A/V SqueezeStand-By Member of  MissingKIN.com - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.


Stand-By Member of  MissingKIN.com - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.

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A/V Squeeze™

A new service from the Data-Detective!

Magnetic audio and video tapes are fragile and have a shelf life of 20 years or less. Sound and video quality declines with regular use and eventually disappears with abuse or age. The magnetic particles that store the sound or video revert to random states and the tape is slowly erased over time. The materials making up the tape degrade. Tapes break or casings become brittle or broken and valuable recordings are in jeopardy of being lost forever.

Even though noise and hiss are inevitable on old analogue recordings, the degradation of sound quality is something that can be overcome. Our A/V Squeeze™ process can salvage sound and video, repair broken and damaged tapes and casings, digitize the recording and lower the tape noise and hiss while restoring the central content of the recording and transferring it all to a durable compact disk, DVD or other digital storage medium of your choice.

Once your valuable archives are stored on digital media, you can make an unlimited number of copies, with absolutely NO degradation in quality!

Not only will our A/V Squeeze™ process preserve your valuable video or audio recordings on media with a shelf life of over 100 years, you will save a HUGE amount of storage space! Depending on the digital format you choose, you can fit up to 20 hours of audio on a single CD, playable on any computer or home DVD player.

Depending on the format you choose, you can fit the contents of 1-4 VHS tapes on a single DVD.

Which would you rather store in your facility? 40 cassette tapes? or 2 data CDs?
4 VHS Video tapes? or a single DVD

Would you rather pay a small amount now and save your valuable recordings for generations to come? Or let them decay away to uselessness?

From single recordings to entire tape libraries we have technology to convert your recordings to digital format for superior sound and century long preservation.

For a custom quote on your job, please email avsqueeze@data-detective.com with a description of your needs and your contact information. I can offer very attractive volume pricing