60-0092 Automated Control System for Case Folders

09-60-0094 Recovery Accounting for Overpayments

09-60-0095 Health Insurance Overpayment Ledger Cards

09-60-0097 Program Integrity Case Files

09-60-0102 Fee Ledger System for Representatives

09-60-0103 Supplemental Security Income Record (SSR)

09-60-0110 Supplemental Security Income File of Refunds

09-60-0111 Debit Voucher File (Supplemental Security Income)

09-60-0117 Age at First Payment of Retirement Insurance Benefit

09-60-0118 Non-Contributory Military Service Reimbursement System

09-60-0119 Special Age 72 Benefit Trust Fund Transfer Project

09-60-0128 Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance Claims Study

09-60-0129 Adjudication of Supplemental Security Income Policy Analysis Review

09-60-0148 Matches of Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration Data with Census Survey Data (Joint Social Security Administration/Census Statistics Development Project)

09-60-0149 Matches of Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration Data (Joint Social Security Administration/Treasury Department Office of Tax Analysis, Statistics Development Project)

09-60-0159 Continuous Work History Sample (Statistics)

09-60-0184 Hearing Officer Master Calendar

09-60-0186 SSA Litigation Tracking System

09-60-0196 Disability Studies, Surveys, Records and Extracts (Statistics)

09-60-0198 Extramural Research Administrative File

09-60-0199 Extramural Surveys (Statistics)

09-60-0200 Retirement and Survivors Studies, Surveys, Records, and Extracts (Statistics)

09-60-0202 Old Age, Survivors and Disability Beneficiary and Worker Records and Extracts (Statistics)

09-60-0203 Supplementary Security Income (SSI) Studies, Surveys, Records and Extracts (Statistics)

09-60-0206 Repatriation Records System

09-60-0209 Readership Surveys of Office of Research and Statistics (ORS) Publications (Statistics)

09-60-0210 Record of Individuals Authorized Entry to Secured Automated Data Processing (ADP) Area

09-60-0211 Beneficiary, Family, and Household Surveys, Records and Extracts System (Statistics)

09-60-0212 Supplemental Security Income Quality Initial Claims Review Process System

09-60-0213 Quality Review of Hearing/Appellate Process

09-60-0214 Personal Identification Number File (PINFILE)

09-60-0216 Indochina Refugee Data System

09-60-0217 Cuban Refugee Registration Records

09-60-0218 Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Demonstration Projects and Experiments System

09-60-0219 Representative Disqualification/Suspension Information System

09-60-0220 Kentucky Birth Records System

09-60-0221 Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case Processing System

09-60-0222 Master Representative Payee File

09-60-0223 Telephone Call Receipt System



OSC/GOVT-1 OSC Complaint, Litigation and Political Activity Files.



TVA-1 Apprentice Training Record System

TVA-2 Personnel Files

TVA-3 Upgrade Craft Training Program-TVA.

TVA-4 Demonstration Farm Records

TVA-5 Discrimination Complaint Files

TVA-6 Employee Accident Information System

TVA-7 Employee Accounts Receivable

TVA-8 Employee Alleged Misconduct Investigatory Files

TVA-9 Medical Record System

TVA-10 Employee Statement of Employment and Financial Interests

TVA-11 Payroll Records

TVA-12 Travel History Records

TVA-13 Employment Applicant Files

TVA-14 Grievance Records


TVA-16 LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES Register of Law Violations

TVA-18 Employee Supplementary Vacancy Announcement Records

TVA-19 Consultant and Personal Service Contractor Records

TVA-21 Nuclear Quality Assurance Personnel Records

TVA-22 Questionnaire

TVA-26 Retirement System Records

TVA-27 Test Demonstration Farm Records

TVA-28 Woodland Resource Analysis Program Input Data

TVA-29 Electricity Use, Rate, and Service Study Records


TVA-31 OIG Investigative Records

TVA-32 Call Detail Records

TVA-33 Office of Nuclear Power Call Detail Records

TVA-34 Project/Tract Files

TVA-35 Building Access Security Records

TVA-36 Section 26a Permit Application Records



OB-001 Oversight Board Payroll, Attendance, and Leave System.

OB-002 Grievances filed under Administrative Grievance Procedures.

OB-003 General Correspondence Files.

OB-004 Congressional Correspondence and Report Files.

OB-005 Freedom of Information Record System.

OB-006 Litigation Information System.

OB-007 Contractor Information System.

OB-008 Public Affairs Information System.

OB-009 Advisory Board Member Files.



EOP/STR--1 Applicants for Employment STR.

EOP/STR--2 Correspondence File STR.

EOP/STR--3 General Financial Records STR.

EOP/STR--4 Payroll Records STR.



USIA-1 Congressional Liaison-CL.

USIA-2 Director's Secretariat Staff Files--D/SS.

USIA-3 Educational and Cultural Exchange Program--E.

USIA-4 Office of Cultural Centers and Resources--E/C.

USIA-5 Cultural Property Advisory Committee--E/PAC.

USIA-6 Americans Funded by USIA Private Sector Grants--E/PS.

USIA-7 Youth Exchange Staff--E/YX.

USIA-8 Employee Statements of Financial Interest and Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial Interest--GC.

USIA-9 Legal Files--GC.

USIA-10 Recruitment Records--GC.

USIA-11 Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act Files--GC/ FOI.

USIA-12 Locator Cards--M/ASC.

USIA-13 Mailing Lists--M/ASC.

USIA-14 Official Travel Records--M/AST.

USIA-15 Salary Computation Records--M/CB.

USIA-16 Employee Payroll and Retirement System--M/CF.

USIA-17 Records on Shipment of Effects, Unaccompanied Baggage and Automobiles--M/CF.

USIA-18 Travel Authorization Obligation File--M/CF.

USIA-19 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaint Files--M/E.

USIA-20 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) General Files--M/E.

USIA-21 Minority Group Data (MGD)--M/E.

USIA-22 Solicitation Mailing List Application--M/K.

USIA-23 United States Information Agency (USIA) Procurement Personnel Information System--M/K.

USIA-24 Employee Grievance Files--M/P.

USIA-25 Recruitment Records--M/P.

USIA-26 Senior Officer Files--M/P.

USIA-27 Employment Requests--M/PDS.

USIA-28 Employee Master Personnel Records--M/PDSE.

USIA-29 Retirement and Insurance Records--M/PDSR.

USIA-30 Foreign Service Location File--M/PF.

USIA-31 Foreign Service Selection Board Files--M/PF.

USIA-32 Career Counseling Records--M/PFC.

USIA-33 Officer/Specialist Assignment Requests--M/PFC.

USIA-34 Advisory, Referral and Counseling Records--M/PPS.

USIA-35 Incentive Awards File--M/PPS.

USIA-36 Employee Training Files--M/PT.

USIA-37 Personnel Security and Integrity Records--M/S.

USIA-38 Security Identification Card and Automated Access Control File M/S.

USIA-39 Criminal Investigative Files of the Inspector General-- OIG/V.

USIA-40 Speaker Databank/Name--P/D.

USIA-41 Exhibit Specialist Grantees--P/E.

USIA-42 Guide Training File--P/E.

USIA-43 Photographers and Photographs for Exhibits Use--P/E.

USIA-45 Press Service Photo File--P/P.

USIA-45 Press Service Photographer File--P/P.

USIA-46 Service Contributors--P/PF.

USIA-47 Problems of Communism Branch--P/PMP.

USIA-48 Non-Official Personnel Files--PL/USIA.

USIA-49 Senior Officer and Prominent Employee Information--PL/ USIA.

USIA-50 Office of Research--R.

USIA-51 Contract Talent and Employee Recruitment Files--TV.

USIA-52 Source File--TV.

USIA-53 Contract Talent Vendor Files--VOA/A.

USIA-54 VOA Director's Executive Secretariat Files--VOA/ES.

USIA-55 Employee Personnel Files--VOA/P.

USIA-56 Americans Residing in Foreign Countries--USIA.

USIA-57 Employee Parking--USIA.

USIA-58 Overseas Personnel Files and Records--USIA.

USIA-59 Historical Collection Biographical Files--E/CLR.



01VA022 Current and Former Accredited Representative, Claims Agent, and Representative and Claims Agent Applicant and Rejected Applicant Records--VA.

02VA135 Applicants for Employment under Title 38, USC-VA.

04VA113 Blood Donor File-VA.

05VA026 Individual Correspondence Records-VA.

06VA026 Claimant Private Relief Legislative Files-VA.

07VA138 Department of Medicine and Surgery Engineering Employee Management Information Records-VA.

08VA05 Employee Medical File System Records (Title 38)--VA.

09VA05 Employee Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Complaints, Negotiated Agreement Grievances and Arbitrations-VA.

10VA31 Employee Reporting System for Project Administration and Control (Office of Data Management and Telecommunications)VA.

11VA51 Investigation Reports of Persons Allegedly Involved in Irregularities Concerning VA Laws, Regulations, Etc.--VA (11VA51).

12VA01 Individual Requests for Information from Appellate Records--VA.

13VA047 Individuals Submitting Invoices/Vouchers For Payment- VA.

14VA135 Individuals Serving on a Fee Basis or Without Compensation (Consultants, Attendings, Others) Personnel Records-VA.

16VA026 Litigant, Tort Claimant, EEO Complaint and Third Party Recovery Files-VA.

17VA26 Loan Guaranty Fee Personnel and Program Participant Records--VA.

18VA05 Centralized Staffing System-VA

19VA53 Missing Veterans File--VA (19VA53).

20VA138 Motor Vehicle Operator Accident Records-VA.

22VA136 Patient and Employee Infectious Disease Records - VA.

23VA136 Patient Fee Basis Medical and Pharmacy Records--VA.

24VA136 Patient Medical Records--VA.

27VA047 Personnel and Accounting Pay System-VA.

28VA119 Personnel Registration under Controlled Substance Act- VA.

29VA11 Physician, Dentist and Supervisory Nurse Professional Standards Board Action File-VA.

32VA00 Veteran, Employee and Citizen Health Care Facility Investigation Records-VA.

33VA112 Veteran, Fabricator and Employee Prosthetic Records-VA.

34VA11 Veteran, Patient, Employee, and Volunteer Research and Development Project Records--VA.

36VA00 Veterans and Armed Forces Personnel United States Government Life Insurance Records-VA.

37VA27 VA Supervised Fiduciary and Beneficiary Records--VA.

38VA23 Veterans and Beneficiaries Identification and Records Location Subsystem--VA.

39VA047 Veterans and Dependents Inactive Award Account Records- VA.

40VA42 Veterans and Dependents (Living and Deceased) National Cemetery System, Correspondence and Inquiry File-VA.

41VA41 Veterans and Dependents National Cemetery Gravesite Reservation Records-VA.

42VA41 Veterans and Dependents National Cemetery Interment Records-VA.

43VA71 Veterans, Dependents of Veterans, and VA Beneficiary Survey Records--VA.

44VA01 Veterans Appellate Records System--VA.

45VA23 Veterans Assistance Discharge System (VADS)-VA.

46VA00 Veterans, Beneficiaries and Attorneys United States Government Insurance Award Records-VA.

48VA40B Veterans (Deceased) Headstone or Marker Records - VA.

53VA00 Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance-VA.

54VA136 Veteran's Spouse or Dependent Civilian Health and Medical Care Records-VA.

55VA26 Loan Guaranty Home, Condominium and Manufactured Home Loan Applicant Records, Specially Adapted Housing Applicant Records, and Vendee Loan Applicant Records--VA.

56VA119 Automated Medication Processing Records--VA, 56VA119.

57VA125 Voluntary Service Records-VA.

58VA21/22 Compensation, Pension, Education and Rehabilitation Records-VA.

59VA31 Employee ADP Training Records-VA.

60VA23 Repatriated American Prisoners of War-VA.

63VA05 Grievance Records, 63VA05.

64VA116 Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Counseling Program--Va.

65VA122 Community Placement Program-VA, 65VA122.

66VA53 Inspector General Complaint Center Records--VA (66VA53).

67VA30 PROS/KEYS User Permissions Data Base-VA.

68VA05 VA Employee Counseling Services Program Records.

71VA53 Office of Inspector General Management Information System, 71VA53.

73VA14 Health Professional Scholarship Program--VA.

75VA001B Secretary's Official Correspondence Records (75VA001B).

76VA05 General Personnel Records (Title 38)-VA.

77VA11 Health Care Provider Records--VA.

78VA331 Integrated Data Communications Utility Network Management Data Base.

79VA162 Decentralized Hospital Computer Program (DNCP) Medical Management Records-VA.

81VA01 Representatives' Fee Agreement Records System--VA.

83VA07 VA Police Badge and Training Records System--VA.

85VA047 Chief Financial Officer and Fiscal Officer Designation and Certification Records System--VA.



WRC--2 General Financial Records--U.S. Water Resources Council (WRC).

WRC--4 Payroll Records--U.S. Water Resources Council (WRC).


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In operation since 1986, we are information specialists, helping thousands who have lost contact with friends, schoolmates, and biological parents and have been specialists in this field for the past decade. Our professional researchers are experts in searching, retrieving and obtaining court record and other documents nationwide and compiling this information in reports that are easy to understand. We take the worry out of hiring new staff members and leasing to new tenants by researching these individual's backgrounds for you. We hope you will find the opportunity to use this accurate, reliable and valuable resource in the near future.

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