Service AgreementStand-By Member of - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.


Stand-By Member of - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.

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1. Services Performed. All service procedures will be performed at the discretion of our qualified computer consultants. While we will consult with Customer beforehand, we will not take short cuts. We do the job right the first time. The Data Detective will perform standard hardware and software service on IBM-compatible PCs. Costs quoted for service do not include costs for hardware or software of any kind. Under no circumstances do our technicians engage in component-level repair, including soldering or electrical wiring of any kind. We do not repair monitors or printers. The Data Detective reserves the right to refuse to service any type of hardware or software. For cabling installations, our technicians will not drill though anything other than drywall or soft wood. Quoted estimates to customer are for work performed in Optimum conditions. Unexpected circumstances which arise including, but not limited to, computer viruses, compressed hard drives, faulty hardware or software, incompatibilities, lack of required software drivers, specification changes, or other circumstances beyond our control are not calculated into such estimates.

2. Terms Of Sale. All sales are final. We do not accept return merchandise. Defective merchandise covered under warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of our technicians. Merchandise no longer carried by The Data Detective may need to be shipped to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Customer agrees to pay The Data Detective our full billable hourly service rate (call for current rates) for any and all services provided. Billable time includes travel time to and from our main office. Customer is also responsible for reimbursement of tolls, parking, or other expenses incurred as a result of the service provided. Customer agrees to pay holiday, weekend, and/or after-hours rates when incurred. After-hours rates (between 3pm and 7am) are one and one-half times normal; Saturday rates are two-times normal; Sunday and Holiday rates - if available - are three-times normal. All on-site service calls will be billed at a minimum of one-hour of service, followed by 15-minute increments. All carry-in service will be billed a minimum of one hour of service, followed by 15-minute increments. All old equipment upgraded or replaced becomes the property of The Data Detective unless otherwise specified on the invoice. Customer agrees to pay all invoices issued from The Data Detective immediately upon receipt. Customer acknowledges that purchase of hardware, software, or any other form of merchandise requires payment in full before The Data Detective will process Customers order. Customer agrees to pay a fee of $25 plus $5 per day thereafter for any late payments. Additionally, Customer agrees to pay $25 plus the maximum allowed by Law for any check not honored by Customers financial institution. By failure to pay any invoice gives The Data Detective the right to come into Customers home or place of business, at our discretion, to remove any merchandise not paid for. The Data Detective will provide one initial half-hour consultation to new customers for a fee of $25. Upon receipt of payment, customer will be issued a certificate worth $25 towards future purchases from The Data Detective valid for three (3) months. Additional consultations will be billed at our full hourly service rate. If any type of service is performed at this initial consultation, it is considered a service call, and will be billed appropriately.

3. Technical Support. Customers seeking technical support should call our main office at 513-307-0078 and request to speak with the next available technician, or leave a voicemail message. Again, we do not guarantee a response time for technical support. All telephone-based technical support calls lasting more than 5 minutes per incident will be billed to the customer in 15-minute increments at our regular hourly fee. Customers who have purchased a service agreement may call 513-307-0078 for support and will be responded to within the specified guarantee period.

4. Warranties. All hardware and software media sold to Customer by The Data Detective as new is warranted from defects for a period of at least one-year from the date of sale unless otherwise noted on Customers invoice with the exception of input devices (keyboards, mice, etc.) and monitors which are warranted for thirty days - some may have longer manufacturers warranties. All equipment sold as used is sold on an as-is basis with no warranty of any kind unless otherwise noted on Customers invoice. The Data Detective will process warranty replacements for equipment which is no longer covered under The Data Detective warranty, yet is still under manufacturers warranty. Customer is responsible for shipping and service charges related to such warranty replacement.

5. Liability. Under no circumstances do we warranty support for software of any kind, including any operating system or other software, whether or not it was installed by a Data Detective technician, even if Customers computer is under warranty. The Data Detective does not guarantee Customer a specific response time for service requests. Times quoted for repair, service, or delivery/installation of new equipment are given as estimates only. Next-business-day guarantees and Priority service calls are available for an additional fee. Customer will not hold The Data Detective nor any of our consultants responsible for damages to equipment, software, data, or property that may occur during service. The Data Detective shall not be held liable to Customer for any delay or failure of performance. The Data Detective does not guarantee compatibility of equipment or software purchased with Customers existing equipment. To prevent loss of data, Customer should back up all important data prior to requesting service. The Data Detective reserves the right to place tamper seals on any computer equipment sold or serviced. Removal or alteration of tamper seals immediately voids any and all warranties.

6. Payment*.  We do not carry in-house accounts or accept purchase orders. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered, or in advance via one of our Service Plans. No exceptions

7. Legal Notices. This agreement is bound by the Laws of the State of Ohio. Customer agrees to pay for any and all damages plus legal fees and attorneys fees incurred by The Data Detective through enforcement of this agreement. Customer may not hire, contract, or subcontract any person that is currently an employee of The Data Detective for a period of up to three (3) years after the date of this agreement, or the last date which said personnel or The Data Detective provides services for Customer. Customer may not purchase goods or services from any such personnel not acting on behalf of The Data Detective.


*We do not carry in-house accounts or accept purchase orders. Why?

We have found that many companies are delaying payment for longer and longer periods of time, and there are some companies that do not pay at all. Many times, the larger the company, the longer it takes it to pay.

Since we cannot tell in advance which companies pay quickly and which do not, we have instituted a policy that requires clients to pay when services are rendered.

This keeps our paying customers from subsidizing non-paying customers and allows us to concentrate on the job at hand, not on collecting past due accounts.